MTV’s “Teen Wolf” to Continue as Podcast with Reboot Down The Line

Teen Wolf podcast

MTV has announced that the network is discussing continuing the show as a Teen Wolf podcast, along with rebooting it down the line. Because we all know Jeff Davis’ creation is the best thing to ever exist!

I really took my time to decide whether or not I wanted to write about this. Following MTV’s announcement about the Teen Wolf podcast, I guess now we know what Jeff and co. will be talking about during their panel at SDCC 2017 and why they even decided to attend this year.

Even though Teen Wolf 6B will premiere on July 30, 2017, MTV is thinking of rebooting it with a new story and cast soon. Furthermore, the current series, which relies heavily on eye-candy, will continue as a podcast for some reason.

The reboot is being described as an anthology series while the podcast will be similar to Serial (a popular true-crime podcast). Yes, let that sink in. The Teen Wolf podcast is going to be similar to Serial!

From Posey’s perspective, Teen Wolf already has a lot more heart than Buffy so I wouldn’t be surprised if, for him, the upcoming podcast is going to be better than Serial. Fingers crossed he actually says that during the show’s SDCC 2017 panel. Also, you can’t blame Tyler Posey and Jeff for wanting jobs.

Coming to the reason why I decided to write this article, I think most of you must have seen fans talking about how Teen Wolf doesn’t require ratings anymore. Some fans even go on to say that Sterek will be endgame in 6B. They give the argument that due to the show not needing ratings anymore, Jeff is going to fulfill the fandom’s desire because now he can do what he wants.

However, considering the announcement that MTV made, I take it you’re sensible enough to understand that the ratings for the show still matter. The reboot and podcast are being discussed right now and it is likely that they’ll become a reality if 6B is able to attract a certain amount of viewers and social engagement.

While some of us had an idea what Jeff was up to from the start, it’s StickyKeys (from Beacon Hills After Dark) who said it perfectly about Jeff Davis needing to make Teen Wolf look like a success.

The only reason we had Sterek scenes in the Teen Wolf 6B trailer was due to queerbaiting. If you still want to watch the last ten episodes because of possibly getting more Sterek, be warned. It’s Teen Wolf we’re talking about. There’s a reason why this show comes up in every fandom conversation discussing queerbaiting fans. My co-writers and I have written a lot of articles about this problematic show. Do yourself a favor and wait for the reviews and recaps to appear online.

What are your thoughts about Teen Wolf continuing as a podcast and being rebooted? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

Farid has a Double Masters in Psychology and Biotechnology as well as an M.Phil in Molecular Genetics. He is the author of numerous books including Missing in Somerville, and The Game Master of Somerville. He gives us insight into comics, books, TV shows, anime/manga, video games, and movies.

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4 thoughts on “MTV’s “Teen Wolf” to Continue as Podcast with Reboot Down The Line

  1. I’m not sure how they think the show can survive as as a podcast since a lot of it’s appeal was based on eye candy. Turning it from visual to audio lessens it greatly.

    And I wouldn’t mind a reboot but only if they had new writers besides Jeff Davis.

    1. Kind of same for me too…when I read about the reboot, I was like hmmm, maybe it’ll work with a new cast and everything…then I read that Jeff Davis is part of the discussions about the podcast as well as the reboot, and I was like…nopes!

  2. I’d be okay with a reboot on two conditions: 1. No Jeff Davis. 2. An actual canon, main cast queer couple. I doubt it would ever happen though.

  3. Great article, I totally agree with your POV! It goes without saying that both those ideas are far from great, too OOC for my tastes (the usual US mania to reboot everything?? C’mon ‘nuf is ‘nuf already…). At max a TV movie to wrap up all the loose ends but obviously money are we all know it well, the rest comes as best second (if it’s lucky enough). PS-about the Sterek fiasco I remembered your old articles & the bad treatment we suffered for it, so I won’t fall into that queerbating rabbit hole again, but regardless I’ve been glad to see them together again on screen, it’s a gift for all the talented fanfics’ authors out there still in love with them, & fans alike to at least imagining what they could have been as potential+ending y’know…Even if naturally at this stage I don’t think Davis will ever change a thing in his modus operandi apart Little fanservice(that’s why I’ve stopped watching it after season3, & as you rightly said, am only reading what’s happening to stay updated about the fandom). Time will tell as always does…

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