The Incredibles 2 Olympics Trailer

incredibles 2 olympics trailerThe Incredibles 2 Olympics trailer busts down the door, throwing us into the most intense level of heroics yet– the adventure of babysitting!

Evil mole men, motorcycle chase scenes, mysterious millionaires, and challenging the patriarchy: the new Incredibles 2 Olympics trailer has it all.

The sequel picks right where we left off in the battle with the Underminer, but also with the fallout of the family’s heroics. A mysterious benefactor wants to improve superheroes’ public image again, and calls upon Elastigirl to do it. While his wife is off saving the day, Bob is left to deal with his overpowered baby and the mundanity of childrearing.

It has been 14 years since the first Incredibles film dropped, and fans have been itching for a return since. Of course, the question looms… Will the Incredibles 2 be worth the wait?

It’s incredibly (heh) difficult to judge based on just the Incredibles 2 Olympics trailer. There is definitely a lot there that is intriguing. Of course, the battles look like they’re going to be visually interesting spectacles, and the baby’s Swiss army knife set of powers is likely to be as entertaining as they were in the short Jack-Jack Attack. Based on what little we saw, the sibling banter looks like a lot of fun. The promise of seeing Elastigirl throwing herself into a multitude of solo missions in particularly exciting.

On the other hand, the subplot about ‘Mr Incredible’ learning how to be a competent father has the potential to be very dull, lesson wise. One has to wonder if the original premise for the Incredibles 2 was cooked up immediately after the original, because ‘men can be parents too!’ very much feels like something that should have been dealt with a decade ago.

Then again, it seems to be a lesson that a lot of guys still need to learn. If it takes a feature length film to get some men questioning toxic masculinity, there are worse people to tackle it than Pixar.

Hopefully, though, the Mr. Incredidad stuff won’t overshadow the sweet sweet superheroine shenanigans.

Of course, all of this neglects the most important thing: Edna Mode is back. What else matters?

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