EXG Pro “Holdem Collection” Adds Deadpool, TMNT, Fall Guys and More Products This July

Deadpool 3 Holdem Collection
Deadpool 3 ‘Bringing Up The Rear’ Cable Guy (Image: EXG Pro/PR)

EXG Pro is all set to release new licensed additions to the Holdem Collection. The upcoming release covers a range of IP including Marvel, TMNT, Godzilla, and more.

EXG Pro describes itself as a company that is passionate “about designing, manufacturing, and selling 100% licensed FUNctional collectibles” all about showcasing your geeky side while investing in an item that integrates into your tech as a gamer or collector.

If you have been following my CultureFly subscription box reviews, you would know I enjoy geeky collectible items that you can actually use.

Also, EXG Pro recently inked deals with Paramount and Epic Games, expanding their merchandise options further.

For those who might not be familiar, the Holdem Collection resembles pop culture characters and is meant to easily hold your phone, earbuds, game controllers, or simply be used for display purposes.

As for what to expect come July 2024, we have the Fall Guys Holdem Collection. It features Skelly, Ice Cream, Hot Rod, and Paint Dipped. Each character will cost you $29.99.

Fall Guys Holdem Collection
Fall Guys Holdem Collection (Image: EXG Pro/PR)

The TMNT Holdem Collection features all four iconic turtles.

They too will cost you $29.99 each.

TMNT Holdem Collection
TMNT Holdem Collection (Image: EXG Pro/PR)

Fans of Disney can opt for the Stitch Holdem Collection. Costing $29.99 each, the lineup features a different colored version of Stitch. There’s Loved Up Stitch, Sunset Stitch, Badness Level Stitch, and Underpants Stitch.

Stitch Holdem Collection
Stitch Holdem Collection (Image: EXG Pro/PR)

The Sonic Holdem Collection has SEGA Super Sonic, SEGA Sliding Sonic, SEGA Tails, and SEGA Knuckles. Again, each figure is $29.99.

Sonic Holdem Collection
Sonic Holdem Collection (Image: EXG Pro/PR)

Marvel fans have the Symbiote Spider-Man Cable Guy, Anti-Venom Cable Guy, and the Deadpool 3 ‘Bringing Up The Rear’ Cable Guy. These can be yours for $29.99 each.

Venom Holdem Collection
Symbiote Spider-Man Holdem Collection (Image: EXG Pro/PR)
Anti-Venom Holdem Collection
Anti-Venom Cable Guy Holdem Collection (Image: EXG Pro/PR)

Godzilla fans can go for the Gojira King Of Monsters Cable Guy for $29.99. Take note; this one is going to be a Target Exclusive.

Godzilla Holdem Collection
Gojira King Of Monsters Cable Guy Holdem Collection (Image: EXG Pro/PR)

From the promo images, the Holdem collection does look incredibly well-detailed and captures the characters well. They also seem durable enough considering they are capable of bearing the weight of a cellphone and a game controller.

Have you tried one out yet?

Which Holdem Collection addition are you most looking forward to this July?

Let us know.

You can purchase the Holdem Collection by visiting the official EXG Pro website.

(via Press Release)

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