Teen Wolf 6×16 Review: Triggers

Teen Wolf Season 6 Scott Malia Scalia Triggers
Scott and Malia in Triggers – Courtesy of MTV

This week’s episode of Teen Wolf, titled ‘Triggers,’ showed that Gerard is two steps ahead of Scott and his pack for some reason. Also, people really need to start listening to Lydia.

‘Triggers’ opened with a shot of students nursing wounded hands. Turns out that Aaron and his friends are testing students to see if they’re supernatural. We get a fodder character, Eugene, revealed to belong to a family of werecoyotes. It was a mess.

Teen Wolf wants to prop up Scott as a True Alpha that other packs know about, but he does nothing to protect supernatural beings. Scott should’ve already known about Eugene and his family. He should be in contact with every supernatural creature living in Beacon Hills at this point.

Furthermore, if he thought that faking his departure from Beacon Hills was necessary, he should’ve asked other creatures to actually leave the area because of Gerard. Scott McCall needs to do better but the show doesn’t care enough about him.

The writers further diminished Scott by making him dumb. Scott’s been shown to trick Gerard back in season two. He was also able to fool Theo by making Deucalion murder his pack.

In ‘Triggers’ when Scott realized Gerard was expecting him to break into the armory, he again did a dumb thing because he caught the scent of werewolves that belonged to Satomi’s pack.

This show makes it tough to support Scott, who’s the main character. It has been six seasons and still, the True Alpha is just meh!

‘Triggers’ also showed Scott and Maliugh’s first kiss. Scaliugh is official. Personally, I have no problem with Scaliugh. This pairing should’ve occurred earlier. Pairing Maliugh with Stiles made no sense, story or character wise. Stiles would’ve been better off being paired up with Kira if the writers wanted to give him a female love interest.

Speaking of love interests, I do not appreciate the focus on Thiam (Liam and Theo’s pairing) this season. With Baby Selena Gomez no more on the show, we have Liam sharing more scenes with Theo. But of course, it’s all for ‘shipping-fun’ because it’s all very heterosexual, obviously!

Fans will be getting their queer pairing when Jackson and Ethan come to Beacon Hills next week. So, queer-thirty-shipping fans need to chill. Ha!

Thoughts and questions:

  1. Using the same scalpel to cut humans isn’t hygienic!
  2. Is Aaron the beautiful face of the Anuk-Ite or is he too obvious a choice?
  3. Maybe it’s Nolan? With Anuk-Ite encouraging enough fear in people to take action, perhaps the beautiful face is about encouraging fear that stops a person from doing anything? Because Nolan having doubts and freezing up doesn’t make sense to me otherwise.
  4. Also, I don’t want to but I have to admit that the actor who plays Nolan is quite good.
  5. People need to listen to Lydia for crying out loud!
  6. I wonder why Scott didn’t decide to hear the heartbeats of the werewolves from Satomi’s pack when he caught their scent because listening to heartbeats was a thing in this episode.
  7. What is up with Maliugh and going to France!
  8. Lydia is OP. I love her even though we still don’t know what a banshee is.
  9. The fact the curtains didn’t move during the shooting in the final scene was either a huge failure or the hunters were using very high-velocity bullets. Also, if you want to kill people, throw a grenade while they’re inside a house.
  10. Where was Corey?

Only four more episodes left for this show to end and after that all that shall remain is Sterek!

Did you watch Teen Wolf this week? What did you think of ‘Triggers’? Do you think someone died at the end? Let us know.

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  1. I really don’t know how you are still able to watch the show. I just want this show to be over. I am just hanging in there to hear the end. That is all that is really left. There is this feeling like everything is just dragging.

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