Teen Wolf 6×14 & 6×15 Review: “Face-to-Faceless” and “Pressure Test”

Teen Wolf Season 6 B review Face to Faceless Pressure Test
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MTV decided to air two episodes of Teen Wolf Season 6B as if the world was asking for them. ‘Face-to-Faceless’ and ‘Pressure Test’ answered some questions and gave us the guidance counselor’s backstory.

Getting one episode of Teen Wolf a week seems to be the limit. While ‘Face-to-Faceless’ was on par with the current season’s average of around near 0.40 million viewers, ‘Pressure Test’ ended up being a new low for the entire series, at 0.37 million. Let’s see if the next episode is able to attract more viewers.

Coming to ‘Face-to-Faceless,’ it showed the DNA-less entity being able to walk away because of every establishment in Beacon Hills, including the hospital, never locking the rooms. We are also introduced to a new werewolf named Quinn. I have no idea who she is or which pack she belongs to. However, she’s in Beacon Hills for some reason and we have to deal with it.

We also find out that even the Sheriff Department has hunter moles in place. So, Scott and co. can’t really trust anyone. The main focus of ‘Face-to-Faceless’ dealt with Liam trying to deal with the rumors in school and Scott wanting a peace treaty with Gerard.

I couldn’t understand Scott wanting to force Liam to go to school. I also couldn’t understand why Scott never invited Brett and Lori into his pack when he knew they were packless. Anyway, everyone at school has heard rumors about Liam being different and Froy and his friends decide to beat Liam up.

The entire scene looked bad. I get that Liam didn’t want to turn but even without shifting he should’ve been able to use his super strength to put Froy down. Also, with Froy and his friend being okay with hitting Liam, not attacking Corey as well and making him turn invisible in front of everyone didn’t make sense to me.

The only scene I liked in ‘Face-to-Faceless’ was the one where Liam figured out the guidance counselor was the new hunter. It had some good acting from Dylan Sprayberry.

Moving on to Scott, he wants to have a peace treaty with Gerard and stop the war. Maliugh saying that Gerard should’ve been killed long ago is something I agree with. I’m also surprised that Maliugh said something that made sense. Also, am I the only one who wanted to laugh at Lydia when she said they weren’t executioners? She has killed at least two people and Scott has murdered more than that if you count how he makes others kill for him.

The backstory for the guidance counselor linked to the Beast. Apparently, she survived the attack and still, no one decided to close down the school for good. How many more mass murders need to take place before people start fleeing?

Anyway, ‘Face-to-Faceless’ didn’t do anything except let us know that Gerard and the hunters want war and that the student body at Beacon Hills High is full of bullies.

‘Pressure Test’ opened with letting us know that Theo’s still alive and kicking along with two other werewolves from Satomi’s pack. Again, the fact that Scott did nothing to help the pack after Satomi died goes to show his failure as a True Alpha, one that other packs are supposed to look up to.

The episode was all about a showdown between the Sheriff’s Department and the hunters while Deaton, Mason, and Corey tried to collect information about the DNA-less being.

We find out that the supernatural being that’s causing fear is known called Anuk-Ite. It has two faces. One is hideous while the other is beautiful. When the two faces merge, the resulting creature is unstoppable. It made me remember the Jennifer and the Darach thing back in Season 3.

For now, we don’t know anything about the ‘pretty’ face that’s supposed to merge with the hideous face. There were hints that it could be Froy but I can’t be sure.

Anyway, the episode brought back Scott’s father who somehow knows about the supernatural and is okay with everything. We also find out that hunters have moles in the FBI, too. Teen Wolf killed two more werewolves in ‘Pressure Test’ but their deaths had no impact because they were fodder, characters created specifically to be killed off.

If the show wants people to feel threatened by the upcoming war, it needs to start killing characters that the audience cares about.

Thoughts and questions about ‘Face-to-Faceless’:

  • Did no one report the body of the boy who fell after vomiting spiders? Or did he get up and walk away?
  • Scott warning Liam about getting into trouble if he didn’t go to school was funny. Students facing trouble for being late or not even showing up to class has never been a thing!
  • Yes, Dylan Sprayberry played a young Clark Kent. We get it!
  • I still can’t make sense of how everyone at the school got infected by fear. Is it because the DNA-less being was found in the locker room showers and has left an effect or are these kids just evil?
  • Chris Argent and Melissa is definitely happening because the fandom wanted Sheriff and Melissa and we all know how much Jeff Davis loves his fans.
  • The scene where Lydia talked to the guidance counselor about coexisting felt messy. But then again there isn’t supposed to be any racism or homophobia in Beacon Hills so I probably shouldn’t look too much into it. I mean, it’s not like Teen Wolf has queers and POCs disappear or killed off when necessary.
  • Holland Roden is the biggest anti-Stydia and she doesn’t feel guilty about it either. The scene where she checked out Parrish’s charred body was awesome!
  • Wouldn’t it be funny if someone told the guidance counselor that it was actually Mason who killed everyone at the school that night?

Thoughts and questions about ‘Pressure Test’:

  • Of course, handcuffing werewolves with zip ties is the best way to keep them locked up.
  • Theo loves pain! And I love him for it!
  • I liked Deaton’s scene in Eichen House.
  • Name dropping Stiles, this time in front of his father, is just sad.
  • Why isn’t anyone attacking Corey? He should not have been able to do his research in the school library.
  • Both Quinn and Lydia have holes in their heads! Where did Quinn come from anyway?
  • I still think the show could’ve done more with Corey’s power of seeing things in the Upside Down when he turns invisible.
  • Both Parrish and the Sheriff just watched as their female colleague shot herself, for some reason.
  • How does the deal with the FBI even work? They just take away two young werewolves and do nothing about the heavily-armed locals that were ready to attack the Sheriff’s Department? Scott’s father should’ve arrested all of them.

Did you watch Teen Wolf this week? What did you think of ‘Face-to-Faceless’ and ‘Pressure Test’?

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