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  • Teen Wolf 6×12 Review: Raw Talent

    Teen Wolf 6B returned this week with an episode titled ‘Raw Talent’ and yes, it made even less sense than the premiere. -*Read our before commenting.* Please do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged.

  • Teen Wolf 5×04 Review: Condition Terminal

    If it seems like this review is a little on the disjointed side, with no strong flow, it’s only because that was the feel of this episode. It just felt busy, too many characters, too much happening. There were gratuitous naked guys galore, crazy fights, and new creatures, all the factors of a standard Teen […]

  • Fan Favorite Danny might not be in Teen Wolf Season 4!

    Just when you thought that LGBT+ representation on Teen Wolf couldn’t get any worse, developments from Wolfs Bane 2 Con took things to a whole new level. Anyone who was hoping to see Danny Mahealani in Teen Wolf Season 4 will be disappointed because it seems the character might not be returning. We have yet to receive official […]

  • Teen Wolf 4×2 Review: 117

    There was a lot to take in this week’s episode of Teen Wolf. There was bit more information about Derek’s past, a lot of action, some comedic scenes, and death returned to Beacon Hills. Hello! Old friend! The episode opened with a flashback showing young Derek trying to control his shift during the full moon. He looked a […]