Dean Winchester’s Not So Empty Orchestra


Just after San Diego Comic Con, I wrote an article about the song stylings of Demon Dean Winchester. In an interview with The Geekiary, Jensen Ackles stated that his song choice “[was] kind of the theme of demon-Dean. He’s so careless, and he’s just so… he does not care about what people think or what people want…”

Within the last day, new promo images have been released for Season 10×1, and among them was a still of Dean singing. The lyrics in the background reveal his choice, and it is one I never would have guessed: Atlanta Rhythm Section’s “Imaginary Lover”.


I have to admit, I have never even heard of this band, let alone the song. Having listened to it about 10 times in a row as soon as I saw the image, I don’t think I could have picked a better anthem for our wayward son.

Released in February 1978, it’s a song that focuses on fantasy versus reality. It describes the unattainable, and how no one can compare to the vision in the singer’s head: “Imaginary lovers never disagree / They always care / They’re always there when / You need satisfaction guaranteed”. I don’t think it fits exactly with what Ackles describes, but there is a feeling of not caring about anyone else, considering the song is about fantasy.


Now, I’m leaving any shipping tendencies out of this discussion, but Demon Dean, who (we assume) will be free of his human hang-ups and worries singing about things he can’t or doesn’t have? Is it the apple pie life back in Season Six, his humanity, or is it something else? Read into it what you will. Otherwise, October 7th is getting closer…

What do you think of the song choice? Comment below!

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5 thoughts on “Dean Winchester’s Not So Empty Orchestra

  1. I’m really excited to see what Demon Dean does this season. This is something that I’ve wondered about since there was talk about him becoming a demon years ago. Song choice seems perfect and I honestly cannot wait!

  2. I think Dean has had so much weight on his shoulders for so long that being free of human considerations has got to be extremely freeing for him. Not to have to worry about what to do or not do, what people think about you or your actions, for someone like Dean who has always had the burden of responsibility this song is perfect. I’m sure he secretly imagined what a life free of all that would be like. I’m just hoping the Demon!Dean story line has more depth to it then just him acting out.

  3. Besides what Rob0349 pointed out, reality not living up to fantasy has been a long-running theme for Dean (and the show) for quite a while… Elliot Ness? “Frontierland”? From the other side of the coin, the “Real Ghostbusters” LARPers playing at the fantasy of being hunters with no clue what it really entailed? Or Charlie not finding hunting (or Oz) to be all she hoped for…. basically I think the song choice is awesome.

  4. I think the song might reflect Dean’s past life as a human where he thought he had the love of his brother and father, and found out it was all just imaginary.

    I would love it if the show gave us more than just 3 or 4 episodes of DemonDean and actually explored such an interesting character. It’s been too long since we’ve seen Dean have his own story that is about Dean himself.

  5. LOVE this take on the karaoke song choice / Demon Dean!

    As heart breaking as it’s obviously going to be, I completely & totally agree with those saying they wish the Demon Dean storyline would play out some throughout this season. With good writing (& our show most certainly has that), this vantage point of Dean could go some REALLY interesting places & make for some SUPER great character progression & furtherment of relationships & storylines on the show in my personal opinion too.

    Especially because we really haven’t ever seen Dean go through such an external change like this before in the decade the shows been on, where as there have been several seasons where Sam was in some situation similar to this & it went on @ least half the season (which I never once disagreed with – always made for awesome story telling).

    Anyways, thought this was the PERFECT place to post this – Check it out if you guys haven’t seen it yet – @ NJCon just this last weekend somebody actually asked Jensen about the song choice of “Imaginary Lover” for Demon Dean to karaoke.

    It was show Producer Bob Singer’s choice … annnnnd the exact reason why MAY surprise some of you, hehe! The bigger picture reason however, (from what I gather) is pretty much what everyone’s been saying in here though, soo obviously you guys were reading into it correctly !

    THANKS & credit to the fan who filmed & was awesome enough to upload this to youtube by the way! (It certainly, unfortunately, wasn’t me, hehe).

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