LGBTQ+ Horror Graphic Novel “Letters for Lucardo: The Silent Lord” Begins Crowdfunding Campaign!

letters for lucardo the silent lord
Letters for Lucardo: The Silent Lord (Image: PR)

Fans of Otava Heikkilä’s LGBTQ+ graphic novel series Letters for Lucardo can now support the third installment ‘The Silent Lord’ through the crowdfunding campaign by Spike Trotman and Iron Circus Comics.

According to the promotional content, Letters for Lucardo: The Silent Lord (Book 3 of 4) will see the narrative take a “dark and foreboding” turn as Lucardo hands over his human lover Ed Fiedler to the god of all vampires in order to help Ed escape death.

I haven’t read this series, but I’m interested in doing so after seeing all of the positive reception. The series has been praised for the queer-led gothic horror/period romance storytelling as well as for how Otava Heikkilä has handled themes of mortality and love. 

According to Heikkilä, while this is a supernatural story, it is also about “queer coming-of-age experiences that may happen later in life”. It is about rebirth and the way we shed old skins as we find our identity while evolving through life. There are also themes of generational trauma and empowerment.

The official description for ‘The Silent Lord’ reads:

When the vampire Lucardo, a royal member of the Court of Night, fell in love with a 61-year-old mortal named Edmund Fiedler, their passion grew legendary before Lucardo’s practical father intervened. After a furious search, Lucardo finally reunited with his aging lover only to find him terminally ill with Shifter’s Lung, filling his chest with blood and drowning him from the inside. But fiery Lucardo is having none of it; in a panic he goes against Ed’s wishes, turning him over to the progenitor and god of his kind, the dreaded Silent Lord, in a last-ditch effort to help Ed escape death. Will Ed embrace this dark gift, living forever with his beloved? And what will it mean, surrendering himself to this uncaring, malevolent force that lives for nothing but tormenting those that call it “father?”

The funding goal for Letters for Lucardo: The Silent Lord is $10,000. As of writing this piece, the campaign has been able to collect more than $4,500, reaching 46% of the initial goal. There are still 23 days to go. You can support the campaign over at the Iron Circus Comics website.

The team is planning for a June 2022 release.

Coming to the rewards, for:

  • $8 you can get the Letters for Lucardo: The Silent Lord graphic novel in DRM-free, PDF format!
  • $15 you will get a physical, softcover copy and an ebook.
  • $24 you get all three graphic novels from the series in DRM-free, PDF format.
  • $35 you will own the very last of the Shattered Spear print run along with the physical, softcover copy and ebook of Letters for Lucardo. This is limited to only 90 backers.
  • $45 (the highest reward tier) you will get physical, softcover copies and ebooks of all three books in the Letters for Lucardo series.

Running until April 28, 2022, for campaign updates you can follow Iron Circus Books on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

As for Otava Heikkilä (b. 1990), he’s a comic author from Tampere, Finland. His work focuses on queer stories for adult audiences, with eroticism, horror, and historical subjects often playing center stage. His earlier comics include Shattered Spear, the PRISM-awards nominated Sasha from the Gym, and various short stories released in the Smut Peddler-anthologies by Iron Circus Comics.

Have you read the Letters for Lucardo series? Are you excited about book 3?

Let us know.

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