CultureFly’s Fall 2022 “Naruto Shippuden” Box – Review

CultureFly Naruto Shippuden Fall 2022 Akatsuki box review
CultureFly’s Fall 2022 Akatsuki-Themed “Naruto Shippuden” Box

The theme for CultureFly’s Fall 2022 Naruto Shippuden box was Akatsuki. The subscription box gave me a bunch of exclusive licensed items, with the Akatsuki hoodie being the best product!

It’s always fun when subscription companies decide to highlight the bad guys. So, I was looking forward to receiving the Fall 2022 Naruto Shippuden box from CultureFly. I wanted that Akatsuki-themed hoodie!

The front of the box featured an image showcasing the Akatsuki, mainly Itachi, Kisame, Deidara, Sasori, and Zetsu. Priced at USD $49.99 (excluding shipping), the box contained a total of 7 specific items. In a sense, I think certain items could have been more inspired, but overall, I was satisfied with what I recieved. Again, that hoodie!

The first thing I took out was the key organizer designed after the Akatsuki robe. Made from fake leather, the approximately 6-inches tall key organizer had an interesting look, but considering I don’t have a bunch of keys on me, I just felt “okay” holding said item in my hand.

CultureFly Akatsuki Key Organizer
Akatsuki Key Organizer

The next item was a coaster set (handwash only) featuring the Akatsuki symbols. Being approximately 4-inches in diameter, the coaster set felt durable enough. They were made of cork. Due to my work desk having a couple of electronic devices on it and notebooks, I can see myself using these.

Akatsuki Coaster Set
Akatsuki Coaster Set

Then there were three magnets, approximately 5 inches in length, featuring Zetsu, Tobi, and Pain. I’m not into magnets, but they looked cool.

CultureFly Fall 2022 box Akatsuki
Pain, Tobi, and Zetsu Magnets

The ceramic can mug with a silicone cover (handwash only) had a white and red theme with an image of Itachi on it. I liked how the mug was designed after a soda can. And while I don’t see myself using it, I have gone ahead and placed it on the shelf as decoration.

CultureFly Fall 2022 Akatsuki box
Ceramic Can Mug with Silicone Cover

Another collectible was the Shuriken-styled coin. It came in at around 3 inches in length. It has some weight to it and the sharp edges can injure someone if you decide to throw it (don’t do that, though!).

Akatsuki coin CultureFly
Shuriken-Styled Akatsuki Coin

The duster shaped after Samehada was definitely my second favorite item from the box. With Samehada being a weapon attracted to chakra, the idea behind fashioning Samehada into a duster and having it pick up dust instead of chakra is just wow!

I have already used it to dust some of my items. Even if you aren’t using it to dust, you can still keep it as a piece of decoration. It’s approximately 13 inches in length and quite soft to the touch.

Samehada Akatsuki box review
Samehada Duster

My only nitpick would be that Samehada’s mouth didn’t feel well glued to the main body of the duster. I would recommend using your own strong glue to keep it in place.

Akatsuki Hoodie CultureFly
Akatsuki Hoodie – Front

Now coming to my favorite item, what can I say? I’m in love with the Akatsuki-inspired hoodie. The medium-sized hoodie fit me well. It’s made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The cuffs and the bottom had elastic in them. There are also a pocket at the bottom. The front of the hoodie’s quite simple with only the Akatsuki cloud logo on the top right. Both sleeves have logos depicting different territories from the Naruto franchise. The logos have been scratched out because you know… villains!

Akatsuki Hoodie review
Akatsuki Hoodie – Back

The back’s got a giant Akatsuki symbol, with the overall color scheme being red and a greenish-black.

I’m in love with the spacious hood. It’s big enough to cover most of my face.

Akatsuki Hoodie review CultureFly
Akatsuki Hoodie – Pocket

Personally, I would have liked to see something paper related inside the box to link to Konan from the Akatsuki. Perhaps an origami-centric activity? Some kind of clay sculpting activity could have been added to link to Deidara? Hmmm. Maybe next time?

Here’s an unboxing video I did!

The upcoming Winter 2022 Naruto Shippuden box from CultureFly has the theme of “Tailed Beasts & Jinchuriki” and having gone through the sneak peek, the artist/writer in me is already excited about some of the items!

Are you subscribed to CultureFly?

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