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  • PUBG MOBILE Encourages Players to Stay Safe with #ChickenDinnerAtHome

    As the World Health Association (WHO) continues to recommend people remain indoors and practice social distancing, PUBG MOBILE is supporting the global #PlayApartTogether movement by offering players and community members new in-game events and content. The all-new “Chicken Dinner at Home” campaign is currently available. It’s all about encouraging players to have fun while staying […]

  • “Biped” Game Review: Adorable Puzzle-Solving Robots

    Biped has got to be one of the cutest puzzle-solving games I have ever played. Not only are the puzzles fun to figure out, seeing the little robots trying to walk around is highly enjoyable and will make for a lot of laughs if you’re playing with the right person. -Read our before commenting. Do […]

  • Sweet and Spicy: A Crown of Candy Review

    Not much can prepare you for the absurdity and pure fun that is the tabletop role-playing game: A Crown of Candy. Dimension 20’s fifth season of their Dungeons & Dragons actual-play show is an odd but delightful mixture of Candyland and Game of Thrones set in a world divided by factions of edible food-people. Yes. […]