Is Stydia Going to Really Exist in Teen Wolf 6B? The Signs Say No!

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While Sterek is the biggest M/M ship related to Teen Wolf, it can be argued that Stydia (Stiles and Lydia) is the biggest hetero ship. However, as far as I know, Jeff Davis doesn’t like either. Let’s see what Teen Wolf 6B has in store for Stydia shippers.

I have already talked a lot about why fans shouldn’t watch the final episodes of Teen Wolf if they hope to see Sterek one last time. From how Jeff acted at Comic-Con this year, if he does give fans Sterek, it’s not going to be good. Similarly, I fear that Stydias aren’t going to be done justice either.

Why do I think that? One of the biggest factors is the story itself. While I don’t deny the chemistry between Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and Lydia (Holland Roden), since the show started, those two were never going to end up together. The second season focused on Lydia saving Jackson through the power of love. While some fans think that Lydia loved Stiles since season one, if she was harboring true feelings for Stiles, she wouldn’t have been able to save Jackson. Furthermore, if Colton Haynes had decided to stay on Teen Wolf, the whole Stiles and Lydia dynamic could’ve been very different.

Now, I know some people consider Stydia to be slow-burn. However, you need to remember that this is Teen Wolf we’re talking about. There’s no such thing as a slow-burn. These characters hook up left and right. It happened with Mason and Corey (because two gay guys can never be just friends), Liam and Hayden, Braeden and Derek, Lydia and Danny getting it on with the twins, Stiles and Malia, and the list goes on. The newest addition is going to be Scott and Malia which the show is promoting hard.

While Lydia and Stiles did kiss, it came across as fan service. Shippers have been waiting for Stydia to happen for years and all they get (after five seasons) is a single kiss. I know fans want more intimate scenes between the two. But do you know which pairing will be getting all those scenes? Scaliugh! Scott and Maliugh are making out and doing all sorts of fun stuff.

Jeff Davis gave fans Stydia in hopes they would continue to support the show. He wasn’t sure if Dylan would be coming back for the final 10 episodes so he had to do something. Also, even with Dylan returning for the final episodes (we have Colton to thank for that), Stydia isn’t being promoted. All we have right now is Jeff saying that it’s a long-distance relationship on the show. Why hasn’t the pairing appeared in any promotional material? Because Jeff Davis doesn’t care.

Stydia was never a thing that was supposed to happen on the show. If it was something ‘real’ even the cast would’ve supported it. Tyler Posey and Shelley Hennig are having a blast promoting Maliugh because it finally gives them a chance to be at the forefront of the current promotional campaign.

Holland has never been truly behind Stydia. I guess she knows what’s been happening behind the cameras and why it probably isn’t right for her character and Stiles.

There are many examples of Holland being shady towards Stydia. I do feel it’s Holland’s way to warn shippers that they shouldn’t get their hopes up.

Teen Wolf 6A featured a kiss between Lydia and Stiles in the final episode. It was supposed to be a huge moment for the show and its fans. But do you know what Holland did? She took to the show’s official Twitter to announce to the world that she was still a Sterek!

Furthermore, with the premiere of 6B almost here, Holland took to her Instagram to throw some more shade at Stydia.

Now, some shippers might not care about what Holland thinks. Stydia is canon on the show and that’s all that matters. Well, if you want to take a single kiss after five seasons and a long distance relationship as canon, well, you can continue thinking that. It’s your life.

Holland has always been a Sterek, along with Colton, and do you know why? It’s because even the cast of the show can’t deny how awesome Stiles and Derek’s relationship is. But Jeff Davis and others, including Tyler Posey, ended up ruining their own show trying to sink the ship for whatever reasons.

If you, as a Stydia shipper, want to watch the last ten episodes, go ahead. But the warning signs have always been there. It’s not going to be pretty.

Teen Wolf 6B will premiere tonight on MTV. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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