Boomerang 2×06 Review: “Hot Sex”

Hot Sex Boomerang Season 2 episode 6 review
Crystal not realizing Kelly Rowland is right there in ‘Hot Sex’ (Image: Screengrab)

This week’s episode of Boomerang, titled ‘Hot Sex’, focused on Crystal and I enjoyed every minute of it. With only two more episodes left in Boomerang season 2, I have my fingers crossed we hear news about it coming for a third installment soon. I like having this cast of characters in my life.

I had been waiting for Boomerang season two to give more screentime to Crystal and this week the show more than delivered. Being the ‘Mom’ of her friend’s group, Crystal does feel lost and not appreciated enough. That’s something that the previous episode touched upon. ‘Hot Sex’ allowed her to treat herself.

The premise dealt with her going to visit Paris after getting a new job. One would think that Simone would have gone with her, but considering what happened to Simone in the previous episode, I think it’s understandable for her to take a break. Simone didn’t even appear in the Instagram updates that Crystal watched of her friends.

The Instagram updates were something I enjoyed a lot. Due to the times we live in, even if you’re traveling to another country, you can still stay connected with your friends and see what kind of mess they’re getting themselves into.

‘Hot Sex’ showed Bryson being Bryson. Tia decided to organize a protest to help strippers get the respect and professional security they deserved. David was enjoying time with his new girlfriend. And Ari decided to address his toxic masculinity.

Now, I’m not sure if paying for a facial and pedicure is going to be enough to rid himself of his issues with masculinity. I think he needs to rethink how behaves when in a sexual relationship with another man. Thinking that his male romantic partner should be the one to take up the ‘feminine’ role in their relationship is what needs to be discussed. Let’s see if Boomerang Season Two goes there or not.

Coming back to Crystal, I enjoyed seeing her try to have fun in Paris. With how Brittany Inge handled the episode, I wouldn’t mind seeing her in a rom-com. She’s such a joy to watch onscreen. ‘Hot Sex’ helped her understand she should be more aware of her surroundings and enjoy the little moments in her life without always trying to capture them in her smartphone. She literally didn’t notice freaking Kelly Rowland sitting in the same plane as her.

I do think that having such an episode was important for Crystal’s character. Her ex-husband David’s already found himself a girlfriend. Crystal, on the other hand, has been emotionally stuck. Due to her life revolving around her friends, she hadn’t been able to focus on her own need for romance. The fact she met Kofi and was able to have fun with him in Paris made me smile. She deserved to have a good time and I think we will get to see a more relaxed version of Crystal when she returns home.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let us know.

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