SDCC 2020 Returning Reg Is Approaching

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Comic-Con International tweeted information about SDCC 2020 Returning Registration this morning, and it’s time for you to officially sit up and pay attention.

There’s been a few small things happening in regards to SDCC 2020, like Professional Badge and Press Badge application periods occurring, but in general we’ve mostly been winding down from SDCC 2019 and enjoying the lull.  But now that CCI has made a tweet about next year’s Returning Reg, the ball is starting to roll for SDCC 2020 prep in a much bigger way.  Buckle up and get ready!

But before we move on to explain what all of this means, go sign up for a member ID If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to attend SDCC and they will shut the member ID registration system down without warning, so go do it now.  We’ll still be here waiting for you to complete that process.  It’s fine.  We’re patient.  Go sign up!

All done? Cool. So let’s move on!

This particular registration, known as “Returning Reg” (formerly Pre-Reg), is only for people that attended the con in 2019.  So if this is your first time attempting to get to the con, just hold on for a bit.  You have your member ID now (right?) and your turn will come soon enough.  Once Ret Reg is done, the Open Registration date usually isn’t too far behind. (Usually.)  Besides, even if you can’t participate this time around, you can watch how it all goes down and prep accordingly!  If all of us Returning Reg people end up encountering a glitch or flaw in the system, you can learn from it and hopefully have an easier time when Open Reg opens.

The SDCC 2020 Returning Reg page doesn’t have a date yet, but pushing the link on social media is the first sign that they’re gearing up for it.  Make sure you have your email notifications turned on in your Member ID Portal, and maybe set the SDCC twitter account up so that it alerts you every time it tweets. (This is how I saw the tweet today, actually.)  The date usually only goes up a few days before, so you’ll want to pay close attention.

You’ll be able to purchase badges for up to three people who attended SDCC 2019 during Ret Reg, including yourself.  Like usual, you won’t be able to buy for your first-time attendee friends, unfortunately.  So sit tight, take note of how the process plays out, and get ready to help them during Open Reg.

Make sure your address in your Member ID Portal is up to date and verified.  Addresses must be verified by May 13th, 2020, or you’ll have to pick it up on site.  If you plan on moving soon, you’ll want to make sure you’re address is updated prior to that date as well.  If you’re an international attendee, you will have to pick up your badge on site anyway, so the address verification deadline isn’t relevant for you, really.

If you’ve never attending SDCC before, check out our SDCC Badge Buying FAQ for information on how you can increase your odds of scoring a badge.  And, once that’s settled, check out our SDCC Newbie Guide for tips on hotels, budgeting, transportation, lines, and much much more!  We wish you all luck and hope to see you at SDCC 2020!

Author: Angel Wilson

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