Teen Wolf 6×11 Review: Said the Spider to the Fly

Said the Spider to the Fly review Stiles Sterek

Teen Wolf is back with the final ten episodes, and it’s clear that the show will continue to be a mess. Even the little Sterek scene at the end of “Said the Spider to the Fly” doesn’t make the episode worth watching.

The episode opened with Scott helping around the field as an assistant coach during lacrosse practice at night. Why are the kids practicing at night? Well, because it’s Teen Wolf. “Said the Spider to the Fly” tried raising the tension by showing numerous animal deaths but they failed to hit the mark.

In order for 6B to have a plot, Jeff somehow thawed out another Hellhound from Eichen House. There are also two new faces, a shady guidance counselor and a new boy named Nolan. Again, these character additions have nothing more to offer than being plot devices. Teen Wolf has always been plot-driven instead of character-driven and you’d think the writing team could at least focus on the leads during the last ten episodes instead of bringing in more people.

All we got to know from “Said the Spider to the Fly” is that while trying to get rid of the Ghost Riders, Scott and his pack ended up releasing some powerful supernatural entity. Also, Lydia heard during her little trip in upside-down that people who’ve never harmed a being will begin to kill each other. So, yes, the premiere of 6B had a lot of questions without a single answer.

Coming to the final moments, we saw Stiles starting an internship at Quantico. This again didn’t make sense considering he just graduated high school. The Sterek scene consisted of Stiles doing a spit take when he saw a shirtless Derek (circa season one) running in the woods. Derek’s been accused of mass murder, and you know Stiles is going to try and work on the case. Of course, there are numerous Sterek fanfics out there telling a similar story in a much better way.

Some thoughts and questions: 

  1. Baby Selena Gomez moving away from Beacon Hills is probably the best decision she’s made.
  2. Coach not stopping Scott and Liam from following a wounded wolf into the forest at night was stupid. Come on, Teen Wolf! You should know by now that you can’t give rise to any sort of tension when the premise makes no sense.
  3. Maliugh tries to be funny and fails. Oui! Oui! Her wanting to go to France and be with mysterious French men was just dumb.
  4. Lydia’s mom ends up being the principal (for some reason) and decides to ignore Lydia’s help even though her job is to look after the students.
  5. Melissa decided to keep her stash of seven magical herbs in the morgue because she basically runs the entire hospital.
  6. I can’t get over how Scott was ready to leave without Lydia when the poor girl came to his house with all her luggage.
  7. Stiles telling Scott that he kind of told Lydia that he missed her and can’t wait to be back home but was lying was everything!
  8. Also, is it the Division of Justice or the Department of Justice?
  9. Zooming into Derek’s tattoo was completely unnecessary.

What did you think of “Said the Spider to the Fly”? Are you looking forward to more Teen Wolf? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

Farid has a Double Masters in Psychology and Biotechnology as well as an M.Phil in Molecular Genetics. He is the author of numerous books including Missing in Somerville, and The Game Master of Somerville. He gives us insight into comics, books, TV shows, anime/manga, video games, and movies.

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10 thoughts on “Teen Wolf 6×11 Review: Said the Spider to the Fly

  1. Great review Farid ad usual! *Trash Wolf* is that kind of series that has more sense if watched with a glass of something alcoholic ready y’know LOL! Sometimes it reminds me of that children game where one receive some random clues & has to invent a story y’know…PS-Priceless the Sterek “moment”, as usual dear Jeff secretly steals some ideas from our fanfics, even if he had publicly mocked them… Whatever: at least we’ll possibly have some new material for cool new s6b fanfictions soon. <3

    1. Totally agree. The show has some interesting bits and pieces, but it’s the fandom that’s able to make sense of them way better than what Jeff is capable of. I can’t wait for new fanfics to pop up. There’s already buzz about the girl who’s hair Stiles’ spit take hit from behind. The fandom is full of creative people ^^

  2. Excellent review!! The only part worth watching was Stiles at the FBI, even if it was super unrealistic that a college freshman would land a six month internship at the FBI. I loved seeing Stiles do a spit take when he saw the FBI’s surveillance footage of his boyfriend.

  3. Maybe the reason he got into Quantico right away was because someone helped him get in. Don’t you remember that Scott’s father was in the FBI so it’s possible that he helped.

  4. So basically, a highly forgettable episode? And what does that title mean? “Said the Spider to the Fly”?
    The whole line is “Will you walk into my parlour?”, said the spider to the fly; “Tis the prettiest parlour that you ever did spy.”
    Somehow all I can envision is 68K viewers having been enticed into watching this finely woven web of deceit.

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