Dean Winchester’s Not So Empty Orchestra


Just after San Diego Comic Con, I wrote an article about the song stylings of Demon Dean Winchester. In an interview with The Geekiary, Jensen Ackles stated that his song choice “[was] kind of the theme of demon-Dean. He’s so careless, and he’s just so… he does not care about what people think or what people want…”

Within the last day, new promo images have been released for Season 10×1, and among them was a still of Dean singing. The lyrics in the background reveal his choice, and it is one I never would have guessed: Atlanta Rhythm Section’s “Imaginary Lover”.


I have to admit, I have never even heard of this band, let alone the song. Having listened to it about 10 times in a row as soon as I saw the image, I don’t think I could have picked a better anthem for our wayward son.

Released in February 1978, it’s a song that focuses on fantasy versus reality. It describes the unattainable, and how no one can compare to the vision in the singer’s head: “Imaginary lovers never disagree / They always care / They’re always there when / You need satisfaction guaranteed”. I don’t think it fits exactly with what Ackles describes, but there is a feeling of not caring about anyone else, considering the song is about fantasy.


Now, I’m leaving any shipping tendencies out of this discussion, but Demon Dean, who (we assume) will be free of his human hang-ups and worries singing about things he can’t or doesn’t have? Is it the apple pie life back in Season Six, his humanity, or is it something else? Read into it what you will. Otherwise, October 7th is getting closer…

What do you think of the song choice? Comment below!

Author: Bandit


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