“Can You Keep a Secret” Trailer Proves RomCom Hoechlin Is the Best Hoechlin

RomCom Hoechlin

I was beyond excited when news broke that Tyler Hoechlin had been cast as the romantic lead in the upcoming Can You Keep a Secret?, based on the novel by Sophie Kinsella. The film’s first trailer started making the rounds on the internet and…let’s just say I am a big fan. RomCom Hoechlin is by far the best version of Hoechlin.

This post is going to be mainly self-indulgent flailing. If you have been around here for, like, thirty seconds, you will know that I am a massive fan of Tyler Hoechlin to the point where it’s probably embarrassing. (I have, in fact, acted like a complete goober in front of him on multiple occasions. For some reason, my brain just doesn’t like to function in his presence. I suspect voodoo. …Or perhaps the fact that I write articles like this. Hoechlin, if you’re reading this, big fan, please do more rom-coms.) I have been waiting impatiently for him to do a romantic comedy basically for the entire time I’ve been a fan of him, and now it’s come true, and now in this trailer we have solid evidence that RomCom Hoechlin is the best Hoechlin.

Am I perhaps being a bit premature, considering this is the first trailer we’ve seen for the film, it’s not out yet, rom-coms can be very trope-filled (usually not in a good way), and I’m not even a fan of the author? Maybe. But Hoechlin fans have been eagerly anticipating seeing him in a role like this, so I don’t think it’s that far off base to say he’s probably going to nail it. Even when I’ve not been a fan of the movie, I’m always impressed with his performance.

RomCom Hoechlin
Don’t mind me, I’m just going to sit here and be ridiculously attractive with my stubble and my eyebrows and my jawline AND MY DIMPLES.

So why is RomCom Hoechlin the savior we all need? Well, anyone who has met him in person can tell you what a genuinely nice guy he is; he’s kind, but he’s also kind of a dork. He’s charming, approachable (I think it’s the bunny teeth), and good-looking. He’s been absolutely hitting it out of the park as Superman on Supergirl so much that entertainment reporters (like people who do this for a living) have said he’s the best in decades. He can do endearing and awkward without coming across as smarmy and creepy. The dude has MALE ROMANTIC LEAD written all over his stupidly attractive face, and shame on movie studios for not giving him something sooner.

RomCom Hoechlin
Look at this shot. This is Hoechlin lounging on a couch all soft and comfortable and bookwormy with BARE FEET. I don’t know what it is about bare feet but BARE. FEET.

I swear I had a point to this. My point is that this movie could honestly be hot garbage and I will still see it in theaters five times* because any film that casts Hoechlin in a role like this deserves all the money and all the awards. Thank you for giving us soft Hoechlin in bare feet and stripes and letting him smile and be charming. I bow down to both the casting director and whoever was in charge of wardrobe because y’all deserve heaps of praise for this.

Can You Keep a Secret? is out in limited release in the US on September 13.

*How many times Jamie sees this movie depends entirely on her wallet.

Author: Jamie Sugah

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