Josh Boone Teases Possible Cast for New Mutants

New Mutants Josh Boone

The live-action adaptation of New Mutants is well underway, and if one looks at the recent images director and screenwriter Josh Boone posted on his Instagram, we might just have seen the possible lineup for the film.

Just a month ago Josh Boone shared an image announcing the submission of the second draft of the script for New Mutants. If you have been wondering about the lineup, you can get a hint by visiting Josh Boone’s Instagram account. First he shared separate images of the characters; then he posted an image of the whole team.

The first image he posted was of the mutant Magik. Her real name is Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina. She also happens to be Colossus’ younger sister. Her mutant ability involves teleportation, and later she becomes a powerful sorceress as well. You should check out Extraordinary X-Men if you want to know more about her powers and what she’s currently up to in the Marvel Comic Book Universe.

Following Magik’s image, Josh Boone posted images of Wolfsbane (a Scottish mutant with the ability to shape shift into a wolf), Mirage (a mutant of Cheyenne origin with the power to create three-dimensional illusions and more), Cannonball (a mutant with the ability to create an impenetrable blast field during flight), and Sunspot (a Brazilian mutant who has the power to absorb and re-channel solar energy). Josh Boone then posted an image of the whole team followed by a picture of Warlock.

Having Warlock in the cast might mean that New Mutants will be dealing with an alien race known as the Technarchy. Said alien race infects living creatures and then drains their life energy. The MCU has introduced various alien races so it wouldn’t be a surprise if Fox decides to expand their X-Men Universe as well.

As far as the timeline is concerned, Sunspot made his debut in X-Men: Days of Future Past and with Colossus showing up in Deadpool (and Magik being his younger sister) my guess is that New Mutants will fall somewhere before the dire events that occurred in DoFP. It’ll be fun to see the X-Men in the present timeline again and not have their story occur in the past.

I don’t know if this’ll be the final lineup when New Mutants is released, but I’m happy to see Josh Boone, who’ll be serving as the director and co-writer of the script, being so passionate about his work.

If you want to know more about what Sunspot and Cannonball are currently doing, then make sure to check out the highly entertaining New Avengers series.

What are your thoughts about New Mutants? Who would you like to see be part of the team? Let us know!

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