“The Mystic Sisters Present: Mystery Mansion” Premieres on Amazon Prime Video

Mystery Mansion Amazon Prime
The Mystic Sisters Present: Mystery Mansion (Image: PR)

If you have some time to watch something weird, fun, and interesting, you should consider checking out The Mystic Sisters Present: Mystery Mansion. The award-winning comedy special has premiered on Amazon Prime Video.

According to the press release, The Mystic Sisters Present: Mystery Mansion “blends surreal humor and heartfelt emotion with puppetry and practical effects”. It was originally previewed as a web-series. The newly released special offers viewers new characters, never-before-seen sketches as well as a music video by Dylan Mars Greenberg. 

The current special has been created by comedians and filmmakers Mike Handelman, Isaiah Mueller, and Hunter West.

The description reads:

Mystery Mansion chronicles the adventures of three incredibly incompetent characters as they battle the forces of chaos and each other. Mad scientist Professor Decay (Handelman), occultist Mr. Horus (Mueller) and chiropractor Dr. Ghoul (West) are tasked with guarding both a mystical mansion and a portal of untold magical power. Their ineptitude sets in motion events that threaten the very fabric of the universe. The comedy special includes sketches and commentary from The Mystic Sisters, Occultina (Mel Guevara), Possession (Amanda Flowers) and a guest appearance by Myq Kaplan (The Tonight Show, Netflix) as well as puppetry, animation and 80s style visual effects.

Here’s the trailer!

Mystery Mansion was inspired by our favorite cult comedies, ‘What We Do In The Shadows’ and ‘Evil Dead’,” said co-creator Hunter West. “By introducing the Mystic Sisters, we embraced the ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ aspect and had the chance to get even weirder and edgier than we did originally while expanding our world into even more strange and colorful places.”

Executive Producer Mike Handelman added, “Mystery Mansion is a show about friendship as much as it is magic and demons. The comedy comes as much from the numerous references as from the dynamic between the characters. All of which came naturally from the real-life camaraderie and friendship we’d created doing improv and stand-up together in New York.”

Mystery Mansion was able to win awards at multiple film festivals in 2019. It was deemed the Winner of “Best TV Pilot” at the 2019 Hoboken International Film Festival and won “Best Web Series” at the 2020 RAGFF New York City event. 

It features a diverse cast and is all about giving nods to sci-fi/fantasy classics. And for those wondering, Mystery Mansion does have queer representation

I grew up loving genre films, but noticed those stories were traditionally told from a heteronormative perspective. As a gay man of color and playing a LGBTQ character of my own creation, it’s exciting to subvert those tropes and bring a fresh perspective in a way that doesn’t hit the audience over the head with it,” shared co-creator and actor Isaiah Mueller.

Mystery Mansion was directed and co-produced by Joe Whelski, with puppetry by Rocco George and visual effects by Dylan Mars Greenberg.

For those interested, do make sure to watch The Mystic Sisters Present: Mystery Mansion on Amazon Prime Video (available in the US, UK, and Canada) and support such a project.

With a running time of only 49 minutes, it’s not much of a viewing commitment if you’re into a mash-up of horror, comedy, sci-fi, and fantasy in a world where queer people exist.

You can learn more about this project by visiting the official website.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us if you have watched it already.

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