Sweet Christmas! Luke Cage Fans Crashed Netflix

Luke Cage Fans crashed Netflix

No, friends.  I don’t have a review yet because it appears that Luke Cage fans crashed Netflix over the weekend and I haven’t been able to finish the series yet.

I am a proud TV show marathon queen.  I watched Jessica Jones in a single day with only a single short break.  I slammed through Stranger Things in one sitting without even getting up to make food (see my rec at FoCC).  And then last week I watched both seasons of Mr Robot over the course of three days while still going to my full time day jobs and doing admin things for this website.  I take my marathoning seriously, but friends, Luke Cage fans crashed Netflix at least twice over the weekend and I’m still not done yet.

The biggest outage was on Saturday for approximately two and a half hours.  Netflix quickly updated their subscribers on Twitter letting them know that they were actively working to resolve the situation.

While that was the only major outage reported, I swear I had issues yesterday, too.  All websites except Netflix seemed to be working and even after the good old “turn it off and then back on again” advanced tech support method, I still couldn’t get anything to play for at least an hour.  Was I the only one having issues on Sunday as well?  Maybe.  But at least I wasn’t alone with my misery on Saturday.

It was probably Jessica Jones’s fault. Or…

Perhaps not.

For those who were lucky enough to have free time while Netflix was functioning properly, you’re probably ahead of the game and most likely already done with the show.  Lucky you!  I hope to plow through the last few episodes tonight after work and get a review up later this week.  There’s already plenty of discussion across the Internet to choose from, so for you lucky folk who got to finish it, congrats and I’ll see you on the other side.

Author: Angel Wilson

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