New Avengers Issue 15 Reveals Two Queer Females in the Team!

New Avengers Issue 15 Toni Ho and Aikku Jokinen

While the New Avengers Issue 15 continued with the Civil War II tie-in, it also revealed some very important information about two female characters.

I’m really enjoying the New Avengers series by Marvel. All of the issues have been written by Al Ewing which allows the feel of the series to remain consistent. He has done a good job forming bonds between the team members and coming up with interesting arcs. The current Civil War II tie-in is also one of the best compared to other tie-ins I have read. The current series has clearly shown Sunspot to be a mutant not to be messed with.

The overall plot of the current tie-in revolves around A.I.M battling The Maker and S.H.I.E.L.D at the same time. I can’t wait for Wiccan and Hulkling to finally join the fight and save the day. However, I have to stop myself from fangirling because those two aren’t the focus of this post. No, the two characters I need to talk about are Dr. Toni Ho and Aikku Jokinen. Both characters are part of Sunspot’s team but Toni is the brains while Aikku (being inside of Pod) goes on missions. Issue 14 showed Pod getting attacked by The Maker and Toni wearing her rescue suit in order to protect her.

New Avengers 15 Aikku and Toni

While Toni did what she could in Issue 15 it wasn’t enough to save Pod. But we did get a scene where Toni declared her love for Aikku!

Considering New Avengers’ track record it is safe to assume that Dr. Toni Ho and Aikku have come out as queer. Aikku has been previously hinted to be homosexual. With Billy and Teddy being part of the series as well, that’s four queer characters in one book for you to enjoy. It isn’t as queer as Young Avengers yet, but it is still awesome.

I’m looking forward to how Toni and Aikku’s relationship will build from here. They both will also be part of U.S. Avengers so you can expect to see a lot more of those two in the coming months.

Have you read New Avengers Issue 15 yet? What are your thoughts about Aikku and Toni? Let us know!

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