Blood & Gourd Issue 2 Review: All the Gore! All the Fun

Blood and Gourd Issue 2 Blood & Gourd

Blood & Gourd has got be one of the best indie horror comic books I’ve read in a very long time. Issue 2 built on the pace set by the debut issue and it was awesome!

If you don’t know about Blood & Gourd then you should check out the recommendation I wrote about it a few weeks back. It is an awesome indie project which I hope to read more of.

So, coming to Issue 2 of Blood & Gourd, it starts with a flashback. We see a poor farming couple make some sort of an offering in order to save themselves from starving. The panels are quite creepy because you can’t really tell who they’re making the offering to.

Returning to their home after the ritual, they encounter a strange-looking man. You immediately know something has gone horribly wrong. He gives them food but I think he also places a curse on the family. Again, the creepiness of the whole thing is awesome. Also I think the pumpkin the farmer’s offered during the ritual was filled with their child’s blood. I’m not sure if the child died or if the farmers killed him or her themselves.

After the flashback we return to the present timeline. Here people are getting attacked by evil pumpkins, and a giant one that seems to be controlling them. It is chaos everywhere. One of the things that I liked about the story is that Kitty Henderson seems to be one of the main characters. It is cool to have a female lead in the story. She is on the cover of the page so I hope she survives.

The writers, Jenz K. Lund and D.H. Shultis, did an amazing job. The whole issue’s fast-paced with deaths occurring left and right. I also have to talk about the impressive art by Juan Antonio Ramirez. He definitely knows how to bring the gore. The colors are bright and vibrant. So, thanks to Fran Gamboa for that.

I always like well-drawn comic books and Blood & Gourd definitely falls under the category. I actually went through all of the pages without reading anything at first in order to look at the art. Once I had my fill I went back and started reading it. There’s a lot of mystery regarding the plot and I hope to get some questions answered as the series continues.

Blood & Gourd is a must-read, especially with Halloween being just a month away now.

Have you read Blood & Gourd yet? What did you think? Let us know!

Note: I received a review copy of Blood & Gourd.

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