Attack on Titan 3×18 Review: “Midnight Sun”

Midnight Sun Attack on Titan

What did I say last week about continually saying every episode of Attack on Titan Season 3 is the best episode ever? Every week just keeps getting better and better. “Midnight Sun” was an emotional gut punch after the action-heavy episodes of the past few weeks.

Attack on Titan has always used its soundtrack to the best of its ability. In “Midnight Sun”, they utilized it best by not having one at all. You know an episode is going to be serious when they don’t have an opening; in this case, the upbeat music would have contrasted heavily with the somber tone of the episode as a whole. This is a solemn moment, and you can feel the dread and tension in the complete silence in the background.

Attack on Titan Midnight SunI do not envy Levi the decision he had to make in this episode. Apparently this was controversial when it happened in the manga; I think the moral dilemma is handled well. Everyone has both selfish and altruistic reasons for their opinion as to whether Armin or Erwin should get the Titan serum. But in the end, the decision is Levi’s, and he decides to let Erwin rest. I also suspect it was Armin and Erwin’s differing dreams that helped sway him – Erwin was motivated purely by seeing what was in the basement, while Armin wanted to see what was outside the walls. Erwin’s “dream” consumed him; he was a slave to it. Armin’s dream was one of hope. I think Levi made the right decision.

Armin surviving does not negate his sacrifice or make it any less of an emotional moment. He had no way of knowing Levi would give him the serum; his intent was to sacrifice himself, and he did. (I would also like to take a moment to acknowledge Moblit’s sacrifice – knocking Hange into the chimney saved her life.)

Can I just say that every single voice actor was phenomenal in this episode? The raw emotion in everyone’s voice was so powerful and tragic. It’s been a while since I cried at an episode of Attack on Titan but I legitimately shed tears during “Midnight Sun”. The worst part was when Mikasa finally stopped fighting; Mikasa never gives up. It was heartbreaking. Even Bertholdt’s death was a little sad, even if it was poetic justice.


Have you seen “Midnight Sun”? What did you think?

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