“Empyre: Aftermath – Avengers Issue 1” Invites You to Celebrate an Important Wedding

Aftermath Empyre Avengers Issue 1
Empyre: Aftermath – Avengers Issue 1 (Image: The Beat)

It finally happened! Two very iconic Marvel characters (not Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man. Ha!) got married, and Empyre: Aftermath – Avengers Issue 1 invites you to celebrate the event with superheroes.

This article contains spoilers for Empyre Issue 4. You have been warned.

Marvel Comics decided to surprise fans by sharing that two young heroes got married (in the pages of Empyre Issue 4). I thought that Marvel was going to make said wedding a big deal. However, it ended up being a small event. Yes, I was disappointed, but it looks like fans will be able to celebrate the nuptials when Empyre: Aftermath – Avengers Issue 1 releases this September.

In my latest comic book review round-up, I mentioned how Wiccan and Hulkling getting married was the only important thing that happened. I get that there’s an intergalactic war happening and it involves the Cotati, Skrulls, Kree, and humans, but you have to understand that I have been waiting for this wedding to occur ever since Hulkling proposed to Wiccan in 2012 during the Avengers: The Children’s Crusade storyline.

Just look at this! They finally got hitched! Yay!

Empyre Issue 4 review
Empyre Issue 4 (Image: Marvel Comics)

For those wondering, according to The Beat, the two guys in the background are Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung. Heinberg and Cheung co-created Wiccan and Hulkling. 

As for Empyre: Aftermath – Avengers Issue 1, from writer Al Ewing and artist Valerio Schiti, the upcoming story will showcase what will happen to the Marvel Comics Universe after the conclusion of the Empyre event.

The solicitation text reads:

• The end of EMPYRE begins a new age for the Marvel Universe!
• In the aftermath of the cosmic conflict, the forces gather one last time… but why? And at whose bidding?
• New bonds will be forged, new families will be founded, and there’s a new role waiting for Earth… but new destinies bring new dangers – and new enemies!
• Welcome to the new Marvel Space Age, true believer – hope you survive the experience!

The details are:

In the aftermath of the cosmic conflict known as EMPYRE, heroes will gather to celebrate the marriage of two of Marvel’s most beloved Avengers. Revealed at the end of EMPYRE #4, Teddy Altman, the Kree/Skrull hybrid Hulkling, and his longtime boyfriend Billy Kaplan, the powerful magic-wielding Wiccan, were married just before Hulkling took to the stars to fulfill his destiny of uniting the Kree and Skrull empires against the universal threat of the Cotati. With plenty of twists and turns still to come in this earth-shattering epic, be there when the dust settles to celebrate this joyous union when EMPYRE: AVENGERS AFTERMATH #1 hits stands in September!

Empyre Aftermath Avengers Issue 1
Empyre: Aftermath – Avengers Issue 1

Of course, I will be picking up this issue and reviewing it. Judging from the image above, a handful of X-Men decided to attend the celebration. When it comes to comic books, the promotional images aren’t always what they seem. Ororo has been used in promotional imagery only for her to not appear in the actual issue. That’s why I hope Storm does attend the upcoming event.

The Vision and Scarlet Witch will be attending too, right? Wiccan is, technically, their son.

And when will we get an actual confirmation about whether or not Wiccan is a mutant? I would like an answer, Marvel. Thank you.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

(via The Beat)

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