Junjou Romantica 3×1 Review: All Good Things Must Come To An End


The last season of Junjou Romantica aired way back in 2008, so it’d be an understatement to say the fandom has been getting a bit antsy waiting for a new season.  If we were going to get anything new in this universe, though, I’d rather it have been a new season of Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi or maybe another Yokozawa Takafumi no Bai OVA.  Of everything that takes place in this shared anime universe, Junjou  is probably my least favorite, but alas, I am grateful that we got something and I’m looking forward to what this season brings.  Unfortunately the first episode of this long awaited season had all of the hallmarks that make this my least favorite show.  Mainly, I get really frustrated with Usagi’s possessiveness over Misaki and Misaki’s constant confusion over his own feelings towards Usagi.  They’ve been together for three years.  You’d think something would have changed in that time, but alas, these two signature aspects of their relationship are front and center as we head into the third season.

I very much adore Misaki as a character and, while Usagi grates on me, I can see how he can find happiness in the older author as a companion.  But that doesn’t mean I have to like the way Usagi attempts to squash any friendship outside of their relationship.  It’s downright infuriating.  During this week’s episode Misaki himself grew jealous and turned the tables on Usagi.  A part of me is glad that he at least attempted to keep things fair, but another part of me is screaming at the show ‘no this is not how relationships should be.’  Jealously should not be the focal point of a healthy relationship and the fact that Usagi encourages it and seems happy that Misaki is jealous just makes me even more upset.

And then we have the introducing of the cousin, which is the source of this jealously in the first place.  I almost don’t want to even start down this road because I can tell this character is going to be a source of frustration for the season.  I only hope some of the other pairings of the show have less frustrating plot lines because so far I’m not too thrilled with the direction it’s going for Usagi and Misaki.

So if I find this pairing so upsetting, why am I so damn excited for this new season? Why do I continue to watch?  I guess there’s still enough to love about it to keep me engaged.  As I mentioned, this is part of a much larger shared universe and I’m really hoping we get to see some crossover as we go forward.  I love it when the people of Marukawa publishing pop into the plot, especially Kirishima.  Despite its problems, I also really enjoy the Shinobu/Miyagi couple and hope to see more of them this season.  Have to admit, I’m not a fan of Hiroki/Nowaki, though, so if Usagi/Misaki doesn’t pick up soon I may be watching this show for only one (problematic, I know) pairing.  New anime in the BL genre is hard to come by, though, so I’m happy to have something.  Especially something in such a rich universe.  So despite my complaints, I’m happy to have this.

Author: Angel Wilson

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3 thoughts on “Junjou Romantica 3×1 Review: All Good Things Must Come To An End

  1. Let me tell you, im so happy for your opinion! im not the only one thinks that.

    Years ago in my “yaoi fangirl mode” i used to being a obsessed fan of this series, Romantica was my fav pairing and nobody can’t talk shit about my yaoi anime. But then i grew up and saw things with other mentality.

    The relationship UsagixMisaki, really annoys me several times in the manga and the new two episodes of JR3, i love misaki and usagi but separated, i mean Misaki being Misaki without Usagi and Usagi without Misaki. I don’t like the way Usagi push Misaki, in the manga several times he “rape” Misaki, and i feel Misaki being confused that kind of love. IDK but i don’t think relationships works in that way…

    Also, the yaoi fandom years ago maybe can works fine with that kind of dynamic, but time passed and the new series are more “lovely dorks, lovey dovey” idk more fair and less abusive. (My opinion in differents mangas that i read) it’s pretty sad that the yaoi fandom don’t have very good series in anime version ;; but well…

    Im really wants more Sekaiichi stuffs, like and ova (like the valentine’s one) the main pairing isn’t my favorite too, but i really love the others. Like in JR the main isn’t my fav (they have cute moments i admit) but i love Terrorist, Egoist and Mystique (of mystake idk) i really want to see more of them (Terrorist have nothing really relevant and i want to see something cute)

    I’ll end this sayin’ thanks, for this opinion, i was a bit frustrated that i was only thinkin’ this. We should expect something good in this season i’ll wait ;;

  2. I do agree with Kuroi, when I was younger it was definitely ” OMG this is the best” but as growing up, other mentality just enters. And you’re right, getting something is better than nothing(Gosh I do wish there’s more shounen ai realeases each year).
    As for Junjou I don’t mind the shyness and the assertiveness of the main 2 characters. It’s cute, they love each other, yada yada yada. The only thing that bothers me so much is how perfect Misaki’s life is. Maybe because they skipped out most of the bad stuff or basically skimmed over it but he basically loved throughout the years. Not to mention Usagi being the prodigy basically just there to love him, be there for him whenever and where ever, rich that spoils him with everything, intelligent. The only downside is his possessiveness but none the less, Misaki is just loved and given mostly everything even tho he doesn’t want it.

    But to the other topic, I too am waiting for another season of Sekaiichi. Sekaiichi definitely felt more realistic, in my opinion. At least there’s some hardships… The only problem with Sekaiichii is I’m pretty sure there was a lot of actual rape happening.

    1. Yeah not all the pairings in SekaKoi are good. I would categorize Chiaki as a rapist most definitely and I don’t support those light novels. Kisa and Yukina, however, are probably the most healthy and mature relationship in SekaKoi. Then you have Yokozawa and Kirishima in their own light novel series and it’s just utter perfection on all levels. I go back on forth on the main pairing in SekaKoi. I wouldn’t consider anything between Onedera and Takano as rape, but Takano is definitely more forceful than I usually prefer my couples to be. Still, I think it’s healthier than most of what’s in Junjou Romantica.

      I think the short of it is that we just don’t have enough BL anime to choose from, ha!

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