Teen Wolf Season 6 Makes Jackson and Ethan a Couple!

Teen Wolf Season 6 Jackson Colton Haynes

We already knew that Jackson (Colton Haynes) was coming back to Teen Wolf 6B and his sexuality was going to be addressed. However, Entertainment Weekly has revealed that Jackson will be coming back with Ethan, his boyfriend. Ugh!

Entertainment Weekly shared an exclusive clip that showed Jackson and Ethan in a relationship. The two are attacked by hunters and they aren’t happy about it.

They’re celebrating their anniversary. Don’t ask me if it’s their one-year anniversary or one-week. I don’t know how the timeline works in Teen Wolf. Also, why has Jackson being a half-werewolf and half-kanima never been mentioned before?

The EW article also has quotes from Jeff Davis and Colton Haynes. According to Colton, the reveal regarding Jackson’s sexuality makes total sense. “That’s why Jackson carried around that angst,” he adds.

Oh! Dear Colton, you’re so wrong. It’s cute. At least think about Lydia and her power of true love when saying such a thing. That girl can’t keep any of her boyfriends straight.

Also, if one is to believe anything that comes out Jeff’s mouth, “I thought, if Jackson comes back, he’s coming back in a relationship with a guy,” he said. “Whether that means he’s bisexual or gay, that’s how he’s returning. I just felt like he went off to London and found himself.”

Apparently, he decided to make Jackson gay years ago.

Words can’t express how much I dislike the way Jeff tries to sell his incompetence as a showrunner as something spectacular. As if anyone who’s kept up with his messiness is going to believe that he always had plans to make Jackson queer.

Jeff didn’t hold back when it came to baiting Sterek during the show’s heyday. So, he sure would’ve used Jackson’s sexuality to his advantage too during that time if it was actually his plan to make him queer from the beginning.

Jackson being anything but straight was never a thing (the “I’m everyone’s type” line doesn’t count). If it was, Jeff would’ve made sure to pat himself on the back about what he intended to do with the character if Colton had stayed.

“They’re so sweet together,” said Jeff about the happy couple. Of course, only he can think of it as “sweet” considering Ethan’s track record and the fact that Danny disappeared. I wonder if Jackson and Ethan will even mention him.

The new queer couple is said to appear on the Teen Wolf episode airing on September 10, 2017.

What do you think of Jackson and Ethan being in a relationship? Let us know.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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6 thoughts on “Teen Wolf Season 6 Makes Jackson and Ethan a Couple!

  1. Oh, blech. Jeff Davis has no respect for the fans at all. No wonder the ratings have tanked. You’re exactly right, Farid – if Davis had been thinking about making Jackson queer years ago, he would have teased the hell out of it back then.

  2. Poor Lydia Either her boyfriends go gay or die.

    And it’s ridiculous how we want Sterek but they will give us Danny/Ethan and now Jackson/Ethan and think that’s cool. Just messy!

    And I could buy Jackson being gay if it was written well but this is Teen Wolf so I am not keeping my hopes up.

  3. I guess, in Jeff’s eyes, gay ships are interchangeable. Any ‘ole gay ship will do. Just checking off the boxes here for syndication.

    1. Q.I’ve to agree with you…so sad!:-( Doing something just to do it it’s not the same as good writing, that’s for sure.

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