There Is Nothing “Beautiful” About Scott McCall’s Heroism In Teen Wolf! My Response To The Mary Sue!

Teen Wolf Stiles Scott Riders on the Storm

When it comes to Teen Wolf, you can like any character you want whether said character is the hero, a villain or somewhere in-between. But there was something off about Princess Weekes’ article about Scott McCall. The words she used could serve as fuel by a certain part of the Teen Wolf fandom I avoid- which led me to write this.

There is nothing “beautiful” about Scott McCall’s heroism even if he is a POC.

Weekes, from The Mary Sue, is a fan of Scott McCall. Many people are. I can understand where she is coming from when she talks about the need for more Latinx representation on our TV screens. However, her article, titled “Scott McCall Should’ve Gotten More Fandom Love for His Beautiful Heroism in Teen Wolf,” brings forth certain issues I want to speak about.

The most important one is how she blames the fandom for propping up Stiles (a white dude) and ignoring Scott (a POC) because apparently, that’s what fandoms do: they ignore POC characters. Her words fuel the narrative a certain part of the Teen Wolf continues to push, the one where you are immediately labeled a racist if you like Stiles more than Scott.

I would like to tell Weekes the reason the fandom doesn’t like Scott is due to how poorly written he is as a character. I mean, it’s Teen Wolf so basically the entire show is poorly written, but the treatment of Scott McCall is surely the worst of the bunch. He is presented as a werewolf messiah who lets others do the heavy lifting for him and doesn’t seem to face any lasting consequences.

Also, from the article, it might seem Weekes has seen the show, though I doubt it considering she thinks Scott’s heroism is “beautiful” and compares him to Captain America. Couldn’t she think of a Latinx superhero to compare him to?

Does she not remember how Scott forced Derek to bite Gerard Argent back in season 2? Or how he worked with Deucalion to kill Theo’s pack (a group of teenagers)? You know, all things which are totally done by people who exhibit “beautiful” heroism. Sigh!

Kira Yukimura Teen Wolf Arden Cho

Kira is the POC who deserved a lot more! Teen Wolf writers (not the fandom) did her wrong.

As far as Scott being Latinx representation is concerned, I don’t know if one can consider a character to be worthwhile representation when the only diverse thing about them is they are being played by a POC actor. Dylan O’Brien was supposed to audition for Scott McCall back in the day. You can tell Jeff Davis didn’t write the lead as a POC, and it shows in the content we got.

There is nothing Latinx about Scott (the character- we are not talking about Tyler Posey here). Even his parents aren’t Latinx or played by racially-appropriate actors. So, excuse me if I don’t want to give Teen Wolf major representation points as far as Scott’s character is concerned just because he is played by Posey.

When she says, “It goes beyond taste and preference; it’s about actively devaluing another character that we are actively asking for by uplifting a character who fulfills no actual needed representation,” she’s adding fuel to an old fire. I wouldn’t be surprised if her words are used by certain individuals to continue labeling Sterek fans (a very diverse group) as racists.

Not liking a character because they are poorly written (even if they are POC) doesn’t make you a racist. Those who imply otherwise and attack fans over it are the problem.

Scott McCall, while being Latinx representation at some level due to the actor playing him, was not a well-written character. Him not getting love or attention from the fandom is a good thing because it shows other creators that fandoms will not stand for tokenism.

Also, Will Wallace defended Malia being a POC (played by a non-POC actress). So I’m not sure what Weekes’ point is when the writers of the show clearly don’t understand the concept of representation in media.

Furthermore, the Stiles fandom doesn’t owe anyone anything. They do not owe the rest of the fandom (especially Scott fans) their valuable time to create fics and fan art for others when the same fans label them as racists for liking Stiles (even though he is a problematic character).

In the end, all I can say I wish Weekes choose her words more carefully. She could have written a beautiful article about how she likes Scott and how he deserved better. However, by dragging the Stiles fandom into her content and pitting a POC character against a white one, she has done nothing more than give ammunition to the ‘liking-Stiles-more-than-Scott-makes-you-a-racist’ part of the Teen Wolf fandom.

It is kind of funny how Teen Wolf ended back in 2017 and the Stiles fandom (especially Stereks fans) is still blamed for watching the show for the wrong reasons because they didn’t support Scott even though he is definitely a POC and more queer-coded.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

Farid has a Double Masters in Psychology and Biotechnology as well as an M.Phil in Molecular Genetics. He is the author of numerous books including Missing in Somerville, and The Game Master of Somerville. He gives us insight into comics, books, TV shows, anime/manga, video games, and movies.


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