New Avengers #14 Review: Knowledge Is Power

The New Avengers Issue 14 Civil War

The New Avengers still has a couple of issues before the Civil War II tie-in concludes, but that doesn’t mean that each issue isn’t enjoyable!

I knew from the start that Roberto was toying with The Maker (the evil version of Reed Richards). Roberto already knew about the attack and had prepared accordingly. I liked the scene where he referred to O.M.N.I.T.R.O.N.I.C.U.S’ attempts to kill him as just another day in the Danger Room during his time as a New Mutant. Being affected by the Terrigen Mist did cause him to get hit once, but it was nice to see old teammates coming to help him.

New Avengers Issue 14 Toni HoAlso, Toni Ho looked awesome in her Iron Man suit. No wonder she’ll be the new Iron Patriot in the upcoming U.S. Avengers series. Ava also got ready to fight Angela, the White Tiger who stole her amulet. I’m really excited to see their re-match. Ava needs to win!

Sam, Max, and Power Man arrived to rescue Songbird. Now, I know that it was implied that she gave Garrett the coordinates to Roberto’s headquarters, but I think she was playing with him and shared the wrong information. Let’s see what happens, because Ulysses did have a vision of Roberto dying.

Al Ewing has written very interesting arcs for the New Avengers. I’m look forward to seeing how he will conclude the current Civil War II tie-in. Artist Paco Medina is a great penciller for the series. His character designs, and the way he draws them, make the panels come alive.

If you are wondering where Wiccan and Hulkling were during this issue, well, they went to see Kate Bishop due to Clint Barton facing a murder charge in court. It makes sense that they went to support Kate. It was also fun to see some of the Young Avengers back together even for just a while. I think Billy and Teddy won’t be showing up in issue 15 either, though I hope I’m proven wrong.

Have you read New Avengers Issue 14 yet? What did you think? Let us know!

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