Deadpool: Breaking the Fourth Wall on the Big Screen

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Deadpool had a lot to live up to.  If you want to do a movie for a comic book character like Deadpool, you have to do it really really well, and Ryan Reynolds knew this and completely respected it.

He fought so hard for this movie and for Deadpool to be done well.  And let me tell you, Deadpool delivers.

My brother and I went to see Deadpool opening night to a sold out theater.  It opens with a freeze frame of a pretty nasty car wreck with characters flying through the air.  I heard people laughing around me, and it took me half a moment to notice that the opening credits were hilarious. I won’t spoil anything, but you’ll definitely want to make sure to pay attention so you don’t miss the first one like I did!

Deadpool has everything you would expect – so much humor, high action, and a fair amount of gore, language, and sex. Yeah, it’s not a movie for the little kids.  This superhero movie is for adults.  And perhaps most importantly, there was plenty of breaking of the fourth wall.  At one point, Wade Wilson looks at the camera and says, “I’m breaking the fourth wall while breaking the fourth wall.  That’s like, sixteen walls!” Ryan Reynolds was absolutely perfect for the Merc with a Mouth. The mannerisms, the delivery, and the voice was everything I expected when seeing Deadpool as a live-action character.

This is an origin story.  It’s not 100% accurate to the comic origin story, but it’s close enough. Deadpool is funny, but what makes Wade Deadpool is extreme pain and torture and a face he doesn’t know how to deal with.  There is a love story too, but it’s not over the top or too much. Morena Baccarin (of Gotham), was absolutely lovely as Wade’s girlfriend.  She matched Wade in personality and style and was not a damsel in distress.  When it came down to it, she helped save Wade’s life and her own.  She was a fun character and a great addition to the movie.

Deadpool isn’t the only superhero (or supervillain) in the movie. He is joined by a number of X-Men.  Both male and female characters were very well represented in the film and had an important part to play.  The movie doesn’t forget that Wade isn’t exactly straight either.  He was equal opportunity as far as who he chose to hit on, which is accurate to the comic book character.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Deadpool movie.  I was very excited to see it going into the movie theater, and I was not at all disappointed when I left.  I can’t wait to see another movie in the Deadpool universe soon!  Make sure to stick around for the end credits, as Deadpool will give you a hint about things (they hope) to come!

Author: Jessica Rae

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  1. I read your spoiler about Deadpool will be pansexual since last year. Since then I’ve been looking forward watching it even if I don’t read the comics. I have to say that I’m not disappointed that I watched. The movie was really awesome. I dare say that I like it more than other Marvel movies that I have watched.

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