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  • Teen Wolf 5×5 Review: A Novel Approach

    5×5 was a surprisingly artful episode. After a gut-wrenching and gracefully executed teaser, complete with a bloody beautiful death and a positively mesmerizing Dylan O’Brien, we see Stiles’s 911 call rendered as visual sound wave. The distance and objectivity of it only make Stiles’s situation more painful and clear. As Scott informs a very rattled Stiles […]

  • Teen Wolf 5×04 Review: Condition Terminal

    If it seems like this review is a little on the disjointed side, with no strong flow, it’s only because that was the feel of this episode. It just felt busy, too many characters, too much happening. There were gratuitous naked guys galore, crazy fights, and new creatures, all the factors of a standard Teen […]

  • Diagnosis Teen Wolf

    A humanoid creature floating in a liquid-filled suspension tube. Three mysterious figures mounting a staircase. An armored hand clenching into a fist. A long needle sinking into a patient’s arm, an eye looking terrified, a bloodied face screaming. A close-up of a black mask with tinted lenses. And, finally, a menacing figure holding a sharp […]

  • There’s Something About Stalia… That’s Problematic

    There’s been a great deal of controversy over the newest pairing in Teen Wolf, ever since the ship’s first appearance last season. In fact, the very mention of its name: Stalia, is apparently enough to drive Teen Wolf fans to each other’s throats. For a show that has created and destroyed female characters more frequently […]

  • Teen Wolf 3×18 Review: Riddled

    Jeff Davis, if you happen upon this article, just FYI: it is not okay to put your viewers through the emotional ringer two weeks in a row!  By the end of this episode, I was like Spock in Star Trek after his confrontation with Kirk; emotionally comprised and unfit for command.  But I am willing […]