Teen Wolf 6B Trailer Uses Sterek To Try And Get Back Viewers

Sterek Teen Wolf Season 6B Trailer
(credit: Farid-ul-Haq)

The only thing Sterek shippers are good for is views. That seems to be the motto behind the Teen Wolf 6B trailer.

The second I heard about the new trailer having Sterek, I knew it was going to be bad. The Teen Wolf 6B trailer makes sure to feature two scenes that are Sterek-centric. But before you get your hopes too high, keep in mind that these two scenes could quite possibly be the only time we see Stiles and Derek together.

Anyway, coming to the rest of the trailer, there are a lot of old faces in there. You get to see Gerard, Ethan, and even Jackson. I think I also saw Kate holding some tiny bottle in there too. Apparently, some new kind of evil has led to everyone returning. I guess Danny was still too busy. Also, Kira who?

We also hear Lydia talking about opening a door to another world and enabling something to come out. So, is Jeff ripping off Stranger Things now? Anyway, check out the trailer below!

It’s funny that we didn’t see any scenes between Stiles and Lydia. The show tried making the ship sail back in 6A but to no avail (check the ratings). Now, the series seems to be focused on wrangling in Scott and Maliugh shippers (the shower scene) along with the Stereks.

There is a possibility that Sterek ends up being endgame just so Jeff can say that he had planned it all along. If you still want to watch 6B, be warned. The Sterek fandom has faced a lot of disappointment. It is up to you if you want to go through 10 episodes just to see a minute or two of Sterek. You can always wait for the recaps to appear online and then decide if you’re interested in watching an episode.

As for me? I have opinions!

Are you looking forward to the final 10 episodes? What are your thoughts about the Teen Wolf 6B trailer? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

Farid has a Double Masters in Psychology and Biotechnology as well as an M.Phil in Molecular Genetics. He is the author of numerous books including Missing in Somerville, and The Game Master of Somerville. He gives us insight into comics, books, TV shows, anime/manga, video games, and movies.

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22 thoughts on “Teen Wolf 6B Trailer Uses Sterek To Try And Get Back Viewers

  1. Glad I can count on you to have the back of queer shippers.

    Also, I predicted the Scott/Malia pairing over a year ago, hah.

  2. Or probably Stydia will ended up be endgame and they just use Sterek for ratings but either way I’m still not watching it… I do hope with all my soul that Sterek ends up endgame but like I said, not watching… You’re so right

  3. I was excited when I saw Derek and Stiles but once I calmed down, I realized this was such a ratings ploy. I mean it’s bad enough they use Sterek to get us to watch but the queerbaiting is just so gross.

  4. Oh, hellz no.

    That “without us” stuff is cringeworthy. I’ve got second-hand embarrassment for TH and DO having to film that bit. I guess Jeff Davis was going for meta or an inside joke, but it’s such awkward and blatant baiting. Does he still not get it? And after the way he treated us fans in the past, I wouldn’t trust Jeff Davis to feed a goldfish, let alone introduce real Sterek at this point. I quit watching TW when Derek left, and I won’t be watching 6B even if he’s returning. No reason for me to support a show that consistently treats its fans with every kind of disrespect. I’ll just read your recaps and wait for Hit the Floor to return.

    1. The “without us” part was so wrong. But then again it’s TW and Jeff. Yup, looking forward to Hit The Floor S4 ^^

  5. I know I shouldn’t be, but I am honestly shocked that MTV decided to queer bait with Sterek again. I thought that after everything they had done to the Sterek fans, they wouldn’t have the audacity to do it again.

    Apparently I was wrong.

    The slash ship was erased from the MTV public record in 2014. It started off, in February of that year, when one of the lead actors lashed out at the fans who watched the show, calling their interest in the pairing bizarre, weird and twisted.

    The pattern of erasure and shaming continued that year; from media coverage of the show, charity fundraisers, even at the unofficial conventions. No stone was unturned, even the comments of Sterek on their websites were deleted.

    One convention journalist was even threatened, bullied into taking down her frank assessment of the network’s behaviour.

    There was no explanation, no official comment. No clean, merciful cut with the fandom; to tell them that the show would have no Sterek. All the cruel and demoralizing behaviour continued throughout 2014, while S4 aired, while the audience watched as, right before their very eyes, the two characters were resolutely ‘No Homo’d’.

    By March of 2015, the final blow was dealt at SDCC; it was announced that one of the key actors of the pairing would not be returning.

    Fandom disconnected itself from the show, and rightly so, in my opinion. Operating within their own community, they continued to celebrate the pairing on their own, their talents giving the show no benefit of promotion.

    And now, three years later. THREE YEARS! It’s back again, Sterek is in the PR again for the show. It’s named in media coverage for the final season. Queer baiting is hip again!


    I mean, let’s face it, Sterek as a romantic pairing is not going to happen in this show. It just isn’t. Nobody is going to “play the gay” to bring to canon a slash ship that was queer baited over three years ago. At best, they are going to bump fists in the finale, with a wink to the audience and a resolute ‘No Homo’.

    MTV has not one shred of decency. I really don’t know why I’m so shocked.

    1. Are you for real?! Sterek was never meant to .be together. I love sterek but Even i know this ship is not going To happen and it was never davis intention To make it happen. He does not owe us anything because we decide that these two cute boys should be together. Enjoy sterek fanfics and thats it. Youre looking To much into it and i roll my eyes at the stupidity of it all. Dylan was not Even supposed to be there in 6b and tyler was a great surprise. Stop being ungrateful and enjoy their presence.

  6. Look at the website that are giving them promotion, queerbaiting Sterek again: Hollywood Life, EW, TV Guide. The usual suspects, the very same TW already used back during S3, plus a side dish of the official twitter and WikiaPaul. They are going out in full force.
    While I give them and JD some credits – since I believe that Sterek was meant to go canon in S4 but then s*it and ‘no homo Hoechlin’ happened – I also believe there is nothing, absolutely nothing they can do NOW to make up for the past 3 years and the way they treated the fans, LGBT ones in particular.
    I knew they were horrible, but this is a special brand of being horrible and hurting people on purpose.
    Shame on them and shame on the actors who agreed to return for this.

  7. I double down on my bet that we will see some Legend of Korra ending with Derek and Stiles holding hands just like Korra and Asami. Then they will be going on how this was making good on Sterek.

  8. I fully agree with you guys…Sad to be here again to talk of this mess. I’d quit watching for how they treated us but also their material: (PS Posey is dreaming & the usual presumptuous if he thinks TW is better than classic Buffy right?!). Perrin is right, I guess that’s exactly what will happen,no way at this stage that they change dramatically, unless they’re truly desperate for fishing ratings, but my gut feeling doesn’t trust that LOL. Well whatever, at the very least we’ll have some much needed Sterek footage+some new input for our fanfics…(Regardless shame on them :-/)

  9. farid, watch out, jeff is reading this :/ next time he gonna show up in ur doorsteps!!!!
    Great article! Nothing but the truth.
    On the off chance jeff might be reading this: i hate you, headass.

  10. The show will use the 2 most popular actors to try and win back viewers and of course any scene with them together will get the attention of the sterek fanbase. Jeff is such a vindictive man and hated that fans created a huge ship from his characters. It was always clear that he never liked sterek and didn’t ever want a romantic plot on the show. He baited sterek for the viewers & then laughed when he decided to barely ever have them interact on the show again. He thought he could control the fandom & write something better, but he failed. Now at the end, with his show canceled, he has to try to get some viewers back and so we’ll get these teases, but probably very little actual interaction. The actors were barely on set & apparently only returned because Colton begged them to. We know they didn’t want to return for more of Jeff’s plot. lol

    1. Such a stupid comment… if you dont know dont talk. Did you know that dylan couldnt be more present on the show is because he injured himself and had two other movies to make? Not knowing why they werent on set make you look stupid.

  11. So the only thing I can even remotely say in devil’s advocate here is that at the time… Well Stiles was a minor and Derek was definitely not. So that’s kind of the only hope I have on a Sterek endgame. Is that they pulled it because of the whole statutory rape thing if they did go down that road… But they’re both of age now. I still can’t bring myself to watch it until after I know how it’s going to play out. Not wasting my time again.

  12. So true, yet the show keeps doing the same shit over and over again, shamelessly vying for our attention.

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