Mattel Should Just Take All My Money Right Now – More SDCC Exclusives


Mattel has released another round of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, and I seriously should just give them my wallet right now and save myself the trouble.

The first wave of SDCC exclusives was released a couple of weeks ago and included some supremely awesome dolls (I must own that Wonder Woman, I’m not even kidding), as well as a focus on female characters. Monster High and Ever After High are popular properties for Mattel, and in addition to the Wonder Woman and She-Ra dolls, there is a new playset for the all-female Ghostbusters reboot.

The latest round of Mattel exclusives are no less cool than the first, with a seeming focus on Mattel’s Hot Wheels line. By far the coolest item on that list is the “Spock car” (retails for $20USD, available online) – a miniature replica of an iconic photo of the late Leonard Nimoy posing next to the car he bought as a reward for being cast on Star Trek.

DMJ02_w_16_110When the Star Trek series first blasted off into the stratosphere, the soon-to-be-famous actor who made Mr. Spock one of TV’s best known sci-fi characters rewarded himself by becoming the proud owner of a stellar ’64 Buick Riviera. So proud, in fact, that he posed for an iconic photo while dressed in full Starfleet uniform with his car on the back lot of the TV studio. Hot Wheels proudly pays tribute to the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek with this 3D diorama featuring a beautiful Hot Wheels edition of the Riviera in a full die-cast body and chassis, with Real Riders wheels and a Mr. Spock figurine. It’s a highly logical way to honor the milestone and the actor.

The other Hot Wheels items are based on two popular superhero properties. If you remember at this year’s Toy Fair, Mattel featured a line of Hot Wheels based on Captain America: Civil War and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Coming to SDCC are a car based on Suicide Squad ($25USD) as well as Netflix’s Daredevil ($30USD). Both exclusives are only available on site.

DMH91_w_16_038She’s everyone’s favorite psychotic villain. When Harley Quinn joins the Suicide Squad, you learn to expect the unexpected. Celebrate the Suicide Squad film with this first edition Hot Wheels Harley Quinn character car featuring a full die-cast body and chassis and Real Riders wheels. Housed in a special package that suspends the captured car in an Arkham Asylum cell, it sports tattoos that read “Daddy’s Lil Monster” and “Property of Joker” – and you know that can’t be good.

Photographer Jeremy Lloyd, Stylist Alphonse Neri Stylist
Photographer Jeremy Lloyd, Stylist Alphonse Neri

Hell’s Kitchen. It’s New York City’s boiling pot for trouble – but it’s Daredevil’s beat. When The Punisher comes in with his “destroy ’em all” approach, things get even hotter. This San Diego Comic-Con set commemorates that heroic clash with two premium edition Hot Wheels character cars: Daredevil and The Punisher. Sealed in a protective acrylic case, the cars feature Real Riders wheels and are perched on top of an NYC building with a 3D city skyline backdrop. With the press of a button, the building’s window lights up, flashing from red to white, to reveal a glimpse of Daredevil’s battle with The Punisher inside. The packaging art was created by comic book illustrator Alex Maleev!

Another Suicide Squad exclusive is this DC Comics Multiverse Joker and Panda 2-pack. The set will cost $40USD and is only available at the convention.

DTH48_c_16_359This Comic Con exclusive includes 2 6-inch figures — The Joker and Panda Man. Both are highly articulated reproductions from the movie. Panda Man features flocking on his body and a riffle accessory. A Bat Mask is included in the window box display package.

At the Toy Fair, Mattel’s DC Super Hero Girls line were some of my favorites. Had I the money (and the space in my apartment), I would probably buy all of them, because they are amazing and I must own them. Well, check out this brand new DC Super Hero Girl and SDCC exclusive: Katana. Katana will retail for $40USD and is only available on site.

drh15_c_16_093Step out on the cutting edge with DC Super Hero Girls Katana doll! This DC Super Hero Girls doll is inspired by the sword master of Super Hero High and ready for powerful fun. Designed in 12-inch scale, Katana doll comes with five iconic accessories that showcase her martial arts skills — including her beloved sword. Three different left hands — easily interchangeable — allow her to hold the various weapons. Pose Katana doll with her iconic katana or choose from the four shuriken, the two sai, a sheathed tanto and a naginata. True to her fashionable flair, Katana doll’s outfit blends samurai and style for a powerful, action-ready look. Save the day with Katana doll and unleash your power!

Mattel’s Kubros line is a series of 8-bit-inspired, build-your-own toys. SDCC will have two Kubros exclusive sets, both of them based on the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. Each set is an on site exclusive and will cost $25USD. One set features Leonardo and Bebop, the other has Michaelangelo and Rocksteady.

Photographer Dennis DiLaura
Photographer Dennis DiLaura
Photographer Dennis DiLaura
Photographer Dennis DiLaura

It’s an 8-Bit take on a mutant showdown when you build your own […] figures and pit them against each other in a battle of mean vs. green. With a blocky, retro-fied design inspired by the era of classic gaming, these collectible characters bring it back to the old school with iconic details drawn from the original 1987 series. Both figures feature the signature Kubros coin detail and arms and head that move, and come packaged together in an exclusive SDCC box with deluxe TMNT art that Turtle super-fans will love!

Thundercats, go! This Super 7 exclusive costs $60 and features Wily Kit and Wily Kat.

dkb94_c_17_188Recreate the exciting adventures of the twin ThunderCatsTM on Third Earth! This authentic two-pack includes richly detailed 4” inch figures of Wilykit and Wilykat, their Space Boards and key weapon accessories. Each figure features 30+ points of articulation, deluxe sculpting, removable claws, lariats and one thunder attachment to battle mutants! Stand them on their articulating hover boards and put them on display! The ThunderKittens also come in dynamic keepsake packaging that depicts a colorful setting from the series. These mischievous, powerful Wilykit and Wilykat exclusive figures are must-have additions for adult collectors.

Remember, all of these exclusives (and this is not even all of them!) will be available for pre-sale June 17 on Matty Collector (names and prices subject to change), but if you don’t have a badge for SDCC, you’ll be missing out on at least some of these awesome bad boys.

What do you guys think of this latest wave of Mattel exclusives? Are there any that you absolutely must own?




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