Hannibal 2×10 Review: Naka-Choko


Just FYI: “Long pig” is a term used by people in the Pacific Island region to describe human flesh.  Even after two viewings, I wasn’t sure what to make of this episode.  I was left with a great sense of unease as to what the final three episodes hold.  We were finally introduced to Margot’s brother Mason, and they couldn’t have chosen a better actor.  In fact, the scenes with Pitt were the highlights of the episode for me, seeming to be the only elements to truly make sense.  I feel like there is a clue as to what is going on, and when it is revealed in the season finale, I will kick myself for not seeing it sooner.  But before I ramble any further, let’s jump into my thoughts on “Naka-Choko”.


I’m very concerned for Will.  It’s hard to tell if he is running a game on Hannibal, or if he is truly transforming into something of Hannibal’s design.  The beginning of the episode was very bizarre, and I feel like anything we see from Will’s point of view can’t be trusted.  Obviously Randall is dead, and Will is responsible for his death.  Given the exchange between Will and Hannibal at Hannibal’s home and all subsequent exchanges throughout, I’m almost inclined to believe he is transforming.  But if this is all in the name of revealing Hannibal for what he truly is, Will’s methods are definitely running towards the extreme.  The scenes between Will and Hannibal and Will’s solo scenes have such a bizarre and twisted feeling to them, which makes me unwilling to trust them.  How much of what we are seeing is actually happening and how much is a part of Will’s possibly ever-growing psychosis?

The death tableau for Randall was quite grotesque, but I’m curious as to Will’s level of involvement in the forming of it.  Did he actually form the tableau himself?  In the following breakdown of the crime scene, Will and Hannibal seemed to be dissecting each other and themselves.  We all know how much Hannibal admires people with darkness inside them and how he likes to cultivate that darkness, so it is only natural that he want to commemorate what he views as a success.  In death, Randall was truly transformed.  In the exchange in Will’s mind, it seemed to suggest that Will created the tableau.  If that is the case, will something happen to Will and that is the cause of the fight we saw between Jack and Hannibal at the beginning of the season?  Jack lashing out at Hannibal for completely destroying who Will used to be?

Like I said in my introduction, the scenes with the Verger siblings seemed to be the only moments of clarity.  Some of the elements of those scenes were pulled straight from Hannibal the novel, mainly Carlo and the breeding of the pigs.  In the book, this was done after Hannibal’s “treatment” with Mason had ended, Mason intent on exacting his revenge by having Hannibal eaten alive.  However in the show, Margot appears to be the intended victim.  Mason was played by the extremely talented Michael Pitt, who did a fantastic job with this character.  As horrible as it may seem, I really hope the writers don’t kill him because Mason is so deliciously evil.  With him and Hannibal finally crossing paths, will the writers stay true to Mason’s fate in the book or create one of their own?


The writers seemed to only hint throughout this episode that Margot might be a lesbian without confirming anything.  In her session with Hannibal, he mentioned Mason not giving Margot what she wanted.  In the book, she had a girlfriend, and they wanted Mason to donate some of his sperm so that the Vergers would have a legitimate heir.  But obviously he wasn’t willing to do so, using that detail to manipulate his sister into doing his bidding.  Does show!Margot face a similar situation?  That might explain why she slept with Will, especially given his comment about not having the right part for her proclivities.  But if that is the case, why are the writers being deliberately vague about her sexuality?  It doesn’t make any sense to me.  Is the character not officially out yet, even though there is evidence that points to the contrary?  My theory is that she slept with Will in hopes of getting pregnant so that she can try to kill Mason and succeed this time.  Her only obstacle will be in how she accomplishes that without making herself a suspect in the process.  She will already be suspected, given her previous attempt on his life, so she will need an iron-clad alibi.  Perhaps she will use Will to help her in this regard.

But the thing that bothered me the most about this episode was what happened to Freddie Lounds.  She seemed to be inching closer to the truth about Hannibal and Will, and we all know what happens to people who do that.  Despite being vile most of the time, like Chilton, she does have her moments of brilliance.  She senses the danger of Hannibal and Will’s connection, but I think her decision to go to Will’s home was a huge mistake.  Why would she put herself in harm’s way like that, knowing what she does about Will?  I really want the whole scene that happened in Will’s barn to be a very bad and vivid dream.  The scene before the barn showed Hannibal all wrapped up like he was about to kill someone, which confuses me some.  Not to mention some of the camera work almost felt like someone was watching Will.  As I stated before, I don’t trust anything that’s going on in Will’s scene, so I’m really hoping against hope that he didn’t kill Freddie.  Things have been pretty solid plot-wise thus far; I don’t want to see the show get too lost in symbolism and lose its audience before the finale.


In the previews for the next episode, things look very grim for Freddie.  The person in the flaming wheel coupled with Hannibal’s question would have us believe that Will has truly killed her.  But that person in the wheel chair looked entirely too big to be Miss Lounds.  But before I get lost in speculation, I ask you guys for your thoughts.  What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Did you feel as confused as I did by the end?  What do you think will happen with the Verger siblings?  Whatever your thoughts are, comment below and thanks for reading!

Author: Sarah Sue

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11 thoughts on “Hannibal 2×10 Review: Naka-Choko

  1. There has been a lot of speculation in article comment areas. The consensus seems to be that

    Hannibal was waiting to kill Freddie, so Will wound up saving her. And the meat probably was indeed human (Randall) because if Hannibal can freaking smell cancer, I’m pretty sure he can taste the difference between pork and people.

    That being said, I totally bought that Will did all of that. So I really don’t know. Lol But that all seems logical.

    1. No matter how you slice it (haha cannibal puns) Will willingly ate human flesh. Whether it was Freddie or Randall, he knowingly participated in cannabilism and that’s pretty dark. That said, I’m not sure who’s flesh it is. I love how this show keeps me guessing like this.

      1. I completely agree. I wonder if he figures “Well, I already ate it before”. lol But ew. I spent the last ten minutes of the show with my hands over my mouth in horror. Lol Love Will either way, though.

        Speaking of cannibal puns, I didn’t catch it the first time, but Hannibal tells Will he can “slice the ginger”. Lol

        Oh, Hannibal. When does he have time to think up all of these one-liners?

    2. Yeah, Will had definitely stepped into a moral gray area in that episode. SLICE THE GINGER?! This man is a gift!!!

      1. LOL Right? I have to say, Fridays are the highlight of my entire week! Idk what I’m going to do with myself 3.5 weeks from now. 🙁 Watch reruns, I guess. Lol

  2. I enjoy dark!Will in fanfic, but it’s not something I ever expected the show to actually do. I’m horribly conflicted. I enjoy it, but it’s… not good. I’m worried about him and almost wish this darker side of him would have stayed in fanon. On the other hand, if I’m going to trust anyone with this delicate plotline, it’s Bryan Fuller. I look forward to seeing what he does with it.

    1. It’s almost like a cop going undercover “going native” and losing himself in his role. In the books, Will was destroyed by his encounters with Hannibal, so perhaps that’s what the show is doing?

  3. on his twitter Bryan basically said NBC wouldn’t allow them to outright say Margot was a lesbian. Because Cannibalism is fine but saying a gay character is gay? HOLY CRAP! Also she has no feelings for Will (aside from maybe friendship) she just needed to get some baby juice without her brother finding out (though I think he’s gonna figure it out real soon)

    1. How bizarre! I read his Twitter feed almost obsessively (lately) but I must have missed that. Do you remember when he said it?

    2. Bad on NBC. That is completely ridiculous. Just pointing out that yeah, they have a character eating people and that’s okay, but a character’s sexual preference is too much. I figured that’s why she was sleeping with Will, I just don’t like them being vague about her sexuality.

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