‘Helix Waltz’ Narratively Driven Dress-Up Game Coming This November

Helix Waltz November game release

BAIOO Family Interactive and uBeeJoy have announced their new game Helix Waltz will be coming to iOS and Android devices later this year. Developed by Crossingstar Studio, Helix Waltz combines classic dress up games with narratively driven gameplay about climbing the ranks of high society in the fantasy realm of Finsel.

Pre-registration for Helix Waltz is open. You can pre-register to win an exclusive Star Goddess outfit! The game has been created with a “captivating art style” and contains “over 800,000 lines of text providing players with an immersive story experience and giving depth to a wide cast of characters. Through the actions and dialogue choices, players will learn more about the setting and the motivations behind the actions of each character.”

Building on the world already established in the previous Helix series games, players can expect to experience a story with as many twists and turns as ever before.

Check out the new teaser trailer which showcases the beautiful hand-drawn art!

Helix Waltz will be coming to iOS and Android devices in mid-November. It will be free to play. You should visit the official website for more information.

Here’s the synopsis:

Helix Waltz is narratively driven dress up game aimed at girls that focuses on the social web of a ballroom floor. Set in the fantasy realm of Finsel, players must navigate the high society of the realm by choosing attire and then playing the room through dialogue choices to gain status and win the hearts of the people.

The features include:

  • An enchanting tale of more than 800,000 words!
    • As a girl of a family fallen from grace, you now have a second chance to make your mark on high society. Through ballroom dancing and clever romancing, gather the information you need to restore your family’s name.
  • Thousands of Vintage Hand-drawn Outfits
    • Dazzle the nobles with your vintage noble outfits from Baroque gowns to cute dresses. Tailor your outfit to fit your own style of noble fashion and take it to the beauty pageant. A keen eye for fashion and confidence will be your best weapon.
  • Customize your looks with your own style
    • How can you be noble without unique customizations to flaunt your style? Collect exotic designs to add your own flare to what’s in vogue. Through tailoring, dyeing, and enchanting clothes, you can wow the audience with your own special taste.
  • 50+ characters available for interaction
    • From nobles to celebrities, the ballroom is where it all acquaintances begin, and even some conspiracies. Who you interact with will define your relationship with them and each character has their own story and secrets to tell. Charm your favorites onto your side and unlock their side stories!
  • Unlimited free balls for you to attend
    • There’s no limit on the number of balls you attend or restrictions on the clothes you can wear. You decide which balls to attend and whether you will use that chance to seek the truth or spread rumors, it’s all up to you!

As for uBeeJoy, it is an overseas game publisher, and a subsidiary of BAIOO group with “rich independent publishing experience in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asian.” Mainly, uBeeJoy focuses on the market segment of Manga & Anime games, games designed for a female audience and indie games, while also expanding its product lines in other genres.

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