Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×16 Review: Crisis – The Threat of Failing

Crisis the threat of failing Boruto episode 16 review

This week’s episode of Boruto focused on two characters and set sail a fandom ship. “Crisis – The Threat of Failing” was all about Denki and Iwabe working together to overcome their weaknesses.

With the previous episode focusing a lot on Sumire, I was surprised that she didn’t appear this week. I guess the writers really wanted to focus on Denki and Iwabe in “Crisis – The Threat of Failing.” The episode was still filler but if you’re a fan of the two characters, I can understand you enjoying this little story.

Denki is smart and knows a lot about technology but he isn’t great at ninjutsu. On the other hand, Iwabe isn’t great at studying but has impressive ninjutsu skills. Both characters dread failing a test and having to repeat a year. I liked how Denki blurted out how he didn’t want to end up like Iwabe (who’s been held back a year more than once) but still did what he could to mend their relationship.

Even though Metal Lee tried to help Denki with walking on walls and Boruto tried to help Iwabe study, it was obvious in “Crisis – The Threat of Failing” that those two needed each other. Sure enough, the moment Iwabe and Denki helped each other out, they were able to overcome their weaknesses.

Iwabe taught Denki to relax and focus while trying to walk on walls and Denki taught Iwabe how to focus while studying. It was fun seeing those two bond. Fans have already started shipping the young ninjas and I’m excited to see what creations the fandom comes up with.

Now that we know both Denki and Iwabe have passed and will be graduating from the Ninja Academy I’m wondering when we’ll get to see those two in the manga. Maybe they’ll team up with Metal Lee?

Next week’s episode is going to focus on Salad and I can’t wait!

What did you think of Boruto this week? Did you enjoy “Crisis – The Threat of Failing?” Let us know.

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