Exciting Game Announcements at The Game Awards 2022!

Tekken 8 The Game Awards
Jun Kazama in the Tekken 8 Trailer

A whole bunch of titles, including Tekken 8 and Hades 2, were announced during The Game Awards 2022. Keep reading to learn about the games I’m most excited about!

This isn’t a full list of the projects showcased during The Game Awards 2022. I’m simply talking about the ones that interested me the most. Of course, feel free to share your thoughts about these or other titles down in the comments.

Tekken 8

With Tekken 7 having come out back in 2015, the fandom’s been eagerly awaiting the next chapter in Jin’s story. The Game Awards 2022 shared a gameplay trailer that contained one of the biggest lore-centric reveals yet. Jin’s mother Jun Kazama is coming back!

Jin’s relationship with his mother has been an integral part of his character development. We recently saw more of that during the animated Tekken: Bloodline series on Netflix. With Jin wanting to beat his father Kazuya Mishima and also wanting to control the Devil Gene inside of him, it makes sense for Jun, a positive influence, to assist Jin.

While seeing the mother/son reunion in the trailer was emotional, I still can’t help but side-eye Jun’s return. She’s supposed to be dead. That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s something more going on. With Claudio Serafino taking Ling Xiaoyu away at the end of Tekken 7, I have a feeling that Jun’s return might be linked to Claudio somehow.

We didn’t see Xiaoyu, Jin’s love interest, in the gameplay trailer. But at this point in time, Xiaoyu getting involved in the story via some scheme Claudio plays on Jin does seem likely. I’m looking forward to seeing more trailers that slowly reveal the story elements.

No release date for Tekken 8 has been announced yet. But I think it’s safe to assume it will be coming out in 2023. You can play it on Steam, Xbox Series X/S, and the PS5.  

Hell Boy: Web of Wyrd

The cel-shaded Hell Boy: Web of Wyrd is another game I’m excited about. Mike Mignola‘s involved in the project. Judging from the trailer, it looks like the upcoming title will be a third-person beat-em-up offering and that makes a lot of sense because Hell Boy is into punching stuff. I have my fingers crossed that the story allows us to play as other characters, too, even if just for a bit. The cel-shaded graphics do a nice job of invoking the visuals from the comic book series.

No release date for it yet, though. But it will be available on Steam, PS4/PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and the Nintendo Switch.

Street Fighter 6

Talking about another action game, Street Fighter 6 got a release date of June 2, 2023. The trailer also showcased a couple of new characters named Manon, Marisa, and JP. From what I have seen of their moves, I really want to play as JP. Pre-ordering the game will grant you access to costumes for Chun-Li, Manon, Jamie, Dee Jay, Ken, and Juri.

From what I can tell, the game will allow players to create their own character which can be customized when it comes to the variety of Special Moves that can be demonstrated during fights. I could be wrong, but I think training to learn Special Moves from legacy characters will be part of the gameplay.

It will be available on Steam, PS4/PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Hades 2

Yes, Hades is getting a rogue-like sequel, complete with a new magic-centric protagonist for players to control named Melinoe, the Princess of the Underworld. The main mission seems to involve killing Chronos, the Titan of Time. And I think Hades has been imprisoned?

Due to the sequel involving Greek Mythology, look forward to the narrative featuring queer characters.

No release date has been announced yet. But it’s supposed to be coming soon on Steam.

Post Trauma

I’m not really sure what to expect from Post Trauma, but I sure am getting some major Silent Hill vibes from it. I do like the graphics and the overall puzzle-centric gameplay. Also, seeing the main male character already gaining attention online for being ‘thicc’ is fun.

It’s supposed to be released soon on Steam and Consoles. However, details about the specific Consoles haven’t been shared, as far as I know.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Cal Kestis is back and he’s sexier than ever. No seriously. He looks older and has even grown a beard!

The story is supposed to pick up 5 years after the events of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which came out in November 2019. Apparently, the narrative is going to be darker than before, which makes sense considering what the Jedi and the rest of the galaxy go through in Star Wars lore.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be released come March 17, 2023, on Steam, PS5, and the Xbox Series X/S.

Which games got you excited during The Game Awards 2022?

Let us know.

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