Jane the Virgin Reveals Bisexual Male Character! What is Tyler Posey Planning?

Jane the Virgin Season 4 episode 5 Tyler Posey Gina
Jane the Virgin: Jane (Gina) and Adam (Posey) – (Image via The CW)

While I’m glad that Jane the Virgin decided to talk about a male bisexual character, the fact that said character is played by Tyler Posey has me feeling conflicted.

In Jane the Virgin season 4 episode 5, titled ‘Chapter 69,’ Adam (played by Tyler Posey) came out as bisexual. Adam is a comic book artist who’s serving as a male romantic interest for Jane. The two young characters were once engaged but they broke up due to pressure from Jane’s mother.

Adam and Jane reconnected after years on the show. Adam was introduced during the season 4 premiere. Anyway, Adam’s comfortable with his sexuality and it’s Jane who has some issues. The conversation between the two related to how people feel about bisexuality in general.

The episode talked about how if two women hooked up, it was considered sexy because of the male gaze while two men hooking up is frowned upon. The episode also talked about the insecurities a person might feel when dating a bisexual individual. Wondering if a bisexual person will leave you for different sex organs than yours is a real thought that prevents a lot of people from being in a relationship with bisexuals. This also stems from the stigma that paints bisexuals as sexually greedy.

Even if you don’t watch Jane the Virgin, you should go ahead and watch episode 5 of the fourth season. Not only does the episode talk about bisexuality in a respectable manner, the two characters involved are of color. Furthermore, Adam’s sexuality isn’t used for shock value.

According to the writers, “He [Adam] does have his own arc with a beginning, middle, and end.” (via Variety)

I take queer representation very seriously in my own writing. That’s why I’m glad to know the writers of Jane the Virgin are going to (hopefully) handle LGBTQ+ representation in a respectable manner.

There aren’t a lot of good examples of bisexual representation in media.

Coming to Tyler Posey, if you’re someone who has kept up with the Teen Wolf fandom, you’ll understand why I feel conflicted about him playing Adam.

Even though he considers himself an ally of the LGBTQ+ community (I’m not certain if he still understands what being an ally means), Posey joked about coming out on Snapchat in 2016. He also made the bizarre, weird, twisted thing” comment about Sterek.

Bless Tyler Hoechlin for addressing that issue during Werewolf Con 3.

Maybe taking up the role of Adam is Posey’s way of making amends? Who knows for sure. I’m going to wait and see how all of this pans out before I let go of my ‘I’m-unable-to-care-about-him’ attitude toward Posey.

Perhaps he’s changing himself for the better? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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