Champions Issue 27 Shows Vivian Kiss Ironheart! Get Ready for Some Drama!

Champions Issue 27 Viv kiss Riri
Vivian and Riri in Champions Issue 27 (Image: Marvel Comics)

Champions Issue 27 showed Vivian act on her feelings for Ironheart. While I understood why Riri didn’t feel the same way (yet), I am looking forward to seeing how Marvel writers decide to continue growing Viv as a character. Also, you know there’s going to some drama involved as this series continues.

Champions Issue 27 is currently available for purchase. It was written by Jim Zub with art by Max Dunbar. The issue served as the conclusion to ‘Warriors of the Weird’ arc, which had the team being transported to a fantasy-themed Weirdworld, along with giving the young heroes new looks.

Upon returning to their normal reality and trying to figure out what they all just went through, Viv talked a bit with Riri about being fused with her armor in Weirdworld. Viv then proceeded to kiss Riri, who backed away.

Champions Issue 27 Marvel Riri Ironheart kiss Vivian
Viv and Riri in Champions Issue 27 (Image: Marvel Comics)

While I didn’t like Viv kissing Riri without permission, I liked how the current series has continued to focus on Viv’s sexuality. Due to the type of being she is, Viv has a lot to figure out. Certain fans are already coming up with explanations regarding Viv’s sexuality. Some say she is homoromantic asexual while some think of her as biromantic. It will be interesting to see where Marvel Comics decides to take the young Sythezoid.

Also, considering Wiccan is technically Vivian’s brother, I am all for a new comic book series starring the queer siblings along with their straight brother Speed.

As for whether or not I think Riri likes girls, well, I don’t know. I remember how Nico from The Runaways acted the same way when Karolina kissed her. However, in the current series, Nico and Karolina are romantically involved. So, maybe Riri will one day feel the same about Viv? We will have to wait and see.

In related news, Champions Annual will be released on December 19, 2018. It will focus on Snowguard, the new member of the team who is Marvel’s first Inuk teen superhero.

Feel free to share your thoughts about Vivian with us.

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