Teen Wolf 6×13 Review: After Images

Teen Wolf Season 6 episode 13 After Images

This week’s episode of Teen Wolf, titled ‘After Images,’ has got to be the most boring one yet. It accomplished nothing except letting the audience know that Scott and his pack are dumb.

The fact that Gerard is on his way to create an army to take out supernatural beings in Beacon Hills goes to show Scott’s incompetence as a True Alpha. He should have killed Gerard back in season two. As for someone saying that Scott isn’t a killer, I won’t accept that argument. He was okay with Deucalion killing teenagers in Theo’s pack. So, Scott could have had someone else kill Gerard if he wanted him gone.

Coming to the events in ‘After Images,’ Gerard and the crazy guidance counselor are after Brett, who for someone reason decides to run around in the forest instead of making his way to Scott. I don’t know why Cody Saintgnue decided to come back to Teen Wolf just to be killed off. I guess a paycheck is a paycheck. Anyway, you all can cross off the bisexual Brett from the queer characters existing in Teen Wolf.

With Jackson coming back to Beacon Hills soon enough, Brett’s days were numbered. Jeff Davis’ amazing queer representation only allows for a fixed number of queer characters to be present on the show.

Also, Scaliugh is coming and we all need to be ready for it. Mentioning Stiles during such a Scaliugh-centric scene in ‘After Images’ made me cringe. Furthermore, I want to feel bad for the Stydia shippers but I can’t. They’ve been asking for a sex scene for years but we’re getting a Scaliugh one instead.

It’s not like the Sterek shippers didn’t warn Stydia shippers. Jeff Davis doesn’t care about any of the ships. As far as he’s concerned, shipping destroyed his show. The previous episode attracted 0.47 million viewers.

Coming to Gerard training the guidance counselor, who is she? Why did she decide to come to Beacon Hills? Did supernatural beings hurt her family and she wants revenge? Are we going to have a backstory or is Kate going to kill her off and tell Gerard that her actual daughter is her true prodigy?

Anyway, I don’t have much to write about in terms of reviewing ‘After Images’ because it was boring and not in a fun way. I wanted it to end ten minutes in because it was all filler.

Some Thoughts and Questions

  1. How was Brett able to set a trap with his cell phone when he wasn’t getting any signal a moment ago?
  2. Liam and Mason playing Mortal Kombat felt like a nice touch.
  3. The weird blobby body that was found in the shower seems to only affect humans. Mason seeing it standing inside Liam’s room was creepy.
  4. It’s Teen Wolf so we probably aren’t going to find out what that blobby creature is until it’s too late.
  5. Melissa can conduct a biopsy because she is a medical genius! Deal with it!
  6. The way Tyler Posey had Lydia’s face turn upside down during her premonition scene was probably the right angle for filming Holland.
  7. Corey not knowing about Roman numerals didn’t do his character any favors.
  8. The fact that Scott couldn’t smell Gerard or the rest of the kids couldn’t smell their guidance counselor was stupid.
  9. Gerard not looking at the beam to see Brett hiding was stupid too.
  10. Talking about stupid, Gerard telling the guidance counselor that Scott was dumb was everything. Jeff Davis doesn’t care about Scott McCall.
  11. How did no one trip the hidden trap in the tunnel before? Ugh!
  12. I laughed when Lori talked about how Brett wouldn’t accept the Lacrosse scholarship unless his sister came with him to the new school.
  13. I also laughed when Lori and Brett just stood in the middle of the road and allowed a car to hit them. Also, is Lori dead? Can’t werewolves heal after getting hit by an SUV?
  14. I like Nolan. The actor does a good job when acting crazy. However, if I were Mason, I would have beaten him up the moment he stabbed Corey’s hand.
  15. People need to know that taking away pain is not the same as healing.
  16. Someone needs to tell Gerard that fear doesn’t make an army, it creates a mob.

Did you watch Teen Wolf this week? What did you think of ‘After Images’? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

Farid has a Double Masters in Psychology and Biotechnology as well as an M.Phil in Molecular Genetics. He is the author of numerous books including Missing in Somerville, and The Game Master of Somerville. He gives us insight into comics, books, TV shows, anime/manga, video games, and movies.

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7 thoughts on “Teen Wolf 6×13 Review: After Images

  1. Farid, your reviews give me life. Plus I love that you watch so I don’t have to.

    I love how Melissa went from being a nurse to doing everything medical.

    LMAO! We all know Scott is dumb but it’s fun when the show confirms it.

    And the double standards with True Alpha Scott continue. Scott can work with the bad guys and have them kill people in for him but he can’t get his own hands dirty. Hypocrite.

  2. I hope in the future Principal Martin can work together with Deaton (where is he by the way? Or his sister Morell? A lot of this probably wouldn’t have happened if they were still around) to thoroughly do background checks on any incoming teachers/counselors, or administration to the school. After the number of teachers who turned out to be evil on this show you would think that they’d be more cautious at least. At this point, Ms. Monroe had better have had her kids torn apart by a bunch of rabid werewolf teens because that is the only way that I could at least begin to understand her motivation.

    I also agree about the smells. Apparently they can only smell chemo signals when it’s convenient, at least Brett had an excuse because he was taught how to mask his smell. I kind of have a feeling that this is all part of the Faceless’s plan and Gerard and the other hunter/idiots are falling into it.

  3. The way Tyler Posey had Lydia’s face turn upside down during her premonition scene was probably the right angle for filming Holland.

    RUDE!! Lol!

  4. Hi, Farid! I just wanted to say that your reviews give me life (keep pointing out those inconsistencies!). I also want to thank you for continuing to watch this trainwreck so that we don’t have to.

  5. Farid keep going the sarcasmo cuz it makes me totally LOL! And as the others had already said, so I don’t even need to check it out. PS_but truly MTV have this urgent need to reboot Trash Wolf ?!…nasty ah-ahhh

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