The ‘Sound of Music’ Event Coming To Helix Waltz This December!

Helix Waltz Sound of Music event Christmas costume game
Sound of Music Event ‘Christmas Costume’ – Helix Waltz

BAIOO and uBeeJoy have announced a special holiday event will be coming to Helix Waltz. Get ready for the Sound of Music event which will be bringing the holidays to the dazzling dress-up drama title in the form of musically festive fashion beginning on December 24!

Having “recently reached over 200,000 downloads,” Helix Waltz has become “a hit amongst young female gamers and beyond.” To help fans celebrate and get in the holiday spirit, upon joining the in-game event players will receive “a special festive limited edition holiday set.”

Additional costumes can be won by participating in the tavern Beauty Contest and earning Beer Coins or diamonds.

Helix Waltz Sound of Music Event game

Helix Waltz Sound of Music Event game

Throughout the Sound of Music event, you can compete in the Beauty Contest to earn coins which can be used to draw exclusive musically themed outfits and items from the prize pool or fill up your energy points in exchange for outfits. Several musically themed outfits will be available for fans to collect during the event including Goddesses’ Messenger, the cello inspired Aria in G, and the piano inspired Theresa’s Steps as well as other outfits.

Donning a new elegant frock in Helix Waltz wouldn’t be complete without an occasion to go with it. Players will attend the Christmas Ball and will have their choice of partners dressed in musically themed outfits by completing event quests.

The Sound of Music event will be live for players on December 24th – December 30th.

Helix Waltz Sound of Music event

Helix Waltz is currently available for free on iOS and Android devices. It features thousands of “lovingly crafted lines of story and hand-drawn outfits.”

For those who don’t know, Helix Waltz is narratively driven dress up which focuses on the social web of a ballroom floor. Set in the fantasy realm of Finsel, players must navigate the high society of the realm by choosing attire and then playing the room through dialogue choices to gain status and win the hearts of the people.

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