Teen Wolf 6×18 & 6×19 Review: “Genotype” and “Broken Glass”

Teen Wolf Genotype review Season 6 Anuk-Ite

We got two episodes of Teen Wolf Season 6 this week because I guess MTV just wants it to be over too. Both ‘Genotype’ and ‘Broken Glass’ had a lot of filler-y scenes I could have done without.

Let’s talk about ‘Genotype’ first and then I’ll get to the other episode. ‘Genotype’ showed that bullet wounds and surgery mean nothing to Mason. He’s walking around and helping Scott figure out stuff without any hint that he’s in pain.

Also, the entire episode revolved around revealing that Ms. Finch is a werewolf. I’ve been seeing rumors about her being some sort of supernatural being ever since she was introduced back in season 5.

However, it took way too long for Scott and Liam to figure out that it’s her voice in the recorded message. I was able to know it was her the moment they played it. Two werewolves not being able to immediately tell that they’re listening to their teacher’s voice is dumb!

The entire reveal about Quinn being the Anuk-Ite’s other face doesn’t make sense either. Wasn’t it revealed in the previous episode that the murdered werewolf pack didn’t like being part of society? So, why is their Alpha (Ms. Finch) a teacher at Beacon Hills and her daughter driving around in a car with a flip phone? I’ve read bad fanfics that made more sense than this show.

While Scott and Liam are trying to find the Anuk-Ite’s second face, Lydia and Maliugh are busy trying to get Halwyn to talk. After Lydia confirms that he’s still alive, the two women decide to take Halwyn to the MRI to extract the bullet lodged in his brain. Of course, Lydia knows how to work an MRI machine because she read the manual y’all!

Also, I found it funny that the hospital doesn’t care if teenagers practically hangout in the morgue but Lydia and Maliugh had to wear a disguise to take Halwyn’s body to where the MRI machine was. I guess the hospital follows some rules.

Before Halwyn dies we get to know that you shouldn’t look a fully formed Anuk-Ite in the eyes because you’ll turn into stone. Why he couldn’t tell Lydia such a simple thing during one of her visions is beyond me.

Mason and Theo also get a bit to do during ‘Genotype.’ They go to the sewers to find Aaron. The entire thing was boring and just showed that Theo wanted to be part of Scott’s pack but no one wanted him. I mean, Theo was practically summoned from Hell so I don’t blame Scott and co. for not wanting him to join.

Scaliugh, Jeff’s favorite ship that he’s using to attack the rest of the fandom, finally got a shower sex scene this week. Even though Maliugh was okay with bouncing off to France to be with French boys a few days ago, she’s madly in love with Scott now because there needs to be true love for a True Alpha!

Coming to ‘Broken Glass,’ the episode brought Derek Hale back to the series. For some reason, he’s in Brazil. He finds out that Gerard wants him dead or something. I was wondering where Chris was during the past episodes and we see him in Brazil, tracking down Derek.

Their reunion was okay even though it was all about wanting Derek to come back for Scott. This show can’t make me believe that Derek cares enough about Scott to come back. Didn’t Scott die back in Season 5? He also had to face Ghost Riders in Season 6A. If Derek cared at all, he could have decided to return earlier. At this point, we all know Derek’s only going to come back with and for Stiles.

Also, Kate Argent was in ‘Broken Glass’ too and it made me remember how this show doesn’t care in the least about being problematic. Derek should have killed her a long time ago. She’s a murderer, crazy, and quit being an interesting villain seasons ago. I guess they want to keep her around for the Teen Wolf reboot Jeff wants so badly.

We also got scenes with Deucalion helping Scott and Maliugh fight blind. I don’t like either character so I don’t have much to say about their training session. Scott, being the True Alpha, should have had Deucalion teach his pack such moves ages ago to become better fighters. But then again, we all know Scott doesn’t care about his pack.

The funniest thing in ‘Broken Glass’ had to do with Lydia dreaming that Jackon’s in trouble. Those two are still connected. It makes sense because it was her love that saved Jackson back in season two. Poor Lydia. Her boyfriends are either queer or murderers.

Thoughts and questions about ‘Genotype’:

  1. The CG bullet didn’t look good.
  2. Mason needs to get a gun when trying to find supernatural beings. Every other human in Beacon Hills has one at this point.
  3. True Alpha Scott giving Liam the phone to answer the call showed true leadership skills.
  4. Couldn’t Lydia have taken some kind of sedative to fall unconscious? She was in a hospital after all.
  5. Who put Halwyn in pajamas? Lydia or Maliugh?
  6. True Alpha Scott sending Liam after a possessed Quinn while deciding to stay behind with a wounded Ms. Finch was another example of true leadership skills.
  7. Liam not being able to catch a wounded Quinn while Aaron had enough time to run through the sewers and get to her made no sense.
  8. I guess the two halves of the Anuk-Ite had to be a boy and a girl because they needed to kiss for some reason.
  9. Maliugh was very forward with Scott. I guess a girl wants what a girl wants.
  10. The Styd…I mean, Scaliugh shower sex scene made me cringe.

Thoughts and questions about ‘Broken Glass’:

  1. Scott’s fully clothed after the sex scene for some reason.
  2. Why is Ethan still alive?
  3. Corey’s finally back! That dude knows how to vanish.
  4. Why is Froy helping Liam? If the Anuk-Ite is what making everyone feel scared enough to attack supernaturals, why isn’t Froy doing the same?
  5. Also, if everyone is affected by fear, why isn’t Liam’s Dad affected too?
  6. How far is Brazil from Beacon Hills?
  7. Lydia dreaming about Jackson was amazing!
  8. I still can’t get over how no one (two werewolves, one werecoyte, a True Alpha, and Lydia) couldn’t hear Munroe and her posse surrounding them. They were all driving cars for crying out loud.
  9. Kate is able to infiltrate the FBI because why not!
  10. What is the FBI doing in Brazil anyway? I don’t think they have jurisdiction there.

Both ‘Genotype’ and ‘Broken Glass’ were an hour too long. Next week is the finale and we’ll be getting some Sterek and a whole lot of Scaliugh.

Stydias! What’s good?

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

Farid has a Double Masters in Psychology and Biotechnology as well as an M.Phil in Molecular Genetics. He is the author of numerous books including Missing in Somerville, and The Game Master of Somerville. He gives us insight into comics, books, TV shows, anime/manga, video games, and movies.

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9 thoughts on “Teen Wolf 6×18 & 6×19 Review: “Genotype” and “Broken Glass”

  1. Thank you Farid for another review. It helps since I refuse to watch the show. It keeps me in the loop and helps me get closure. Again I just want this show to end. I think TW showing episodes back to back is the best thing that they could do. There are so many things that are getting on my nerves now especially just this feeling of injustice. This is why these articles are so necessary. When the show finally ends I will be so grateful and feel that I can finally move on with my life. I won’t be looking back and I will not have any fond memories. Personally for me there is nothing left to enjoy.

    1. Same! There’s nothing left to enjoy in this show. Only the finale left and then it’s good-riddance!! ^^

  2. Another point I have to make. Why does this monster that can turn people to stone and literally scare them to death in several ways need Gerard? It’s like an infectious disease needing a gun. They don’t need guns. I also don’t see how or why any supernatural would be willing to live in or even protect the citizens of Beacon Hills after this. I get that fear is a motivator but as evidenced by humans like Mason who isn’t afraid at all, Scott’s mom, and Nolan who did the right thing and got a beatdown for it doesn’t even seem like it’s the main motivator.

    These people can’t even use the excuse of us against them, because they are willing to hurt “us” and not even bat an eye. Everyone but the ones that were supposed to be hurt were hurt when Scott’s house was shot, and we have an entire police force and nurses(I hope Scott’s mom was transferred to whatever hospital his dad was before last week) willing to hurt anyone that doesn’t agree with them, human or not. I don’t and can’t see the show ending (unless there’s a flash forward) with forgiveness, Anuk-ite or not.

    1. It’s Teen Wolf so of course, everything is going to be forcefully tied up with a ‘this show is awesome and smart’ knot in the finale…People are most likely to be forgiven because Scott doesn’t kill and forgives everyone, and Beacon Hills will be okay again etc, etc. ^^

  3. lol. Another thing. Ironically in your review you mention that Corey knows how to Vanish, unfortunately he doesn’t know how to use it when it counts, like walking into a hospital full of people that you were warned would be on the lookout for you. Technically, Corey could have vanished all 4 of them if they held hands down to the hospital basement, or at least him and Mason when they arrived. As far as I know, the ordinary hunters have no way of seeing him when he’s invisible.

    1. Hahaha! Yeah, the fact that Liam didn’t warn Corey and Mason about people in the hospital working for Munroe (when he had to be careful walking around with Froy) and asking them to come in while in camouflage mode (which is basically invisibility on the show) was so stupid ^^


    1. Who’s “We All”?…that’s a very ‘bold’ statement to make for a single person. Anyway, like you said, it’s the internet so I can voice my opinions. Also, these “We All” (which, as far as I can tell, you’re a part of) need to understand that as a writer for this website, I (and the website as a whole) share opinions regarding problematic TV shows and other media (which TW has become a part of). Now, I get that you and these ‘We all’ might think that if we don’t like something we should stay quiet about it, however, that’s not what we do, because having such opinions have been shown to play a part (even if just a little) when it comes to improving representation and storytelling in media going forward…read our articles about fridging women, queer representation, and more….so, while I get that “We All” would like me to stop watching the show (which numerous people have already done if you look at the numbers…lol), I’m going to stick with it till the end, doing my part when it comes to being vocal about shows that pander, have problematic themes, etc….The ‘We All” can continue enjoying the show. What I have to say about TW shouldn’t have any effect on them ^^ ….also, it’ll be unfair to Jeff Davis considering he reads what I write ^^

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