‘Teen Wolf’ Star Tyler Posey Uses ‘Coming Out’ as a Joke

Teen Wolf Tyler Posey

The moment I think that the Teen Wolf drama is coming to an end the Universe proves me wrong. Tyler Posey came out as gay on Snapchat, but not really! Someone needs to sit that boy down and have a good talk with him!

Tyler Posey, who plays the lead Scott McCall on MTV’s Teen Wolf, came out as gay on Snapchat. He then went on to say that his so-called coming out was just a joke.


Aren’t jokes supposed to be funny? Shouldn’t I be laughing right now? Well, har! Har! Har!

Using social media, when knowing that you have a relatively huge fan base, to make such a joke is just wrong.

Of course there were people who immediately came to Posey’s defense and said that LBGTQ+ people should learn to have a sense of humor. Well, excuse me if queer people don’t find straight young actors using ‘coming out’ as something to laugh about.


Tyler Posey gay Tweet

That’s the only tweet I’m willing to share because I just can’t with people trying to justify his actions. However, there were a lot of people who did tweet thoughts that were similar to mine. Some of those I’m happy to share!

Tyler Posey Teen Wolf Tweet


Tyler Posey teen Wolf gay Tweet


Tyler Posey Teen Wolf Gay

Coming out is a hard process for a lot of young queer kids. It is also something that can get them kicked out of their homes, thrown in jail, or even beaten to death. There are countless people out there who spend their whole lives in the closet due to these fears. So, you can see why I am unable to consider all of this as a mere joke and move past it. Considering I actually live in a country where such consequences are a reality!

Tyler Posey also shared an apology. Was it from him or his PR team? I don’t know. But what good is an apology when the deed has already been done? Also, it is kind of weird to think that Posey really is supportive of the LBGTQ+ community when he was the one who said that Sterek was a “bizarre weird twisted thing.”

Tyler Posey tweets Teen Wolf Gay

I just can’t with this boy, I just can’t!

All I ask is for Teen Wolf to end its run once the sixth season airs so we can all move on from a whole group of people who think they are gifts to the queer community.

How do you feel about Tyler Posey’s joke? Let us know!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

Farid has a Double Masters in Psychology and Biotechnology as well as an M.Phil in Molecular Genetics. He is the author of numerous books including Missing in Somerville, and The Game Master of Somerville. He gives us insight into comics, books, TV shows, anime/manga, video games, and movies.


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6 thoughts on “‘Teen Wolf’ Star Tyler Posey Uses ‘Coming Out’ as a Joke

  1. Ugh! Just No! Tyler Posey is a sad man who is CLEARLY desperate for attention whether it be positive or negative. He is basically a troll and should just be ignored at all costs.

  2. Oh my god seriously guys!? Whats everyones problem!? The world isnt perfect at all amd it never will be so if a celebrity makes a joke like this just get over it and stop giving them all this attention and just get over yourselves! Yes being gay is frowned upon in some places and has consequences too but seriously? Stop making such a huge deal out of something that was clearly meant to be funny.

  3. Imo it would be different if that was Tyler’s first mess-up. Noone is perfect and sometimes you just don’t think about the consequences a joke could have.
    BUT this was by far Posey’s first mess-up concerning the LGBT community. He has constantly made fun of being gay and coming out. He has a history of making offensive comments or doing offensive things concerning that matter. And apparently he never learns.
    Shortly before his snap an interview came out in which Posey praised the show and himself for being so LGBT friendly and being ground-breaking in that matter. He constantly wants to be seen as LGBT ally, his fans always talk about how supportive of LGBT he is. But the only thing he does is making jokes about the LGBT community, praising himself for something he hasn’t done and praising Teen Wolf for being LGBT friendly when it clearly isn’t.
    Enough is enough. And Posey has already crossed the line too many times.

  4. This is such a weird thing. Until I actually watched it I wondered if maybe he really WAS gay and just instantly regretted saying he was.

    But then I actually saw the video and it seems so crass and fake it’s obviously not a real coming out video. I refuse to call it a joke though. It’s so not funny.

    I seriously don’t get what he’s doing or who he thinks he is.

  5. This is the same idiot that told everyone who shipped sterek that they were watching the show wrong and it is ‘bizarre, weird and twisted’. (After the show baited and milked that pairing’s fans for ratings and magazine articles – it was especially galling.) Then he followed that up one season later by telling everyone to ship Scott/Stiles. Because then it would be about his character? The minute Dylan Obrien was too busy to work on promo he started hanging all over Dylan Sprayberry (literally, with hugs and kissing) in every interview and talking about how close these characters are now.

    He’s probably more ignorant than malicious but he is desperate to get attention for himself and it’s getting gross how often he “unintentionally” insults the LGBT+ community for his own advancement.

    I tried to cut this dude some slack because he had a lot of personal upheaval in the last year (death of a parent is horrible and he also broke up with his fiancée – his quarter life crisis is obviously brutal) but he just keeps doing stuff like this and doesn’t seem to learn.

    1. He’s no funny at all, I’ve to agree with you & this article…just 1 word, LAME! & clearly it was his PR team to have come out with the late sorry (you see that he’s not been himself writing for the kind of more mature language used), to cover up his immature behaviour.

      I’m sorry for his personal problems but I think that if you’re a sensitive person & not a little child you should know what is of bad taste (especially compared to the context, if you’re a public person & not among friends), or where to draw the line so to speak: moreover like you said I haven’t forget either the mess he made with that hurtful comment about Sterek fans being wrong.

      Overall in the end, apart some little exceptions, it’s the whole TW cast that behaved badly in this regards (besides with a show that couldn’t allow itself this unashamed luxury IMO as quality); creator Davis being the worst of them all, being apparently gay himself & still behaving as he did…(e.g. the awful queerbating, or that little gay PDOA put there only as a fetish, without ever fleshing out any LGBT character, it was just for a joke y’know since they were there for a second only as token roles of course, & killing off even the Sterek bromance & Stiles’s bisexuality, after promising, quoting “if enough people ask for it I could be persuaded”, yeah!!)

      PS-Besides last thing I’ve heard is that TW crew is still baiting for the gay supporters’ fanbase, NOT COOL AT ALL…the end of TW can’t come soon enough for me as well, time to move on & forget everything apart our fantastic fandom.

      (My *revenge* has been with Shadowhunters show, where the showrunners+actors actually told the truth regarding the theme, & Malec has already become a reality IN CANON on screen…basically as groundbreaking as TW could have been but refused to be).

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