CultureFly’s Summer 2023 “Avatar: The Last Airbender” Final Box – Review

Culturefly Avatar the Last-Airbender Summer 2023 box
Ramen Bowl and plastic chopsticks in the ATLA Summer 2023 Subscription box by Culturefly

Culturefly’s Summer 2023 Avatar: The Last Airbender box ended up being the final offering in the company’s ATLA subscription box service. And considering it was the last box, I think Culturefly could have tried harder to go out with a bang.

The Summer 2023 Avatar: The Last Airbender box from Culturefly followed no specific theme. It also, disappointingly enough, didn’t come in a themed box. I was kind of confused when I saw the plain cardboard box in the mail. It took me a few seconds to realize that I was indeed looking at the final ATLA subscription box.

Opening the package, I saw the ATLA Collector’s Bundle along with two mystery Smols. I already expected the contents because Culturefly had sent an email a couple of months earlier announcing the end of the ATLA subscription box and sharing information about the items that will be present in the final offering.

I opened the Collector’s Bundle first because it included an item I was very excited about: a ceramic ramen bowl that featured the Four Nations along with images of Aang, Zuko, Katara, and Toph representing their respective Nations.

I liked the overall design of the black ramen bowl. It even had a hole and a grove to place chopsticks.

And yes, we also got plastic chopsticks themed after the Water Tribe. Having the two blue chopsticks come in a separate pouch (faux leather) and a rubber piece (featuring the Water Tribe Symbol) to hold them together was a nice touch.

The Collector’s Bundle also included a simple metal keychain. It had a circular design featuring the Four Nations in specific iconic colors. I mean, it’s a keychain. Nothing for me to talk about.

ATLA Culturefly Summer 2023 box
Metal keychain in the ATLA Summer 2023 Subscription box by Culturefly

Now, coming to the item I was most excited about, the Collector’s Bundle included a messenger bag themed after Appa. I was looking forward to seeing said item when I read the spoiler-filled email from Culturefly, and having seen it in person, it didn’t disappoint.

From what I can tell, the off-white and brown colored messenger bag was made from a canvas-like material. I felt it might have some level of water resistance, but I haven’t tested it out yet.

The front of the bag featured Appa while Aang, Katara, and Sokka seemed to be flying in the air trying to hold onto the gigantic bison. Of course, Momo’s doing just fine.

Lifting the front flap (that keeps the bag closed via two velcro strips near each corner) revealed two compartments. The first one didn’t have a zipper or a velcro strip to keep it closed. However, the second compartment had a zipper. I would have liked a small pocket inside the zippered compartment, but oh well.

Measuring approximately 15 x 12 inches, the messenger bag’s spacious enough to hold my laptop, a water bottle, stationary, and more. I have been taking it to work with me. It’s so good!

It’s got a brown single strap to help you carry it on one of your shoulders or across the chest. The strap’s got a small piece of padding featuring the Air Nation symbol.

The padding could have used a bit more finishing, though, when it came to the lining around the Air Nation symbol.

Appa messenger box ATLA Culturefly Box
Appa-themed Messenger Bag in the ATLA Summer 2023 Subscription box by Culturefly

As for the two mystery Smols, I have to say that they disappointed me the most. While I like Uncle Iroh as a character, I didn’t want both Smols to be of him. I do feel that Culturefly should have made it a point for the Smols to not repeat for subscribers.


The Uncle Iroh Smol measured approximately three inches and came in a plastic blind mystery box. The design of the figure was Chibi-esque, with a smiling Uncle Iroh holding out a Red Lotus chip.

The box itself featured the symbols from the Four Nations. The lid of the box had two pegs that could be used to display the figure (which had two small holes at the bottom).

I don’t know if I was doing it wrong, but trying to place the figure on the pegs wasn’t as easy as I had hoped.

Uncle Iroh Smol Culturefly Summer 2023 box
Uncle Iroh Smol in the ATLA Summer 2023 Subscription box by Culturefly

Also, I was expecting some kind of wearable inside the final box. I get that we got a messenger bag, but still, one last T-shirt would have been nice.

All in all, while I liked the messenger bag, the ramen bowl, and the chopsticks, the keychain, the absence of a wearable, and the fact I got repetitive Smols were a letdown.

Apparently, Culturefly does plan on producing more ATLA merchandise. Due to the upcoming live-action series on Netflix and the announced animated movies, let’s see if Culturefly decides to launch another ATLA-themed subscription box soon.

Did you get the Summer 2023 Avatar: The Last Airbender box from Culturefly?

What did you think of it?

Let us know.

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