Not just Posey, the Whole Cast Thinks “Teen Wolf” Is An LGBT Gift!


LGBT inclusion has always been a sensitive spot in the Teen Wolf fandom. While the show started with great promise back in 2011, over its four years on air it still hasn’t delivered anything worth mentioning. Are you a fan who is hoping things will change in the next season? With the answers the cast gave, I think that nothing’s going to change anytime soon!

We’ve already covered what Tyler Posey, the lead of Teen Wolf, thinks about LGBT inclusion in the show. As far as he’s concerned it’s all good in Beacon Hills. One can argue that he’s the lead of the show and he’s supposed to market it as the best show there is (He also recently mentioned how Teen Wolf has more heart than the iconic Buffy the Vampire Slayer). However, a cast interview over at the Advocate took me by surprise. If the whole cast thinks like that then I’m sorry to say that there’s no hope for Teen Wolf when it comes to properly portraying LGBT characters.

Not only that, I can’t understand how the Advocate, a famous platform when it comes to LGBT news in entertainment, could paint such a very flowery picture when it comes to the non-existent homophobia in Beacon Hills. Personally I feel the writer forgot to mention that the reason homophobia doesn’t exist in Beacon Hills because there really aren’t any gay people living there.zzz

Tyler Posey’s answer was similar to the one he gave before. It’s funny that he remembered to say how popular Charlie Carver and Keahu Kahuanui’s gay characters were with the fans but forgot to mention the actual screentime they got on the show. He also didn’t mention that Danny isn’t a part of Season 4.

I can’t get angry at Tyler Hoechlin, I just can’t. He mentioned how MTV and Jeff Davis have “done a great job of keeping that a central part of the show.” Does anyone remember when a gay storyline was ever central to the show? Maybe he’s talking about the slow-burning Sterek in the story, a theory that a lot of shippers support, and that’s what he meant to say in his answer? One can only hope!

J.R. Bourne’s answer does make sense. When Teen Wolf aired for the first time it gave people a non-stereotypical gay character, Danny, and the fandom went crazy because of Stiles’ possible bisexuality. But over the years a lot of other amazing LGBT shows have begun airing and Teen Wolf doesn’t come close to them. I hope that Teen Wolf’s treatment of LGBT characters is never used as a “blueprint” as Bourne hopes.

Knowing where Holland Roden stands is very tough to understand. It hasn’t been long since she made fun of Kira and Malia’s faux-lesbian dance scene in the premiere of Teen Wolf Season 4. So, I can’t comment on her answer. She keeps changing her opinions in almost every interview.

zzDylan needs to understand that actually promoting the show because it is LGBT inclusive really isn’t a wise move. Whenever a gay character is going to make an appearance in Teen Wolf the PR promotes the character’s sexuality and nothing else. It did the same thing with Danny and then his replacement Mason. It’s 2014 and fans need gay characters that have more to offer than just their sexual orientation and being used as props.

I would like to ask Shelley Hennig how Teen Wolf sees heterosexual and homosexual romance in the same light because in the aired eleven episodes of Teen Wolf Season 4 there has been no gay make-out scene. Compare all the LGBT romantic scenes since Season 1 to the hetero ones we see and then you be the judge of how similarly the show treats them. I’ll give you a hint: it doesn’t.

What background is Dylan Sprayberry talking about? Mason is Danny’s replacement and Dylan’s own character, Liam, is Jackson 2.0 gone horribly wrong. I mean Mason doesn’t even have a last name and no mention of a family. So, how is he a representative of the LGBT community? Oh! I forgot. It’s because he’s gay and that’s it, the only thing that matters when it comes to gay characters in Beacon Hills.

Ian Bohen needs to understand that gone are the days when “some visibility” for young gay people worked. Glee did a better job giving the world young gay characters a lot of viewers could relate to. Currently, the LGBT visibility in Teen Wolf is close to non-existent.

It’s funny how the Advocate article came out a few hours before the finale of Teen Wolf Season 4. The ratings have been plummeting every week. Was the show’s PR trying to attract queer viewers to tune in?

What do you think of the answers the cast gave? Do you think LGBT portrayal in Teen Wolf will get better? I personally don’t think so.  It seems like, according to the show, everything is perfect and that’s why there’s nothing for Jeff Davis and MTV to fix. Let us know your opinion!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

Farid has a Double Masters in Psychology and Biotechnology as well as an M.Phil in Molecular Genetics. He is the author of numerous books including Missing in Somerville, and The Game Master of Somerville. He gives us insight into comics, books, TV shows, anime/manga, video games, and movies.


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