CultureFly’s Winter 2022 Naruto Shippuden “Jinchuriki” Theme Box – Review

Jinchuriki Naruto Shippuden Winter 2022 CultureFly box
The ‘Jinchuriki’ themed Winter 2022 Naruto Shippuden Box from CultureFly

The theme for CultureFly’s Winter 2022 Naruto Shippuden box was Jinchuriki. The subscription box contained a total of 7 items, with my favorite item being the fleece blanket!

While the Jinchuriki theme is a cool one, seeing the image of the Jinchuriki on the front of the box also made me sad because only Naruto, Gaara, and Killer Bee were able to survive by the end of the Naruto series. Sigh!

Anyway, let’s get on with it!

The box I recieved was quite damaged. But fortunately, the products inside were okay.

The first thing I pulled out was the orange ceramic cookie jar that’s supposed to resemble the Kohaku no Jōhei. It measured approximately 6 inches in length, with the widest part being 15 inches in circumference. I liked that it came with an actual piece of thick rope (that you can take off).

Naruto Shippuden Winter 2022 cookie jar
The “Kohaku no Jōhei” Cookie Jar 

I was able to put my entire fist in it. So, yeah, if you ask me, there’s enough space to place a bunch of cookies inside. The only drawback is that the cookie jar isn’t really airtight. Of course, you can use it to hold other items if you aren’t into storing cookies. And it is handwash only. So, keep that in mind.

The second item was a yellow-colored plastic sand timer that featured the One-Tailed Beast Shukaku. It was an okay item, in my opinion, with the timer coming in at approximately 2 minutes and 55 seconds.

sand timer naruto shippuden winter box 2022 review
Sand Timer

As for the third product, I took out the long sleeve t-shirt featuring the Eigh-Tailed Beast Gyūki and Killer Bee. I liked the overall color scheme (blue, red, and off-white) and how the design had Killer Bee and Gyūki portrayed on the back. I could have done without the words ‘Killer Bee’ being printed on the left sleeve. But still, I will definitely be wearing it!

Naruto shippuden winter 2022 jinchuriki box
The Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Front)
naruto shippuden winter 2022 box
The Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Back)

The next three items were stationary. We got a multi-colored pen with a picture of Naruto on it. A notepad featuring Kurama behind a seal, and three cardboard bookmarks showcasing the nine different Bijuu.

The pen wasn’t the best to write with, but it got the job done. You can select from black, pink, purple, green, orange, red, blue, and yellow. I don’t know if I’m right, but I think the pen having eight colors was supposed to represent how Naruto ended up hosting chakra from the other eight Bijuu inside of him as the Naruto series progressed.

naruto shippuden winter 2022 jinchuriki box review
The Three Bookmarks, Pen, and Notepad

I did like how the notepad had a design of Kurama and a border on each page and how easy it was to tear the pages. The front of the pages had lines with the backs being blank.

The bookmarks were okay, in my opinion. However, I do feel they can be elevated if you color them. I would have also preferred the bookmarks to be made of plastic.

naruto shippuden winter 2022 box review
Gaara and Naruto with their Tailed Beasts – Fleece Blanket

The seventh item, and my favorite, ended up being the fleece blanket featuring Naruto and Gaara along with their respective Tailed Beasts. The blanket measured approximately 45 inches (3.75 feet) in width and 58 inches (4.83 feet) in length. The image was very colorful and I liked the soft feel of the material. For those wondering, the back of the blanket was blank (all white).

The blanket really made the box for me and it connected so well with the Winter and Jinchuriki themes. Now, you can go ahead and sleep or relax with Gaara and Naruto right on top of you. Ha!

Here’s my unboxing video!

As of writing this review, the theme for the next Naruto Shippuden box from CultureFly hasn’t been revealed. But I’m excited to learn about it soon.

Are you subscribed to the Naruto Shippuden box? What did you think of the items?

Let us know!

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