“Creamerie” Season 2 Offers More Twists and Expands the World – Review

Creamerie Season 2 to debut this summer (Image: PR
Creamerie Season 2 (Image: PR)

After waiting for two years, Creamerie finally came back with a second season that gave me everything I wanted and more as the world suddenly grew a lot bigger for our leads.

I was provided with free advanced screeners for Creamerie season 2 for review. The opinions I have shared are my own.

Warning: This review contains spoilers! Tread carefully!

Created by Roseanne Liang, J.J. Fong, Perlina Lau, and Ally Xue, the first season of Creamerie debuted back in 2021 on TVNZ On Demand. It went on to garner critical praise – and rightfully so. When it comes to post-apocalyptic content where people with the Y chromosome have gone extinct, Creamerie is in a lane of its own. I really enjoyed watching the first season, and I was very excited about the second offering when a trailer was released in June of this year.

Now, having watched the six-episode-long second season of Creamerie, I have to say that the creative team knocked it out of the park. The character introductions have already been made. The premise had been set. So, the second season had more time to dive into numerous twists and turns as our leads tried what they could to expose the villainous Lane (Tandi Wright), the head of the Wellness cult.

The sophomore season picked up right where the first one left off. The season two debut episode had Alex (Xue), Jamie (Fong), Pip (Lau), and Bobby (Jay Ryan) think of a plan to escape from the Facility after Jackson’s betrayal. I liked how our protagonists tried to save as many men as possible along the way, even though they only managed to rescue one named Daniel.

The scene where the two Good Boys refused to go along with our heroes made a lot of sense. The interaction gave ‘a-caged-bird-will-refuse-to-leave-an-0pen-cage’ vibes. The Good Boys had been sheltered from the outside world after the global extinction event. They weren’t going to leave Lane after being treated well by her.

With Pip being left behind by the end of the first episode, I liked how the writers didn’t keep the core cast separated for too long in a six-episode season (with each episode being approximately half an hour). I get that sometimes certain characters need to separate to keep the story moving forward, but I need Alex, Jamie, Pip, and Bobby to go through everything together! Their onscreen dynamic really makes the show enjoyable.

The second season of Creamerie kept the twists coming (some of them were very unexpected) while ensuring that every development stuck to the overall dark comedy appeal of this series. The creative team will have you horrified during one moment and then laughing the very next. Heck, sometimes you will go through both emotions simultaneously!

The reveal about the Resistance and what had happened to the Safe Men was disheartening (but also funny!). I liked how the story kept on moving even if our leads were faced with failure after failure. From what I can tell, at the heart of it, Creamerie is a hopeful show. We even got some information about a possible cure. So, I think, when all is said and done, Creamerie will conclude on a positive (though somber) note.

Seeing the world expand for our cast, as they decided to leave Hiro Valley and head to the city to directly tell the Prime Minister about Lane’s crimes was a good creative decision. I’m looking forward to seeing how the third season will continue to world-build and introduce new characters.

As for the character development moments, a lot of focus was given to Jamie and her relationship with Jackson (Yoson An). I get the anger and frustration Jamie felt toward her husband because she thought he was dead and also due to how he had betrayed Jamie and her friends. However, I do feel Jamie deserved proper closure. The scene between the two in Lane’s bedroom had them really talk about their feelings and their shared trauma over losing their child, but I think Jamie deserved more. She deserved the right to decide Jackson’s fate.

Having said that, perhaps not getting the closure she needed is what led to Jamie acting the way she did toward Lane during the finale? Hmmm.

Another proper conversation that needs to happen soon is the one between Bobby and Pip. Lane and her minions were very close to sexually assaulting Bobby in the first season, and Pip was involved, too. And while Pip and Michelle (Kim Crossman) tried to apologize to Bobby, I think it made sense for Bobby to not want to have said conversation. I mean, while fans have waited two years for new content, the horrific event just happened to Bobby in the Creamerie timeline. He needs more time.

The second season had Bobby trying to come to terms with his place in the current world. Being one of the remaining male survivors on Earth, he was looked at as merely a babymaking machine. I appreciated the Prime Minister giving Bobby back his consensual power, but I think more needs to be explored regarding Bobby’s feelings. He wants to be treated as more than just an incredibly valuable asset. He wants to be treated as a human being. So, hopefully, we will get to see that happen in the third season.

Kudos to Ryan for selling the numerous emotionally heavy scenes Bobby got during the second season.

Alex’s storyline involved discovering a possible cure her mother left behind. The scene she shared with Jackson when the siblings went to visit their mother was nice. But, after everything Jackson’s done (and was forced to do), I still wasn’t ready to forgive him. I doubt I would have forgiven Jackson even if he didn’t die.

Coming back to Jamie, I’m looking forward to seeing how the creative team plans to handle her character after the finale. She’s clearly going through a whole lot of emotions. And she might have just doomed the human race. On top of that, Jamie made Alex lose a family member she wanted to meet.

The smile Jamie gave to her friends on the boat was well-acted. I don’t know what to think when it comes to Jamie’s headspace. But I’m intrigued.

Pip’s storyline led to a lot of laughs as she continued to seesaw between sticking to the rules and doing right by her friends. There’s a scene involving Pip and Bobby that ended up being a hilarious E.T. reference. I almost died!

Having Michelle accompany Pip was an unexpected yet welcome creative choice. Poor Michelle. She needs to find her own identity. 

Doctor Garvey (Rachel House) continued to surprise as well as the second season revealed a lot more about her and how she’s connected to something mysterious on an international scale.

There’s a whole lot that Creamerie needs to explore and provide answers to, and that’s why I have my fingers crossed that the series returns for a third installment.

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Creamerie season 2 is available to stream on Hulu in the US.

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