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comic of the month club interview

If you’ve been looking for a personalized comic book subscription then the Comic Of The Month Club is for you. I got to interview the founders, Michael and Erik, about what you can expect as a subscriber. Check it out!

The Comic Of The Month Club allows you to select the kind of comics you want. There is also a surprise comic book sent out to one lucky subscriber.

How did the idea behind Comic Of The Month Club come to be?

Michael: We had been comics fans for years and gradually got more into collecting. We looked into different subscription boxes to see if any sent out collectible books or back issues. After not finding any, we thought it would be a fun subscription box for people to get.

What is the ‘Comic Book of the Month’ surprise?

Erik: Each month, one lucky randomly drawn subscriber receives a much more valuable comic than what is typical. Last month’s Comic of the Month was Amazing Spider-Man #600 Alex Ross variant. Subscribers will know in advance what the Comic of the Month is but they won’t know who got the Comic of the Month until their box arrives.

How does renewal work? Do people have to manually renew every month?
Subscribers do not have to manually review. Though they can cancel at any time, their subscription will continue automatically as long as they want the service.

There is a Preferences list on your website. Can subscribers change their preferences anytime they want?

Erik: Absolutely! The comics you will receive are based on the most recent Preferences list we have on file for you. This way, if you get tired of one particular kind of book, or if you change your mind, you can always do so.

With having started such a subscription service are you big comic books fans as well? Who’s your favorite comic book publisher? Any favorite character/s?

Michael: I am more of a Marvel fan than a DC or independent fan. My first subscription was Amazing Spider-Man. I love the variety of villains in that series, even though some are laughably bad (e.g., the Kangaroo, the Gibbon.) I also really like characters that are multi-dimensional (Iron Man, Magneto) over those who are fairly one-dimensional (Captain America). And, I think my favorite oft-forgotten character is Molecule Man.

Erik: Yea this one stumped me. I’ve never been super into comics before this. I have a rudimentary knowledge as far as comics go. But I’m learning!

How’s the subscriber reaction been?

Erik: We have gotten mostly positive reviews. We really want our subscribers to tell us when they aren’t satisfied or their expectations were not met so that we can build and improve the service. Every time we get a suggestion we take it very seriously no matter who it comes from! The strategy seems to be working as we have largely received positive reviews.

Will you be expanding to international shipping?

Michael: We would love to but have no immediate plans to do this. We still have not found a way to make this cost-effective. If we get more interest from overseas subscribers, we may eventually expand.

Can people expect graphic novels/volumes to be included down the road?

Erik: We are always looking at new avenues to explore to reach new people and expand our customer base. If we can get our hands on graphic novels and sell them profitably and at a value to our customers, then there’s no reason why we wouldn’t. That said we don’t currently have plans to expand in that direction.

Were there any hardships you had to face when starting this service? Care to share?

Michael: The logistics were fairly difficult at first. We track what preferences our subscribers want and have to make sure they are getting the books they want. We also had some issues getting the word out but this is changing for the better. And, of course, as a small business, we don’t have enough purchasing power to get the best prices on everything we buy. But, we’re very pleased with where we are at and the positive reactions we have gotten.

Here’s a video from a YouTuber I watch to give you can idea about this subscription!

You can signup for the Comic Of The Month Club subscription by visiting the official website. You can also follow the company on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

What do you think of Comic Of The Month Club? Are you already a subscriber? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

Farid has a Double Masters in Psychology and Biotechnology as well as an M.Phil in Molecular Genetics. He is the author of numerous books including Missing in Somerville, and The Game Master of Somerville. He gives us insight into comics, books, TV shows, anime/manga, video games, and movies.


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