Crunchyroll Games Announces “One Punch Man: World” Online Action Game!

One Punch Man World Video Game
One Punch Man: World – Video Game (Image: PR/Crunchyroll Games/Perfect World)

Crunchyroll Games and Perfect World have teamed up to announce the upcoming action game titled One Punch Man: World. The upcoming online action game will be available for Windows PC, iOS, and Android devices with cross-platform play and progression.

Perfect World is the developer behind Tower of Fantasy and Persona 5: The Phantom X. So, the fandom is feeling excited about the multiplayer online One Punch Man: World video game.

Windows PC players can go ahead and pre-register for the game via the official website in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Latin America, and the Nordics.

As for the game itself, it looks like you will be able to play as multiple heroes to defeat opponents and explore the somewhat open in-game world. Judging from the promo materials, it looks like not every mission will be about defeating monsters. There seem to be missions that will involve escorting certain people to various places, data gathering, surveillance, and more.

While based on the first season of One Punch Man, the upcoming video game will expand certain storylines and will allow players to experience a variety of events from different perspectives.

The most ambitious Crunchyroll Games title to date, One Punch Man: World is an immersive online action game that transports players into the universe of One-Punch Man,” shared Terry Li, General Manager of Crunchyroll Games and Senior Vice President of Emerging Business, Crunchyroll. “The game, developed by Perfect World, brings iconic characters and abilities to life with premiere production values that we are excited to unleash on anime fans and gamers.”

The visuals for the video game do seem to be inspired by the anime. And I like how the action seems to be quick!

Of course, each character will have special abilities, ultimates, and fighting styles. The heroes at launch, if I’m correct to assume, include Saitama, Genos, Speed-O-Sound Sonic, Mumen Rider, Puri-Puri Prisoner, Atomic Samurai, Golden Ball, and Lightning Max.

And while I like the roster of heroes that seem to be available at launch, I’m a bit disappointed that the trailer didn’t feature any female playable heroes.

I mean, I highly doubt female heroes will be unplayable in this game. But not having them be showcased in the trailer below just comes across as weird to me. 

The gameplay will also include being able to enter the Hero Association hub to meet friends, take on missions, and team up for raids. It is a multiplayer online offering after all.

And coming back to exploring Z-City, participating in side activities and minigames will help you climb the in-game rankings to become the most popular hero.

Also, I wonder how it will be to play as Saitama. According to the source material, he is supposed to defeat a villain with a single punch.

One Punch Man: World is expected to release sometime this year.

You can follow the game via the official website (, Facebook, Twitter (@OnePunchMan_W), TikTok (@OnePunchManWorld), and Instagram (@OnePunchManWorld).

A season three of the One Punch Man anime has been confirmed. However, a specific release date hasn’t been announced yet.

Are you looking forward to playing the One Punch Man: World video game?

Let us know.

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