Tyler Posey Loves the Queer Community Because of “Now Apocalypse”! Also, PRIDE Should Do Better!

Tyler Posey PRIDE interview
PRIDE interviewing Tyler Posey about Now Apocalypse (Image: Screengrab)

What is wrong with Tyler Posey? I’m serious. What is wrong with him? Also, I’m disappointed in PRIDE for not calling out such actors on their problematic behavior and asking them the same unnecessary questions we have come to expect when straight actors play queer characters.

Remember how I said Now Apocalypse looked like a mess after I watched the trailer? Well, Tyler Posey isn’t making things better.

I could be very wrong, but to me, this show (directed by Gregg Araki) feels like something which could have been considered positive queer representation back in the ’90s or early 2000s. However, with how much progress has been made in media, I think Now Apocalypse won’t be doing anything to push the needle forward.

It seems ready to exploit queer viewers searching for queer representation on their TV screens.

Now Apocalypse is riding the same bandwagon Teen Wolf did, already patting itself on the back for not really doing anything positive for queer representation as a whole, but thinking it is doing more than anyone else.

Again, I could be very wrong and the upcoming show could turn out to be an incredible piece of LGBTQIA+ content.

I won’t be holding my breath, though.

Nothing leading up to the show’s debut on March 10, 2019, has served to make me think otherwise.

It’s a testament to the type of characters Gregg [Araki, show creator] wants to put into the world and talk about the spectrum of sexuality and how diverse sexuality is,” Jogia told PRIDE. “It’s not just A and B, there’s so many shades. And we want to box people in. We want to say, ‘You have to do this, you have to only do this. As soon as you sleep with this kind of person, that’s the only kind of person you sleep with.’ I’ve always felt that doesn’t make any sense to me. Gregg’s movies have always embraced that, so I think that’s really interesting.”

I don’t know much about Jogia, but he seems to have a lot of faith in this show. So, good for him? I guess.

And then we have Tyler Posey who is very excited about playing a queer character on screen.

I agreed to do them because I wanted to,” he explained. “I just haven’t had too many opportunities come up to me. I’ve always wanted to promote that and be a part of that world and I just never really had the opportunities come up to me. I finally did and they were in great projects I could be really proud of.”

That’s rich coming from someone like Posey.

PRIDE also asked if Teen Wolf fans will like Now Apocalypse, and of course, Posey had to bring up Dylan O’Brien and shippers.

Stiles and Scott shippers, or anyone who shipped anyone on Teen Wolf, just loved the show enough and loved us enough to be proud of us no matter where we go,” he said. “I hope they’re happy.”

He also talked about how he would like to see more Scott and Stiles stuff, too. And that right there folks, in my opinion, is one of the reasons Sterek fans faced a lot of hate.

Sterek is the biggest ship from Teen Wolf and Posey just couldn’t handle it. He even called Sterek a bizarre, weird, twisted thing.

Why? Because it didn’t involve him.

You can bet if Sciles (Scott/Stiles) was the most popular ship from the show, Posey would have been on board for it due to all of the attention.

As far as I can tell, playing a queer character is a way for him to gain attention and that’s why he is willing to go for such roles.

PRIDE wrote Posey “gained many queer fans from his platonic chemistry with Dylan O’Brien in MTV’s Teen Wolf.”

They had to put in “platonic” chemistry in there, right?

Also, where are these “many queer fans” they speak off that were formed due to some “platonic chemistry” on Teen Wolf?

Remember Posey’s fake coming out?

PRIDE wrote in that piece, “Teen Wolf is a show with so many queer characters as well as LGBT actors playing them.”

PRIDE Tyler Posey
(Screengrab: PRIDE)

Did I watch the same show PRIDE did? Or did Jeff Davis send them a different edit?

Sigh! Do better, PRIDE. Do better.

I don’t know if such a publication doesn’t call out problematic actors because they think their access to them will be taken away or if they are worried about certain revenue streams.

Publications highlighting the LGBTQIA+ community should address such issues instead of asking straight actors playing queer roles unnecessary questions about who is the better kisser.

As for Posey, I think he should sit down with someone who covers queer content in media and address his past behavior which goes against what he continues to say in certain interviews or puts out in public.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

Farid has a Double Masters in Psychology and Biotechnology as well as an M.Phil in Molecular Genetics. He is the author of numerous books including Missing in Somerville, and The Game Master of Somerville. He gives us insight into comics, books, TV shows, anime/manga, video games, and movies.

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46 thoughts on “Tyler Posey Loves the Queer Community Because of “Now Apocalypse”! Also, PRIDE Should Do Better!

  1. Once again another sad desperate troll article about an actor you don’t like for calling out a racist fandom who ignored poc and LGBTQ charchters to push two white men to the front of the show and heighten a non canon relationship while ignoring actual LGBTQ relationships on that show.

    1. I lost all respect for this author when they made an article calling out Tyler Posey and Avan Jogia for playing queer characters but then when it turned out that Dylan O’Brien was playing one, it was okay all of a sudden. The author’s hypocrisy glaringly shows.

      1. Do consider leaving such a comment again after O’Brien ends up having a similar track record of being problematic toward the queer community as Posey does, and when O’Brien signs up as one of the leads or a supporting queer character on a show. I hope the ‘glare’ didn’t give you a migraine.

        1. And what’s your excuse for saying the same about Avan Jogia? I’d honestly have more respect if you just outright said you were biased than coming up with BS reasons.

          1. Avan Jogia has been cast as a main queer character on a show which is yet to reveal actual queer talent playing queer roles. As far as I know, Jogia doesn’t have a problematic past as Posey, and that is why I only called out his casting, and even said he seems to have a lot of faith in this show, which, I guess, is good for him and what he wants to share with the audience. But still the fact remains, Now Apocalypse is another unfortunate example of Hollywood continuing to cast straight ‘fantasy gay’ actors for viewership. I have mentioned in this article, I could be very wrong about my assumptions, and Now Apocalypse could end up being great as far as queer rep is concerned, so let’s wait and see.

      1. Apparently so. Danny,Mason,Corey,Jackson,Ethan. Maybe instead of trying to have a non canon ship made canon (played by two actors who are not openly out or have even hinted they are lgbtq) You could have watched the show and fought harder for actual LGBTQ rep.

        1. And yet none of those actors were openly gay while on the show (and only like… one or maybe two of them are now) which is what the article claimed.

          And just because you claim that Stereks didn’t fight for LGBTQIA+ rep doesn’t make it true. While you all fought to make your token stand out, we actually championed for the ethnic and sexual diversity on the show. Keep believing your own lies, but nobody else does.

          1. I mean it’s clear you hold two white men above all others despite both actors saying their charchters weren’t gay or like girls so couldn’t like guys. And whether the actors were out or not there were still actual LGBTQ representation sterek fandom brushed aside to promote an imagined ship it’s clear your “concern” was only real concern if they were white and male.

            1. I love that you’re pretending that suddenly a hoard of people watched the show, saw two white men and then battered the show into submission to make it about them. The showrunner, and actors themselves all had a hand in making Sterek the juggernaught it become. Sterek was and still is all inclusive and had a huge part in humanitarian projects throughout the shows beginnings.

              And while you keep slyly talking about the pro-white male agenda, it was Sterek fic that fleshed out Boyd’s role when the show wrote him off. It was Sterek fic that gave Mason parents. The gave Morrell and Deaton a backstory, that made Braeden more than just a love interest. It was Sterek fic that chose to explore Scott’s Latino heritage.

              Our ship was never at the expense of Scott but you antis wanted all or none and we weren’t willing to give that and we weren’t obligated. So again, keep believing your own lies, but remember, that’s all they are and all they ever will be.

              If you don’t like us, ignore us, I’m sure we’ll just go away if you don’t pay us any attention.

              1. lol okay,so O’Brien and Hoechlin queerbaiting you shamelessly is fine? Not homophobic at all? And fleshed out other characters like Braeden? That was after you constantly called her degrading names so much the actress had to call your fandom out? You mean those Stereks? Yeah,I know them well. You can try and act like this Posey hate doesn’t come from him not bowing to Sterek fandom,but we know better.

                1. The queerbating was done on behalf of the show that you’re basically admitting promised us Sterek and didn’t deliver so be careful walking down that path. And it wasn’t our fandom that called her degrading names, it was your fandom that started making baseless accusations and there’s documented proof of your fandom sending her untrue reports of unsubstantiated namecalling that was never proven. You did it with Cyndie and you did it again with Meagan and some of you even did it with Shelley. Again, just because you try to make up a narrative doesn’t mean that it’s true. I was there, I saw what happened and there are tons of receipts that show what happened. Yes, some had issues with Braeden and some were not kind, but not enough to paint and entire fandom and not enough to paint an entire fandom and not enough to dismiss the damage of Posey’s actions and words and those of his minions.

                  1. Yeah, I never said the show wasn’t wrong for queerbaiting and Hoechlin and O’Brien were wrong for taking part in it. Odd how somehow you excuse their behavior while condemning the show. They took part in it willingly so they are just at fault. And lies about Meaghan Tandy did indeed speak out on the harrassment of the sterek fandom for “messing with their ship” You saying some were not kid is grossly dismissive of what happened. You wanna brag about Sterek influence then you are going to take the damaging parts of that too. You don’t like Posey,ignore him. Block him. Ignore him. Stop searching for him. Stop having Posey fans see these ridiculous articles when they are looking him up. TW is dead. Let that self righteous anger die with it.

                    1. They were part of the promotion that the show was offering. It’s unclear if they knew whether the show was baiting sterek or whether it was something actually going to happen. That’s something still up for debate today. And no, Meagan never specifically named “Sterek” fans and nobody ever did, though it was heavily implied mostly by antis. And honestly it wasn’t a mojority of stereks who didn’t like her. Not all Derek stans are Stereks, don’t get get it twisted. I’m a Sterek and I was a huge Braeden stan. I hated the way they back burnered her story to make her a love interest and then made her inept at her job just to serve a terrible storyline so I fixed it to great review in fanfic. But you wouldn’t know anything about that because you were too busy being wrong.

                      As for ignoring Posey, believe it or not, I don’t follow him, or search him or anything. He finds a way to invade MY SPACE, so as long as he does that, I’m going to comment on it. He doesn’t want the criticism he can stay in his lane. We’ll let the anger die when he stops making us angry. Really, this is a cause and effect situation.

                      When will he stop being the cause?

              2. “If you don’t like us ignore us” if only you could do that with Tyler Posey. How about this I will if you will.

  2. One of these days, you’re going to get tired of talking about Tyler Posey whenever he comes into the spotlight. It’ll be a welcome day. Until then, continue the search to find new material to talk about because at this point, you’re really just beating a dead horse that no one but a specific small group of fans want to hear.

    1. I hope that day does arrive. Thank you for the concern. Much appreciated ^^

      1. I still appreciate the warning about this show. It really is important to warn everybody since the Teen Wolf experience was totally toxic created by people that I think had it out to hurt anybody LGBT. That is how I see it. If I know there is a show out there that wants to do the same as they did then people should know to avoid it. Hopefully everybody will ignore this show to death. That is really the only way to hurt this show. Tyler Posey does feed off attention like a vampire. By ignoring him you starve him of the one thing he wants more than anything in the world. What you don’t feed, dies!

        1. Yeah,hurt the LGBTQ community by propping up two white male charchters and trying to force a false relationship over actual LGBTQ charchters, many of the brown and black. Toxic like that right? Toxic like promoting Dylan O’Brien and giving his show acclaim for it’s representation of LGBTQ representatives while trashing one full of LGBT brown and black representation. A constant and consistent habit of this author and the tw fandom as a whole. Posey will always be here. You could move on with your lives and ignore him but the only ones feeding off hate is this author and the ones who support these hit pieces.

          1. Mike, I don’t know if you’re commenting for the sake of it or you don’t know… there is a difference between LGBTQIA+ representation and Tokenism…. all of the queer characters in TW you mentioned (minor, supporting, murderers, etc.) was Token rep which does nothing for actual queer representation in media. There is a link in this article about how I called out Jason Peeples for interviewing the TW cast and listening to them pat themselves on the back for doing the bare minimum. The fandom (including Sterek shippers) has always called out TW for its Token queer rep, but after 4-5 seasons, it was clear the show didn’t care.

            Weird City had actual positive queer rep in more than one episode, and thus, it was well received by many.

            Creators can’t opt for Tokenism and expect praise, which TW did.

            1. So instead of trying to make two white charchters the focal point of LGBTQ representation in which neither was labeled or shown as such in the show the Sterek fandom not only worked overtime to make them the focal point of tw and undermine actual LGBTQ rep they leveled a lot racism and misogyny towards the stars of Teen Wolf. You have not seen Now Apocalypse so have no idea what kind of representation it is yet you judge it. Tyler Posey was wonderful bi representation on JTV,especially for bi moc,and you trashed that too. This is about nothing more than Tyler Pose rightfully calling out a fandom that shipped a child and a grown man as the most important part of the show. They weren’t and they were never going to be. You or the sterek fandom do not get and do not deserve an apology. Move on. The show is over
              You wanna talk about bad quotes talk about O’brien’s bi phobic comments or Hiechlin saying it’s disrespectful to play queer charchters.

              1. Actually Hoechlin said it was disrespectful to consider his character gay so talk about that.

                1. Again… “Mike, I don’t know if you’re commenting for the sake of it or you don’t know”… the Sterek fandom has called out those comments made by Hoechlin and O’Brien… the comments they made still doesn’t take away from all the queer Tokenism present in TW for years.

                  1. And yet you praised a non open LGBTQ in O’Brien for playing a LGBTQ role despite his “problematic” comments and never apologizing for it. So once again it’s simply a bias. Which is fine,but don’t pretend it’s anything other than that.

                    1. Dylan’s comments had several interpretations and given his ACTIONS many chose to take the more optimistic meaning to his words. You see when you don’t act like a homophobe, your actions have the chance to speak louder than your words and it gives people the opportunity to consider the context around what was said. The interview was actually a cleanup to Posey’s unfortunate comments and a way to dig him out of the doghouse he put himself in. I don’t think anyone has held those remarks against Dylan because ultimately he was telling us exactly the truth about Jeff’s plans for his character.

                      Thank goodness he got a role where he actually got to right so many of the wrongs of that show.

                2. Hoechlin clarified and apologized for his comments and even apologized on Posey’s behalf. He knew what he said was ridiculous.

                  1. And that has what to do with O’Brien never apologizing for his and this author praising his casting despite problematic comments?

    2. One of these days Tyler Posey will get tired of being terrible. When that day comes, so will mine.

  3. Whats wrong with tyler posey? That will forever be one of life’s great mysteries.

  4. For all it’s worth Farid I agree with your POV, about past and present Posey’s interviews (+Teen Wolf etc): overall if I were in his (and others’) shoes I’d let the series (or film) speak for itself instead of making big statement…

    1. Thanks! Yeah. That’s why all this promo stuff being done for Now Apocalypse doesn’t sit well with me, especially cos it also reminds me of what TW began to do… not doing much or anything for queer rep but expecting praise for it. Let’s see what happens when this series released on March 10.

  5. @sterekfromthebottom since you turned off replies let’s finish this. Sterek was never going to happen romantically if they were both Hoechlin and O’Brien wouldn’t have said their homophobic remarks about it being disrespectful and impossible because they like girls. They were all in on that queerbaiting and if you hold the show at fault they worked to make to push that queerbaiting for viewers. The Meaghan incident happened. Stereks crossed boundaries that were disrespectful at best. Posey has never come into your space unless he has forced you to read articles on him. Follow his career and social media
    And you stop being angry when Posey stops making you so is impossible when the mere act of O’Brien and he still being close angers you. You have every opportunity to (and this author) is in no obligation to write about him. No obligation to push this same false narrative that nobody believes outside Sterek fans and only the cesspolliest parts of them. People won’t bring up Dylan and Hoechlin’s misdeeds and show your hypocrisy in who you choose to excuse and condemn. Stop obsessing over someone you hate

    1. Don’t tell tales out of school now, I’ve never turned off replies. Maybe you hit a limit?

      Again, you can fill an entire paragraph with declarative statements and it can still be complete and utter nonsense.

      Hey Mike, two plus two DOES equal six and you voted for Donald Trump and he is the BEST President this country has ever seen. The sky is down, water is dry, 9/11 never happened!


      You and your ilk are relying on old outdated already debunked arguments to try and fight a fight that’s already been won and at the end of it the fact still remains.

      He still hasn’t apologized.

      That’s it.


      Hoechlin clarified and apologized and changed his behavior. He grew. Dylan’s actions have more than absolved him of something that wasn’t even biphobic to begin with and his behavior towards the community has always been above reproach.

      Posey has never apologized.

      His words may have been meant to hit one section of people and for his supporters they may have been justified, but they effected a wider swath of people who had nothing to do with his petty fight. Droves of lgbt+ youth were left confused why the star of what they thought was a progressive and inviting show suddenly didn’t want them to watch anymore and they felt shamed and shunned by that.

      He owes them. He’s been so angry at Stereks that he’s forgotten that there are people behind that word. And there are people outside of it that bear the brunt when he decides to act out against us.

      And it carries into our lane when everytime he does something one of you antis comes running to our side to tell us how our fave could never, which is how I found out about Now Apoc in the first place. And I warned that person then that this exactly is what would happen and look where we are now.

      Your soapbox is mildewed. Get off before it topples over.

      1. And Posey will never apologize just like O’Brien will never apologize for his bi-phobic remarks or his actions about stealing artifacts if were talking about never owning up to what you’ve done. Spending your life upset and stalking his every move until he does won’t make it happen. It just shows that all this anger is about nothing more than “disrespecting your ship”. When he said someone watching a show for the sole reason of a ship that was only made up in fandom and not actually part of the show is watching for the wrong reasons it is a fact, not an insult. People watching a show for something that isn’t even on the show is not watching for the right reason. He never said don’t watch. He never said don’t support the actual lgbtq representation that was on there that had zero to do with Sterek. Those things existed and Sterek never did and never would and watching just to get upset because a couple you wanted to happen and was never given did not give you the right to harass actors,writers,and show runners.

        Posey had every right to say what he did. The problem was that Sterek fans tried to paint Sterek as positive lgbtq representation when it was never representation at all. It was never real. Not for one second. What was real was Danny. What was real was Mason. What was real were the ones that were pushed aside because fans decided a fake relationship was more important than the real lgbtq characters on canvas. Posey’s remark was never about lgbtq people it’s just that your fandom decided to make it that because you tried to legitimize your outrage and stole from actual representation to do it.

        Sterek was never good LGBT rep and not even LGBT rep at all. You didn’t have to like it and you showed that,but your anger doesn’t make him wrong. You talk about bringing up old mess but that was over 4 years ago and you all still can’t let it go. You still follow all his media and all his shows when nobody is making you. He doesn’t owe you anything. You are not his family,friends,or fans. You like O’Brien and Hoechlin? Good. Focus on them. No anti ever comes to “show you” if you mean you stalk Tyler Posey and see a fan celebrating him and you take offense to that,then yes. But that is not bringing it to your door.

        Let go and let god. You’ll fine you can enjoy the things you actually like a lot better that way.

        1. Or… I can continue to do what I’ve been doing.

          Shipping Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski. Two characters portrayed by two actors that have opened up a community of talented artists and writers and fandom content creators to me.

          I have found them to be a great source of LGBTQIA+ representation as well as ethnic and racial representation and nonbinary presentations. Even the ethnic headcanons for these men: exploring the Hale’s South American roots, or the Stilinski’s Jewish heritage has given me reason to research things I wouldn’t have otherwise in addition to fleshing out the narratives and backstories of the women and people of color on the show.

          It saddens me that some people are so focused on just narrowing down their fandom experience to one character on the show. When there’s a whole world out there. I know after a few season and especially towards the end the show became a who’s who of “twinks r us” but before most of them got killed off, the show was a real haven for diversity. It was just missing the representation and inclusion and it was the fandom (and in large part the Sterek fandom since lbr, we were the once creating the content) that told those stories).

          The idea that your side is spotless is laughable or that his words were “fact” are again, beyond arguable. But I know you’re not here to actually have the argument. So what I’ll say is this. I won’t be going away, I won’t ignore him when he messes up, and when he swerves into my lane, I’m going to honk my horn.

          And the only thing you can do about it is stay mad.

          Again, this is a cause and effect situation. If you want to stop people from lashing out at your boy, either accept that he’s messy and the lashing out is going to happen, or find someone better to stan. But don’t blame us on remarking on the obvious. This is an opinion piece. You can’t fault someone for having an opinion. Even if you don’t agree.

          1. No, you don’t get to drag Posey for something solely show related “Watching the show first the wrong reasons” and then start talking about representation in fandom. Those are two different things. If Posey said joining fandom to solely ship Sterek was wrong then you could bring fandom artwork into it. This about representation on the show and Sterek was not it because they did not exist on the show. Someone watching the show for them is watching for the wrong reasons. They are literally watching for something that they will never see. Nobody said anyone was spotless,but this continued need to hound him and his fans as a result for saying something you disliked and then trying to throw homophobia on top of it is tiring and problematic in far too many ways. I will judge you for using LGBTQ as a weapon to try and codify your own dislike for shipper reasons You can continue just like I’ll be all too happy to show that it has nothing to do with anything other than he was mean to your ship. But at least we can share one thing. Watching our boy continue his career because I’m sure you’ll be right there watching and seething but letting him live in your head rent free 24/7

            1. First of all, I do get to drag Posey for insulting his fanbase for not watching his show for the “right reasons” aka him. Secondly, you’re the one who dragged representation into it. Sterek did exist on the show because *lightbulb flash* they were on the show!

              I feel like you’re just copying and pasting arguments from the anti “how to fight on the internet book” and you’re to the chapter entitled “try to reverse their arguments and throw them back at them!”. But the problem is that my arguments aren’t reversible.

              There’s no such thing as watching a show for the wrong reason.

              You can’t judge me for using LGBTQ as a “weapon” when A, you can’t point to a single instance of that happening and B, your entire cache in this fight is based on the ethnicity of a person that didn’t exist in canon until after it’d been on the air for three years. (and I know I showed that gun, but I’m not having that argument with you. What I mean to say is you’ve been using Scott McCall as your token to shame people into taking your side for years so don’t act like there’s a moral highground here).

              And ignoring everything someone has said and repeating the same thing over and over isn’t “showing” anything. Word to the wise.

              Anyhow, it’s late and I don’t think this needs to carry into another day. I know you’ll want to have the last word, so feel free. Peace be unto you, Posey stan. May your journey be less dramatic as time goes by. If he continues alienating people it’s gonna be from sheer lack of projects.

              1. Where was a Strrek scene on the show that showed positive LGBTQ rep? Where show me one? I saw two charchters who were violent,mistrusting,and consistently called for the other’s death in some way,shape or form. That is neither romantic or good rep. Sterek was never a part of the show. Not ever. And there is watching a show for the wrong reason when that reason literally does not exist. You can try and pretend otherwise,but that will never change. And I told you how you’re using it as a weapon. Trying to paint Posey’s remarks as anti LGBTQ when it was never about LGBTQ but about a ship that didn’t exist and stole the spotlight and struggles from actual LGBTQ charachters on the show. Once again that Sterek never was
                Not ever. And no worries I know I’ll see you talking about his next project just like how you are talking on a post right now about one of his projects. Enjoy Now Apocalypse airing this Sunday. Keep Posey and his fans forever on your mind as you watch him and us and stew as you try to make everything about a ship you never got and was queerbaited by the producers and actors into believing you would. Tough times at my favorite actors baited us shamelessly and without care High.

    2. Hello. Admin stepping in. So far nothing here has been against policy, but I’m keeping an eye on it. He hasn’t turned off replies, though. That’s not something a regular commenter has the ability to do. Only admins can.

      Please continue to keep this debate as friendly as possible or I will have to step in and turn replies off as an admin. Thank you.

  6. You’re braver than the US marines for constantly dealing with these toxic Posey stans. Cheers!

  7. [PERSONAL ATTACK REMOVED BY ADMIN], I know better than anyone how badly Sterek shippers were treated by the show itself and by Tyler Posey, and even I think this is rich. First, dismissing a queer- and sex-positive show before you’ve even seen it because you “don’t like the previews”? Cool, so now no one will watch this and we can forget about any other sexually adventurous shows, ever, which is what YOU CLAIM TO WANT. (What about the previews don’t you like? Now Apocalypse has gay kisses and gay sex all over its trailers, whereas Teen Wolf was lucky to get Mason so much as glancing in Corey’s direction on the show itself; the two are NOT REMOTELY COMPARABLE. NOTHING PLEASES YOU.)

    Second, raking Tyler Posey, a POC, over the coals for something that you forgave Dylan O’Brien for immediately? There’s even a link to the article of you bending over backwards to lick DOB’s boots for his new web series, where you assert that for some reason it’s okay if HE plays gay, but not Posey. Why does DOB get the benefit of the doubt but Posey does not? HMMM, I WONDER… your racism is showing.

    Your article where you talk about “shippers” giving fandom a bad name? This is it. Right here. Way to be the worst of what everyone expects a Sterek shipper to be.

    1. Nope, sorry, I’m still angry. I find it baffling how you can claim with a straight face that Posey is somehow queerphobic when everything that he’s done since Teen Wolf appears to be an attempt to make up for how he messed up with that show’s LGBT audience: he played a non-stereotypical bisexual character on Jane the Virgin (at the request of that show’s star); he’s taking on multiple queer roles to boost visibility; in effect, he’s amplifying queer voices wherever he can. What does it take for you to forgive him and move on? And why should Posey apologize if you won’t even accept it? You’d just say he’s “trying to appeal to his gay fans”, as if that’s somehow a bad thing, and get even angrier at him?? I’m angry about how he treated Sterek shippers, too, but that was over half a decade ago, and most importantly, Posey is TRYING. He’s LEARNING. That’s all any of us are trying to do. And hey, at least he’s out there doing the work. What are you doing? Complaining about him on your website. Great job, you’re such a revolutionary. When your grandkids ask you what you did during the queer rights movement, you can proudly tell them that your only contribution was repeatedly harassing a POC ally on the internet. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled.

      1. Last, because I know you’re gonna bring it up: The whole debate over straight (are Posey/Jogia confirmed straight?) people playing queer roles is a whole big can of worms that can’t possibly be settled here. Personally, I think LGBT people should play LGBT characters, but do I hold it against either Posey or Jogia for taking the roles they were offered? Of course not, because that’s what the show and its creators wanted to do to tell their story, which is still VERY queer, as per their intent – again, just watch the previews. Yet you just use this as an excuse to proclaim the show “not good enough” and never watch it, which – if no one is watching, do you think we’ll ever get MORE queer shows? Because we won’t. That’s literally how that works. And again, it’s odd that you’re only concerned about the brown people playing queer roles – when it’s your savior, DOB (who I also LOVE, don’t get me wrong), you’re somehow all for it? Racist hypocrite.

      2. Hello.

        Correction: this is not Farid’s website. He is one of my writers. And I’m proud of the work he does here on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community and POC community. He’s one of our most valued contributors here.

        Secondly, people can multi task. We aren’t just writers here. I log dozens of hours a year to in person protests, have written dozens of letters to various political representatives on numerous issues, AND I write here too.

        I would like to ask that you please stop attacking Farid so aggressively. It’s alright do disagree but things like “flaming hypocrite” etc border on personal attacks and go against our civility clause in our policies: https://thegeekiary.com/policies/commenting-policy

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