Teen Wolf 6×12 Review: Raw Talent

Teen Wolf 6B Raw Talent review Cody Theo

Teen Wolf 6B returned this week with an episode titled ‘Raw Talent’ and yes, it made even less sense than the premiere.

After reviewing the Teen Wolf 6B premiere I found it quite tough to watch and review this week’s episode. The premiere was boring and I had a feeling ‘Raw Talent’ wasn’t going to be any better. The new episode ended up erasing the headcanons I had to come up with to make sense of the previous episode. Furthermore, the premiere was able to attract around 0.52 million viewers! Hopefully, 6B will eventually hit the 0.30 range. Let’s see!

‘Raw Talent’ opened with a lengthy scene of Theo (Cody Christian) sleeping in his car and being forced awake by law enforcement more than twice. Why isn’t he staying with the people he presented as his parents? Who knows.

Anyway, I have to admit that Cody looked way better than he has done in this series. His face has lost most of its puffiness. Also, I don’t know about you all but seeing numerous people wake Theo up could make for an interesting X-rated side story. Come through fanfic writers!

The basic plot (if you can call it a plot) of ‘Raw Talent’ was about Scott and Maliugh trying to find Chris Argent because they wanted to know how the hellhound-killer got hands on an Argent family bullet. Lydia, on the other hand, decided to pair up with Parrish to know more about the hellhound that escaped from Eichen House. As for Liam, he ended up experiencing anger issues (again!) and had nothing else to do along with Mason.

People are fearing the supernatural and are ready to kill. That’s it. That’s what seems to be happening in the last ten episodes of Teen Wolf and in the most boring manner possible. Sigh!

There’s was no Sterek in ‘Raw Talent’ so if any of you decided to watch just to catch a glimpse of Stiles or even Derek, well, too bad for you. You should know better by now that those two aren’t going to appear anytime soon. I’ll let you know if and when they do.

The little Sterek scene in the previous episode might not be awesome but it was enough to fuel the fandom’s creativity. Remember that girl that took Stiles’ spit-take in her hair? Apparently, the fandom has named her Amara and she’s frenemies with Stiles. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing her in fan art and fics soon enough.

Thoughts and questions

  • The fact that Scott freaked out because he thought hunters were after him made no sense to me. Couldn’t he smell the Sheriff and Parrish?
  • Brett (Cody Saintgnue) is back just so we know that he has eight-pack abs.
  • Maliugh trying to be funny is the worst thing that has ever happened to Teen Wolf. You can see Shelley’s eyes light up whenever she delivers a one-liner and thinking she’s the best.
  • If Chris Argent had a guy on the inside couldn’t he have asked him about who was buying the weapons?
  • PTSD is a joke on Teen Wolf. All it takes is a cool soundtrack and you’ll get over it.
  • Maliugh and Scott bonding over the fact that they both were hunted is apparently the basis of the healthiest romantic relationship, at least for Maliugh. Her previous one involved sleeping with Stiles in the basement of Eichen House.
  • I know there are Stydia shippers out there, but I’m more than enjoying the fact that Lydia attacked (killed?) an Eichen House doctor to save Parrish. You know Jeff is more invested in the Marrish ship than Stydia.
  • Also, why does Lydia need to register at MIT? Didn’t she already get in as a Junior? This show is a mess!
  • The new counselor ended up getting recruited by Gerard at the end made no sense. How did she get her hands on an Argent silver bullet if she wasn’t already a recruited hunter?

What did you think of Teen Wolf this week? Did you enjoy ‘Raw Talent’? Let us know.

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  1. Thank you Farid, This really cheered me up this morning. Very enjoyable to read. It just goes to show that we are missing nothing.

  2. “Remember that girl that took Stiles’ spit-take in her hair? Apparently, the fandom has named her Amara and she’s frenemies with Stiles. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing her in fan art and fics soon enough.”

    OMG! I know what i’ll be scouring AO3 for in the next couple of weeks. 🙂

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