CBS cancels Extant but working with Halle Berry on another show!


It seems the Season 2 finale of Extant was actually the series finale as well. CBS has announced that Extant will not be coming back for a third season but the network will continue working with Oscar winner Halle Berry on another show.

When I first heard about Extant I was rightfully excited. The show had big names like Steven Spielberg and Halle Berry attached to it. Not only that, I’m always up for trying out shows with a diverse cast. How many sci-fi shows do we know about that has a biracial female lead? Extant, created by newcomer Mickey Fisher, was something different on my TV screen.

While the first season opened strong, it wasn’t able to maintain its local viewership and the show went through a reboot for its second outing. A lot of plotlines were dropped and most of the cast was changed. I enjoyed the new direction of the show and the writing felt more focused. However, the viewership kept dropping and wasn’t enough for CBS to warrant a third season.

vlcsnap-2015-08-07-22h27m41s37I am sad about the cancellation news, but also kind of okay with it because at least the second season finale didn’t end on an irritating cliffhanger. It felt right for Molly Woods’ (Halle Berry) story to end on a high-note where she officially introduced the hybrids to the world and prevented global extinction. Her hybrid son, Ahdu, called her their leader and she indeed led both hybrids and humans into a new world.

Though Extant no longer exists, CBS has announced their decision to keep working with Halle Berry. The talented actress will executive produce a new TV series currently titled Legalese. The new show will be about a biracial lawyer from Chicago following a case to New Orleans and partnering with “good ol’ boy white attorney” while she works in a justice system that will expose the biases harbored in us.

The premise of the show, while not sci-fi, does sound interesting. There’s no word on whether or not Halle Berry will also star in the show. But it’s good to know a TV series about a biracial female lawyer is being produced and will hopefully debut by next year.

How To Get Away With Murder also stars a bisexual POC female lawyer and it has a massive fan following. It even nabbed Viola Davis an Emmy win this year. So, there seems to be an interest in the market for such shows. If truth be told, I would like to see Halle Berry in a soap similar to Empire, which is a juggernaut when it comes to ratings, or perhaps a comedy?

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Are you sad that Extant has ended? Were you satisfied by the season finale? Let us know!

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