“Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” Manga Issue 79 Review: Omnipotence

Boruto manga issue 79 review
Boruto Uzumaki on the cover of ‘Omnipotence’ (Image: Boruto Manga Issue 79)

Boruto manga chapter 79, titled ‘Omnipotence’, changed the narrative in a huge way. I don’t think anyone in the fandom was expecting such a major twist to happen!

‘Omnipotence’ picked up right where the previous chapter left off, with Kawaki (who was running low on Chakra) trying to flee Konoha. Of course, Shikamaru ordered a whole bunch of ninjas to search for Kawaki. He was going to become unable to continue using Sukunahikona sooner or later. We also got a panel where Momoshiki told Boruto to prepare himself because our young hero was going to lose everything.

With Kawaki’s life in danger, after he teleported Naruto (along with Hinata) to another dimension, it made sense for Amado to try and step in. Amado needed Kawaki and his Karma Mark to try and properly resurrect his dead daughter. Shikamaru understood where Amado was coming from, but certain rules of the ninja world had to be followed during the current event. Kawaki was an enemy of the village. And if Kawaki didn’t completely yield, Konoha’s ninjas were ready to kill him.

The only moment I didn’t like during Shikamaru’s telepathic conversation with Amado was when Shikamaru was surprised Amado had implanted a shutoff switch inside of Kawaki. I mean, considering Amado had a shutdown code for all of the Kara members (the cyborgs that Amado created), Shikamaru should have been smart enough to assume the same held true for Kawaki. Even though Amado’s a scientific genius, I do feel that his intellect could be showcased without trying to diminish how clever Shikamaru’s supposed to be as an OG character.

With Amado’s pleas not working, Eida decided to take matters into her own hands. She decided to go to Kawaki. As long as she was around him, her Charm Ability would be enough to deter anyone from harming him.

Seeing Eida on his side allowed Kawaki to vent. And even though I still don’t like Kawaki as a character, I think his emotional outburst was handled well. Kawaki was clearly trying to handle a lot. He wanted to protect Naruto’s life, but doing so meant he needed to kill Momoshiki by killing Boruto. As far as Kawaki’s concerned, no one in Konoha would dare kill Naruto’s son, and keeping Boruto alive meant risking Boruto losing control and Momoshiki taking over his body for good.

Kawaki really let it all out in front of Eida when he mentioned how he wished that the person he needed to kill was someone other than Boruto (basically, his brother). Kawaki wished that the target was a complete stranger, someone no one would mourn… like him.

The strong emotions coming from Kawaki are what led to the biggest plot twist in Boruto. We got the reveal that Eida’s Charm Ability was connected to something much more powerful. Momoshiki called it ‘Omnipotence’ and regarded it as the Shinjutsu of Shinjutsu. It was the power that Godly beings had to create what they wanted. So, in that particular moment, while standing in front of an emotional Kawaki, the Shinjutsu present inside of Eida decided to grant Kawaki’s wish.

The entire world was impacted by ‘Omnipotence’. Now Kawaki had become Kawaki Uzumaki while Boruto wasn’t a Nepobaby anymore.

I was gagged when I read the panels! The fandom had predicted Boruto to become a rogue ninja to try and keep everyone safe from Momoshiki, but I don’t think anyone had expected Boruto to flee Konoha in such a manner!

Kudos, Kishimoto. Kudos!

According to Momoshiki’s explanation, Eida wasn’t strong enough to use the Shinjutsu inside of her. Even Amado didn’t know such power existed inside of her. However, Kawaki’s emotions served as the trigger. Due to him being Otsutsukified, he was able to bypass Eida and tap into the Shinjutsu himself. All of it led to Kawaki’s wish being granted without even Eida realizing what she had done.

From what I could gather, the ‘Omnipotence’ Shinjutsu was able to alter everyone’s memories by meddling with Chakra. The only people immune were the Otsutsukified (Kawaki and Boruto) and the caster (Eida). I think Daemon’s supposed to be immune, too.

However, as Momoshiki noted, for some reason, Salad was also immune. I would wager Sumire’s also immune. And not only that, but I also think that Sasuke’s immune as well. Sasuke didn’t say a word during the entire chapter. And I would assume there’s a reason for that. I think he will talk about his immunity when he finally catches up to Boruto and helps him run away from the village or something.

Also, with ‘Omnipotence’ messing with a person’s Chakra, I have my fingers crossed that Sakura’s immune, too, due to her perfect Chakra Control. But let’s see. And do you think Himawari’s immune as well because of what Daemon said about her possessing immense power? Hmmm.

Naruto and Hinata being trapped in another dimension would mean they weren’t affected by ‘Omnipotence’. The same should be true for Code and Bug. And speaking of Code, when the heck is going to attack Konoha with the Ten-Tails minions he has been creating? It’s been a while since we had an update on what Code’s been doing. I want to see well-written action sequences.

Momoshiki’s dialogue about how ‘Omnipotence’ might have been used in the past to alter humanity’s memories did make me laugh. I think that sentence could serve as an excuse to retcon certain things down the line. I see you, Kishimoto. I see you!

Other thoughts and questions:

  • We got to see that even though Daemon’s OP, he can’t fly like his sister Eida.
  • It was cool to see Mitsuki activate his Sage Mode. However, I was disappointed we didn’t get to see him use it during an actual battle.
  • With Kawaki telling Eida to lie to everyone about how Boruto had killed Naruto, I think such an order from Kawaki could serve as the seed that lets Eida realize what kind of person Kawaki happens to be and that her infatuation with him isn’t healthy.
  • With Salad being one of the people whose memories weren’t altered, I’m looking forward to seeing how she will manage such a situation. I want to see her get a bigger role in the narrative.
  • Can we expect Toneri Otsutsuki to be unsealed?
  • Will Kashin Koji come to Boruto’s aid?
  • Due to Momoshiki having seen the future, he continued to enjoy Boruto’s predicament. Momoshiki’s a messy b*tch who lives for drama. And I’m here for it!

What did you think of Boruto manga issue 79, ‘Omnipotence’? Who will try to offer aid to Boruto now?

Let us know.

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